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Monday, January 17, 2022

Chet Dembeck provides some interesting things on FB


Second Earth


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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Even Isaac Koi is on a cartoon kick



The UFO E-M Theorem

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UFOs spurting Electro-Magnetic anomalies are back in the UFO news lately. And some UFO enthusiasts are pointing to old (and new) incidents involving maladies and bad happenstances because of UFO E-M interference.
Bob Hastings is the expert on such happenings and accounts.
Also, a few UFO researchers feel that the E-M aspect of some UFO “visitations,” particularly near nuclear facilities or missile sites, are troubling or dire.
Here’s that mind-set:
UFOs derive from entities or forces steeped in the idea of war or imperialism. Thus, UFOs came from off-Earth or external societies that either seek to thwart Earth’s war-like nature or are, themselves intent, at some time in the future, on imposing themselves upon humankind, a science fiction scenario more than a speculative suggestion, based on no evidence, circumstantial or actual.
The observation of UFOs [UAP] near or above nuclear facilities has become a premise for many intelligent UFO enthusiasts who haven’t examined the idea from a rational standpoint.
Why do UFOs hover about or seem to be examining, even sup- pressing, nuclear functions?
Have UFOs interceded in non-nuclear war-like activity, over a historical period or during the current period of mankind’s warrior activities where witnesses saw or could have seen any UFO presence (or interference).
As far as I can determine from UFO lore, past and present, there has been no active UFO intervention in the perpetual and intrinsic need of humans to engage in war or war-like activity:
UFOs interpose themselves, it seems, from without a war-like milieu or aggressive societal behavioral pattern.
So why do they show up, intervening or checking out nuclear sites in many countries, particularly those in the United States, Britain, Russia, and supposedly China and Israel, with no information coming from North Korea, an actual problematic nation with extant, palpable nuclear abilities?

The assertion or belief that UFOs are trying or have tried to thwart nuclear activity, but never Atomic testing – something where observers would have seen UFOs, if present – is a flagrant example of a UFO mythos that thrives without any real proof.
Like the heady belief that UFOs are abducting humans and/or come from advanced civilizations housed far away in the cosmos, the UFO examinations of atomic or nuclear installation is a bothersome canard, fostered by those still affected emotionally or psychologically by the once effervescent Cold War between the United States and Soviet Russia.
UFOs have never been attracted to human warfare or war-like activity, never. The record of UFOs near or observing humans at war is nil, totally absent from the human record.
(The alleged incident recounting pending Roman emperor Constantine’s observation of an apparition in the sky before a military maneuver at the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D. is a legend and did not actually involve a UFO; Constantine supposedly saw an illuminated image of a cross overhead.)
So, is there something about atomic bombs or nuclear weapons that bring UFOs to acts of examinations or encounters, a few causing harm to those in the vicinity of a UFO E-M emanation?
As I’ve often noted, atomic weaponry may be a powerful force to contend with but it is primitive in its essence and one can’t imagine an advanced species or intelligent force being attracted to “nucleareality.”
For truly highly intelligent agencies, nuclear weaponry would be scoffed at, even derided by an absence of concern or scrutiny as the “UFOs seek out missile site” crowd is obsessed about.
That UFOs are, seemingly, often spotted near nuclear facilities goes to the pattern (fact) that such sites are heavily screened by militaries hoping to avoid enemy access or worse.
Maybe lavatories in New York’s Central Park have as much scrutiny by UFOs but lack the same kind of observers as those who keep watch near and over atomic installations.

The current [1/16/22] UFO material from the FB crowd: Pretty sad.......


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Kelly Gauthier, one of FB's better UFO group administrators, offered this the other day:

 Open to speculation?


Let me clarify some things….

