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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Reframing Ufology, with persons lacking expertise in anything?

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I think I lost Robbie Graham as a Facebook “friend” because I knocked his new book, UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

My take was that Robbie picked his pals and buddies rather than truly brilliant persons to load up his book with suggestions for a new look at UFOs. Here’s his contingent of UFO gurus:
Instead of taking the trouble of rounding up a cache of smart UFO people – yes, there are a few, and I am not among them surely – Robbie piled into his book a group of people who are not well-known or well-regarded among ufology’s cognoscenti.

If one wants to reframe the UFO saga, one would select a raft of people who really have unique and substantive ideas. His gaggle is not that group.

I would have contacted the Anomalist’s Patrick Huyghe for suggestions or see the persons, on some UFO Facebook pages, who are offering interesting insights that are remarkably fascinating.

One can find them on the FB pages of Isaac Koi, Gilles Fernandez, Jose Caravaca, and Mrherr Zaar, and a few others.

I refer to people, here at this blog, who have intellectual intelligence about UFOs and cachet in the UFO community, and a few show up in Robbie’s book: Micah Hanks and Chris Rutkowski among them.

But, overall, Robbie’s cronies don’t cut the UFO mustard. Sorry, but it’s true.

So, I’ll skip buying Robbie’s book and take the lumps that may come my way for expressing the view presented here.

But if Ufology and UFOs are going to have a resurrection in interest and real insights, it will have to “reframe” with a few persons who have higher IQs than those in Robbie’s mix.