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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UFOs thrive on (need) attention in order to exist?

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The quantum bromide that quantum particles in a superposition state, do or do not exist until they are measured (observed), allegorized in the Schrödinger “thought experiment” of the cat in a box, applies to UFOs.

That is, UFOs do not exist until they are observed, but does that observation create the UFO sighting or does the UFO event exist before it is observed?

Sartre’s “existence precedes essence” may apply here, but does it?

In Thomistic philosophy “what a thing is" and "that it is" are completely different.
Do UFOs exist, philosophically, or are they a construct of observation (as quantum mechanics indicates)?

And how does consciousness enter into the equation? Is there a psychological component integral to UFOs, or even a neurological component?

Do any of these things matter to ufology?

We can work with Thomistic (Aquinas’ philosophy/theology) to an extent by agreeing (or not) that UFO exist, and our job is to determine what UFOs are,

Or we can say that UFOs do not exist until they are observed by a witness (an observer).

We are on the horns of many dilemmas: UFOs exist or not, they are what, and do they only exist in the fervid mind of witnesses (observers), as Jung suggested in his Flying Saucer book?

The essence of ufology is to ignore these consequential matters and deal with the superficial aspects of UFOs, their appearance and disappearance, leaving the question of their reality to simmer in the witness reportage, which is an iffy proposition by all accounts.

While the reality of UFOs, their existence and essence, does not have the dynamic importance that the reality of God question imposes upon us, the UFO topic is of a same kind, actually.

Do they exist? What is their essence? And does the human factor (their observation) play a part in either question?

The problem is that ufologists, UFO buffs, do not have the wherewithal to conjure with the philosophy of UFOs (or ufology); that is, persons interested in UFOs are not equipped to deal with the philosophical/psychological/neurological/quantum underpinnings that are intrinsic to a real study of the UFO phenomenon.

You know that. I know that. So here we are, in a quagmire of ignorance imposed on ufology by its practitioners.

That has been the bane of the topic since its catalytic heyday, 1947.