... in response to comments from the gang here:
Dom’s E-M views are fine with me, but let’s make clear that I see him giving purpose (intent) to the effects wrought by the physical force, where I see E-M effects as an inadvertent or careless aftermath of an encounter with whatever UFOs are.
Dom implies, by his view, that whatever or whomever controls or is integral to a UFO (or a UAP process) intends to cause harm or action of some kind when the UFO confronts or comes into contact with Earthlings or Earthian technology (nuclear facilities among them),
This expresses a view – with a heavy suggestion – that UFOs are intruders from off Earth or from a crypto-terrestrial  area nearby or in situ.
No one of us should be at that stage of UFO belief, no one. There is no proof for such a jump to such a mind-set.
Martin Black and a few others dislike my long-uttered stance about the common folk of Earth, the great unwashed.
While I’m aware that some humans are bright as a  berry, most human beings are unkempt when it comes to culture and refinement or grammatical sense and an ability to communicate about anything other than the baser or basic vicissitudes that impact them.
This batch of humanity is, generally, the lot that thinks they’ve been abducted by aliens (extraterrestrial beings) or have been swept into the heavens by ETs.
Yes, they actually believe the experience, not fabricating inten- tionally. But the event that highlights their dull lives is a psycho- logical (or neurological) faux pas, nothing more, usually…and I mean “usually” specifically here.
Bryan Daum lit up comments with a reference to the Fatima “miracle.”  That sequence of events, from the first encounters by the three innocent children culminating eventually in a throng of peasants and non-peasants experiencing, or thinking they had, some ‘heavenly” induced visions of the Sun rotating in the sky and a few seeing the vision that the children were proclaiming for months.
While I’m a believer in the possibility of miracles and heavenly beings (Jesus’ mother Mary and saints) showing up in view of humans, usually Christian-oriented members of the great unwashed and a few notables occasionally too, the Fatima event was a grand example of mass hysteria.
So, while UFOs remain non-ET for me and alleged abductions a  bizarre psychodynamic event, I’m inclined to believe, as stupidly as many in the UFO crowd, that, perhaps, entities or forces with abilities to play around with human history and events are subjecting mankind, and have for a long time, to mischievous (or worse) activity.
And right now there are a plethora of examples of such behavior; not as significant as that which God, if he/she exists, could do, but mighty in its own way: pandemics, bad weather, volcanic upheavals, and other dire activity.
My view is as foolish as those mentioned above or in other venues, so I’m not suggesting, in any way here, that my views are above those of the intellectually unclean, but my observations are offered with panache, to stir up thought mostly and are offered with good will.
Now, let's try to resolve the UFCO enigma, in its many facets, with camaraderie and obtuse suggestions. Maybe we’ll hit one nail on its head.

A Billy Cox (Substack) piece for his fans


Friday, January 14, 2022

Stop being foolish. No one has been or is being abducted by extraterrestrials

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The idea that alien visitors from outer space are grabbing humans for whatever purpose is so ludicrous that it bespeaks a pathology which is scarier than the kidnapping idea itself.
Firstly, there is no proof – none whatsoever – for an insertion of ETs (or anything) into our reality with and for the purpose of nabbing humans.
Secondly, the accounts come from a stratum of society which, while not “insane” in a psychiatric sense, is comprised of compromised individuals; those with backgrounds and behaviors that lie outside the norms of existence: the lower elements of our species.

Thirdly, some UFO proponents are quick to gravitate towards such erroneous idiocy.
Why? That is a question unto itself to conjure with.
While, admittedly, something occurs to this lower stratum of society that makes them believe (or use for attention)  the idea that they are special in some way which would make them attractive to unearthly beings.
That soppy writer Whitley Strieber has become a standout exemplar of the folly, attracting fans who need “idols” in which they can believe, no matter how cockeyed those idols may be.
The daily spate of “viral runs” for stupefying activities or banal human folly goes to how humankind has devolved in the 21st Century. The purveyors of such viral nonsense becoming “idols” for the lower lot of mankind.
Abductees (experiencers) don’t need help – they are not sick in a meaningful way. They are merely dolts, members of the class of ignoramuses that clutter the human glide to an evolved state of exaltation noted by Lecomte Du Noüy in his Human Destiny treatise.

