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Friday, March 17, 2017

The Shameful “ethics” of officials who have access to UFO secrets

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Where are the Edward Snowdens or Julian Assanges with access to the alleged secret documents proving an alien crash at Roswell and all the other suppressed evidences and proofs of extraterrestrial visitations?

You mean to tell me that for 70 years no one has had the gumption to spill the beans about the activity of space visitors to Earth, some involved in crashes?

Why even Daniel Ellsberg, one of the authors of The Pentagon Papers…

The Pentagon Papers was the name given to a secret Department of Defense study of U.S. political and military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967, prepared at the request of Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1967 … [From the internet]

had the guts to provide the secret documents to The New York Times in 1971 for public consumption and insight.

Yet, to this day, not one person has had the courage to offer up, publicly, the supposed secret evidence, from governments, of a few UFO (flying saucer) incidents that prove visitors from other places in the galaxy or universe (or time, dimensions, whatever) have visited (or crashed) here.

What does this mean? An UFO/alien reality is a greater secret than that which Klaus Fuchs, a British spy who gave the Manhattan Project secret to the Soviets, proffered?

What about the Rosenbergs, who were executed, in 1953, for supposedly disclosing A Bomb secrets to the Soviets?

Our pal CDA insists that, if a flying disc really had crashed near Rowell, someone, some scientist, anybody who knew that to be a truth would have come forward by now with the fantastic news.

And I think he has a point, considering the criminal plight(s) that others disregarded to make secrets unhidden.

The person, who disclosed an alien presence, here on Earth, now or in the past, while seriously chastised (or punished) by the governments and its militaries, would be a hero to all of humanity, yes?

Provided that there are really secret UFO proofs of extraterrestrial visitation, ever.....


Fake UFO News

You've seen this newspaper scan all over the place recently:
It's from my scan of the item, staple and chink/fold in upper left corner.

UFO people use such things all the time, without attribution, so that's expected, but one newspaper reporter said it was an archived photo:


That would be "fake news" wouldn't it?


Visions of the Peasantry

While perusing The Encyclopedia of Religious Phenomena by J. Gordon Melton [Visible Ink Press, Canton, MI., 2008] I refreshed my information of the many Marian apparitions (alleged visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus/Christ) reported by members of the peasant class: Lourdes, Fatima, Medjucorje, Our Lady Mediatrix in the Philippines, Our Lady of Kevelaer in Germany, Our Lady of the Roses in Queens, New York, La Salette in France, et al.

That those in the lower economic class, many uneducated, had visions of The Virgin Mary, is the underlying status of such sightings, such experiences.
This has also been the case with visions of UFOs (flying saucers) and especially those UFO reports indicating UFO encounters with beings (or creatures).

While the avid interest of UFOs has been exacerbated by some highly educated men and women (those with a higher than usual education) who’ve acted as researchers, of a kind, the vast contingent of UFO buffs come from the little educated, particularly in the humanities, and surely those in the middle economic or lower economic classes.
Does this tell us something about the workings of the mind, or the access of a force or forces (such as Caravaca’s “external agent” or Vallee’s non-human, psychical manipulator)?

Or do the lower classes, uneducated and intellectually impoverished, have uninhibited consciousnesses, open minds of some sort that others on a higher mental level don’t have?

UFO skeptics close their minds to the obvious, that UFOs exist and are seen by normal people, persons lacking in wealth or high education, but otherwise normal.

My contact with UFO buffs and those who think they’ve seen a UFO, including myself, show them to be, either gullible or highly impressionable, quick to visualize “things” that may be categorized as elements of the paranormal: UFOs, ghosts, fairies, elves, sea monsters, Big Foot, and other queer or unusual apparitions, the Mother of Jesus among them.

Are those who pursue the visualizations of this underclass of individuals just as intellectually or economically impoverished?

That is, do the “creatures from the id” sneak into the minds (the consciousness) of peasants more readily than they do with persons who have more relevant, more “important” things to contend with in their lives?

Is this the source of UFOs? The UFO reality?


The UFO ET scenario takes a hit [Redfern]


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