The electro-magnetism thing and UFOs

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I see my buddy, Kevin Randle has a posting at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] about the UFO electro-magnetic trope which is back in ufological favor once more.
But where has the idea, in the past, and now, again, taken us? Really?
It’s a canard, feigning “research” – nothing more; a sop to sci-fi configuration.
Yes, it may be an effect of UFO close encounters – car engines stalling, phones and watches acting up, and maybe some health issues – but then what?
Does it tell us anything worthwhile or substantial about the source, purpose, reality of UFOs (or UAP)? It doesn’t.
Let’s move on.

John Greenewald Jr. (The Black Vault) just posted this


Thursday, January 13, 2022

The UFO Explanation

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While bemoaning the constant resuscitation of old UFO sightings or reports and those old (and awful) photographs, therein lies – among a few surely – the answer to the UFO (or flying saucer) riddle.
No one, nor any organization, except the U.S. Navy or U.S. Air Force or CIA or a subset of those agencies has forensically evaluated the handful of UFO accounts that appear to hold the enigma up to the light, telling us what the phenomenon is or is all about.
No citizen group has done the real legwork necessary to discern the who, what, or where that baffle UFO enthusiasts.
If a UFO follower has provided the answer, that answer has been ignored or smothered by any number of circumstances or diversions.
Yet, I am convinced that, while cockeyed ufologists await the supposed pending disclosure of the United States government, truly interested persons – a few visiting here – might do well to undertake a scrutiny of some select past (and even recent) UFO events which hold the answer to the UFO mystery.
Roswell isn’t it, nor the current UFO poster-child for some UFO followers (Levelland), and a number of often highlighted and regurgitated UFO encounters (like Rendlesham) can also be dismissed.
I’ll offer some suggestions, shortly, in which I think the UFO explanation (answer) lies. If you have a few, leave a comment.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A sick obsession?

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I’m speculating that Philip Mantle’s ongoing and relentless attacks on Nick Pope’s character stem from a homoerotic obsession with Nick.
There’s little else to explain Mantle’s concern with Nick’s seeming flowering of his past UFO efforts.
Whatever gloss Nick Pope has added to his UFO existence and capabilities, those gildings do not or should not remove him from any UFO position he now holds.
Most UFO people like Nick and TV viewers and UFO fanatics like him, as do TV producers.
Some of us do not like Philip Mantle’s insane concerns with Nick Pope’s success and status.
It’s a matter of envy, jealousy and, deep down, something perverted and malevolent psychologically.
It has got to stop. And that will take pressure from those of us in the UFO community who think Mantle’s attacks are slimy and without genuine import.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A guy thinks he's captured a UFO on film


This popped up in my FB notifications (if anyone is interested)


Metaphysics and UFOs

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When my pal Kevin Randle noted at his blog that he was entangled in comments here about Lt. Col. Philip Corso, one of his dopey followers – “Capt. Steve” – remarked that he doesn’t visit this blog, preferring research over speculation.
What we engage in here, or try to, is a metaphysical approach to the UFO enigma.
That is, we (most of us) offer our limited insights about the UFO phenomenon and try to apply those insights to some kind of categorical reasoning that applies to UFOs and its concomitant followers and so-called researchers.
(Collecting UFO accounts, old and new, and old UFO ‘zines and reports, and presenting videos or photos of orbs and lights is not research. It’s hobbying.)
We can’t be scientific as there is no UFO material – despite the claims of debris or abductions of people – with which to be other than metaphysical. It’s the nature of the phenomenon calling the shots.
So, Capt. Steve and the erstwhile dolts who think UFO research is going on within the UFO community and crowd, God bless your ignorance and moronic tack on the enigma.
Facebook, Reddit, and the History Channel are grist for your informational searches.
I’m glad you’re not showing up here, where I’d have to delete your thought-to-be impressive commentary.

If you can find your way through the clutter, there are two alleged videos of UFOs


Monday, January 10, 2022

The [UFO] “Deep State”

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The current New Yorker magazine (January 3 & 10, 2022) has a piece about a bombastic pro-Trump radio broadcaster, Dan Bon- gino.
In the article by Evan Osnos (Page 32 ff.) are references to the U.S. government’s alleged “Deep State” – a conspiratorial group that guides the country, or tries to, in ways favorable to those that Bon- gino (and other Trumpsters) hate.
The idea is ludicrous, except that there are “deep states” within any organized construct, and have been since time immemorial.
(I won’t bore you with the sub-strata that made up “deep states” in primitive societies or the Oriental dynasties, or the Roman republic or the Catholic Church et al.)
Nick Redfern has noted, I think, the deep stated Evangelical ele- ments within the Pentagon.
And I’ve often covered the substratum evolving from the Illuminati movement.
The point here is that while trying to find out what elements of the U.S.Navy or other military segments of the U.S government or Britain’s MoD, we are confounded by the conspiratorialists of America’s far right, the idiots who think the extant Deep State(s) concern themselves with Donald Trump or Joe Biden. They don’t.
Even the murky machinations outed by Whittaker Chambers in the Alger Hiss trial about communists in the U.S. State Department of the 1930s and 40s matter not when it comes to UFOs and the idea of alien (ET) interlopers sneaking onto Earth.
The UFO Deep State is a subterranean entity onto itself, vast and dangerous, even evil.
I seem to be a conspiracist myself, as a former John Bircher, but I try not to get carried away with the endowment.
Yet, I’ve long believed, and still do, that Truman’s Secretary of Defense, James Forrestal, was murdered by elements of the “deep state”:
And I’ve written that the death of some UFO notables seem iffy to me: M.K. Jessup, Dr. James McDonald, Captain Ed Ruppelt (Blue Book head), et al.
And you’ll remember my recent not-quite-jocular about Luis Elizondo keeping alert and safe.
The UFO reality, as our guy Ron sees it (with which I’m in total agreement), is a secret that some in the Pentagon – the “deep state” element – would like to keep and is keeping secret at all cost. Why? One can only guess
At any rate, there is a Deep State, extant, and long-in-the-tooth, present within the U.S. government, just as there’s similar "agencies" in Russia, China, Britain, and other countries like Iran.
Not to know that or believe it to be true is a blind spot for some naïve UFO people, unaware of the sub rosa groups that have flowered all through human history.
That the Trump conspiracy buffs talk about the deep state, which they believe affects them, causes the rest of us to be wary of pressing the issue.
But the UFO Deep State exists and has for a long time – some- time after World War II, maybe earlier.
To look away from the idea is to miss the point, about failed disclosure and the evil machinations during the whole of the ufological era, right up to today.

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Disclosure hysteria

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A few regulars here seem inclined to think that “disclosure” of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, via UFOs [UAP], will be an- nounced (admitted) by the Pentagon (the U.S. government or military) and that admittance is imminent.
I, and I believe Ron and Julien and a few others, don’t think so. 
The U.S. Navy (and maybe other military/government agencies) know full well, and have for a very long time, what UFOs are,  from whence they originate, and other related information.
The UFO crowd is flush with “disclosure hopefuls” and their attendant “true believers” in the ET hypothesis; that is, UFOs are craft from an alien species who’ve been a presence on Earth for a long time, even millennia.
The suggestion is possible, but remotely so, for some of us who understand the distances and vicissitudes of space travel and extraterrestrial life.
Yet, that reasoning has been set aside by some “normal” human beings, out of various frustrations with existential (in the new common use of that term) life on this planet.
I sympathize with the pals and folks who strive to believe the U.S. government is about to disclose the ET reality, but it’s not going to happen, and nothing is in the works to make it happen – no Congressional pressure, no new UFO [UAP] videos, nothing.
The hope held onto by disclosure seekers is a kind of hysteria, a malevolent hope that was once the province of Christians awaiting the “Second Coming” of Jesus Christ.
So, pals of mine and others, hie thyself to a minister or psychiatrist and cleanse yourself of the mental folly. It’s not only shameful but embarrassingly simple-minded.

Ongoing worries about Pentagon's new "UFO Office"


Saturday, January 08, 2022

The current UFO controversy?




History Channel's season premiere [1/8/22] of Ancient Aliens

I have to admit, with a reservation, that the History Channel's season opener of its Ancient Alien show about "Disclosure" was pretty good.....until the end.

The run-down of what has gone on with the government's UFO [UAP] thrust clarified some matters for me -- especially about Luis Elizondo's situation, now made clear: he was indeed in charge of AATIP and subject to Pentagon back-stabbing.

The usual AA "hosts" and commentators showed up and did their ET thing as usual, and this led to the AA show ending with its extraterrestrial bias; that is, UFOs [UAP] derive from ET visitations.

While the ET explanation for UFOs is a possibility -- a remote one in my thinking -- the ET answer does come easily to mind in how History allows the AA gang to propagandize the issue.

That aside, the show was well-formatted and moved smoothly to its cockeyed conclusion.

And my pal Nick Pope was there, offering his moderated asides, always a nice touch.


Friday, January 07, 2022

Billy Cox on Jan Aldrich and UFOs (from his Substack page)

Click on A Passion for Tedium link


If you can discern anything worthwhile from this news item (via Google), let me know


Thursday, January 06, 2022

One of the few bright spots on Facebook



The decline of a one-time UFO notable

 Most distressing and sickening psychopathology:

Book publisher and one-time UFO good-guy Philip Mantle continues, apace, his "attacks" on Nick Pope because Mantle is either insanely jealous of Nick's popularity among TV producers or Mantle has a repressed homoerotic desire that is unfulfilled.

Every time Nick Pope shows up in a TV program, Mantle goes on a Facebook tirade about Nick's credentials at Britain's MoD.

It's a sad commentary on what the UFO community has descended into, among once prominent members.

(Mantle has accrued a slew of Pope-haters, which makes the matter even sadder.)


A take-down of The History Channel (especially the Ancient Alien series)

(Although a little venomous, acute observations about how the channel's AA programming is putrid.)



Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Google UFO newsfeed piles on with Naked Alien story (mentioned here yesterday)


I’m not frustrated or exasperated; more like irritated by ignorance, (my own too)

Copyright 2022, InterAmerica, Inc.
Some of you, visiting/reading here would like more positive input by me, but …..

I’m deep-sea diving for quality UFO material. I really am.
But, as you’ve seen, such material is hard to come by, or discover. It’s elusive, almost non-existent, even from people who have ufological cachet, as Dominick sees it.
Facebook (and Reddit) are among the garbage pits of UFO detritus, although dredging for exemplary UFO material can be found at both social media sites, if one is patient enough to wade through the batches of UFO and/or paranormal flotsam.
Inserts by a few serious UFO enthusiasts are often undercut by responses (comments) from the herd (as I’ve tried to example here).
Part of the problem stems from we UFO long-timers sitting back and letting those who scruff up the phenomenon and its encircled periphery of pertinence.

Newbies and dolts are all over the place. And we let them muddy the UFO waters by following the dictates of the community: Don’t scowl, don’t make fun of (dumb) people, don’t be “haters” – let stupidity flourish, as it does in the political arena.
I don’t think so. Cast out the marauders. Hang their com- mentary and psychopathic input from the highest yardarm.
I try to be civilized here, but it’s damn hard….

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

A grand example of an ongoing folie à deux




Two [silly?] UFO tales from Google's UFO newsfeed




The January 3-10, 2022 New Yorker issue enlightens

Copyright 2022, InterAmerica, Inc.
A Page 6 note for The New Yorker At the Galleries blip about photographer Lutz Bacher (who died in 2019) reminded readers that she thought there was a “fugitive nature of subjectivity and photography’s shaky claim to truth” which “Today … resonates in QAnon’s queasy wake.”
I’m not going into the QAnon insanity here but the idea that photography doesn’t necessarily provide the epitome of truth, as we find out when an alleged UFO photo pops up for the UFO community’s edification, is interesting and a truism.
But below that blurb was a note about a graphic artist – E. McKnight Kauffer – whose iinfluence in graphic design (interior design, book covers, street level look, theater sets) was phenomenal but eventually, by way of successive generational influences, ended up ephemeral.
This goes to my point here ….
Who, within the vast arc of UFO involvement, has provided a phenomenal anything pertinent to the mysterious phenomenon?
That is, who is at the top of the list of anything UFO-related? Keyhoe, Hynek, Vallee, who?
Second, third, and fourth stringers abound; even bottom stringers, like me, are in the mix.
But who is a First Stringer? A top-notch practitioner within the UFO circle, then or now?
There is no one. Influence and revelation aside, no one even comes close to leaving a mark in the vast UFO panoply that exists.
I can think of no one who will be remembered for their efforts or input to and about the enigma we, here, covet.
Even among those once famous for their work and influence in serious endeavors, such as Kauffer, noted above from a New Yorker notation, there is little to no remembrance worthy of profound mention.
How much more so is the indifference among UFO enthusiasts. No one will be long remembered if remembered at all, even in a snippet for a worthy magazine or text.
Examine how lame we hustlers here are and the numerous dolts spewing UFO lather on Facebook or within blogs, web-sites, TV programming, or podcasts.
It’s a sad world this, and in the UFO community, even sadder. No one matters, or has mattered, even those who think their current spiels are resonating.

N.B. Image atop from Buzzfeed

Where we are, within the current UFO community ....

 A few responses from this Group's [UFO Footage] membership:

Monday, January 03, 2022

A push-back (or two) against stupidity


Sunday, January 02, 2022

NY New Year Eve "triangle" took over the Google UFO newsfeed




Saturday, January 01, 2022

Nick Redfern’s take on paranormal pushback

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The Anomalist’s astute Crystal linked this Redfern piece for her readers the other day:
Nick’s piece is on to something, and that’s the idea that fooling around with aspects of the paranormal can bite you in the ass.
A number of accounts about the Ouija Board affecting “players” or rather practitioners of the “game” have had, sometimes, bad repercussions after their dalliance with the thing.
Melville’s Moby Dick stated as much, but he was dealing with a more profound issue: the pursuit of God will destroy seekers, no matter what.
This seeking of something – whether it’s ghosts or dead relatives, paranormal entities, UFOs, or even fame and fortune, et cetera – will inevitably take many down, in a number of ways.
There seems to be a kind of anti-action meant to offset any active pursuit of the abnormal or extraordinary reality that we seem meant to play along with.
No good comes from getting, or trying to, God’s attention (Melville) or seeking contact with that which lies outside our “normal” reality, as Nick implies.
Trying to pet or feed a beast, as a maintenance guy recently did with a tiger in Florida, got him a ravaged arm, and brought the tiger to its death, sadly.
In the paranormal world, the tiger does not die, but continues to harass those who diddle with it and sometimes provokes the diddler in ways that are not pleasant, even deadly.
Currently, the gods seem to be wreaking havoc on mankind, particularly in the United States, as that deformed entity YHWH did in olden times: the Flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, the killing of Egypt’s young (the Jewish Passover), all in general terms, the innocent along with those not so innocent taken down altogether, whether it's a virus, or a flood, or a fire, something else dire.
Tweaking the paranormal invites disaster more than good luck or any kind of boon.
So for the year 2022, one should be wary of fooling with elements of the paranormal, maybe even UFOs, especially when they show up as UAP.

Two reports (about the same guy), via my Google UFO newsfeed, that show us what psychopathology is



Friday, December 31, 2021

To my pals here


What book, what documentary, what web-site/blog, what podcast, what anything has ever provided certitude to the UFO ET equation or any UFO related topic?

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I’ve inserted some relatively clear, alleged photos of UFOs lately, but has any of them given proof of anything – and I mean anything – relative to an explanation for the UFO phenomenon?
Has any UFO story or report provided something concrete about the elusive phenomenon?
Even Quantum Mechanics has let physicists “prove” the reality of a sub-atomic reality.
But most UFO sub-sets – such as the extraterrestrial hypothesis (and its co-joined nonsense about abductions) or their insertion from time or another dimension – remain clouded or fantastic within their narratives.
Yes, other paranormally supported agencies – Bigfoot, Nessie, ghosts, ESP, et cetera – also remain elusive of proof, but we, here, are dealing with an almost asserted reality – UFOs (or UAP for some).
And yet, what do we have? Something concretely unknown but palpable. Something fascinating in its observation. But still, something for which we have no proof of any consequence.
Why are we pursuing the phenomenon? We don’t pursue the supposed reality of God with such zeal or dedication.
Nor do we approach other mysteries – some important in their own way, such as the desire by some to kill other humans or sentient life itself – with any kind of zeal like that with which we pursue the UFO enigma.
Why is that? You tell me. (And try to stay pertinent.)

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Facebookers won't let it go



Here's where we are with UFOs, as 2022 approaches



An interesting tale from the Curt Collins and Claude Falkstrom UFO UpDate group (at FB)


Holly Wilson Peterson put this online at Facebook (Updated)

Many persons thought it depicts a blimp but one fellow said blimps don't fly over water. Is that so?

Enlarge pic to get better image of "thing."

A blow-up of video pic...it's a blimp:

The UFO Liars posting ......

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
I’m fascinated by the zeal with which you fellows have sunk your teeth into the UFO Liars? conundrum, especially zeroing in on the Corso portion of the matter I presented.
Is Corso more interesting because of the Roswell connection? If so, shame on you all.
The point I was trying to clarify had to do with the appearance of truth amidst a reality that forbids truth – the ET element in UFO lore for instance.
I also notice that some juicy items – as I see it – lie forlorn and unresponded to in the blog queue. Again, shame on you.
The Corso story is a minor one in the context of the UFO phenomenal history, It’s a sop to the extraterrestrial perversion and is tainted by the foolishness of the Roswell incident.
I’m surprised at the attention that it, and it alone, has garnered here.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

From Kelly Emile Gauthier [The UFO Files Group on FB)

An interesting account (and photo):


This is what passes for a UFO photo nowadays:



The UFO Liars?

Copyright 2021, InterAmerica, Inc.
Joe Rogan, during his podcast with former Deputy of Defense Christopher Mellon, asked Mr. Mellon if he believed Bob Lazar’s long lived and resurrected back engineered and Element 115 stories.
Mellon sort of equivocated but left open the door to the idea that maybe Bob Lazar has been telling the truth all along.
But has he?
Over the years, we all have questioned stories of UFO sightings and particularly so-called alien (extraterrestrial) abduction, along with serious scrutiny of Roswellian witnesses, those who came forward after the 1978 patina of a 1947 crashed disk event spurred by Stanton Friedman’s account with Jesse Marcel Sr.
Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle have pretty much come to believe – Schmitt less so than Kevin – that most of the late-to-the-story Roswell “witnesses” prevaricated their tales of the alleged event.
Then there’s Lt. Colonel’s Philip Corso’s The Day After Roswell tell-all book, long considered fictive by most serious UFO enthusiasts.
And Travis Walton’s abduction litany is thought to be fictional by many, if not most, in the UFO community.
There are many more examples of UFO experiences, mostly by common folk, that ring false for those hearing or reading about those experiences.
Even popular UFO personalities like Whitley Strieber, writer of Communion and other ET oriented stories, are considered writers of fiction, not truth-tellers by skeptical persons who follow such genres.
But can all these recounters of UFO incidents or instances be lying or, less seriously, purveyors of imaginative fiction, some plenished with exquisite and, sometimes, unique detail that give an aura of truth to their story-telling?
This paper provides a prelude to many others that deal with lying and/or “fictive realities” and its sub-strata in society:
I have a Walton interview, and a short spurt from Jesse Marcel, on my YouTube Channel and I’ve seen Corso interviews often. All three fellows strike me as sincere or non-duplicitous.
Strieber makes me sick and Lazar comes off as crafty, but not completely sociopathic.
Even some abductees, while from the lowest common-denominator classes, along with those who think they’ve had alien hominid encounters, present, sometimes, credible, truth-filled remembrances.
So, what do we have here?  Con-men and women or truth-tellers? What about hallucinatory victims?
The matter confuses the UFO phenomenon further, of course, which is troublesome, but there it is.
What’s your take, on those mentioned above and those referred to generally? I’d really like to know.