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Friday, September 24, 2021

Rid God and his angels from the religious patina and you have a UFO explanation

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While gathering material(s) for my Substack pages that the Israelite god Yahweh was a man, and not god, I’ve come across texts within and without the literature that convinces me that the Hebrew god was not God and that that man’s minions, Angels, were not divine spirits but men also.
A recent YouTube discussion of the Hebrew Bible’s Book of Daniel (and that in the Old Testament) coupled with the non-Canonical book(s) of Enoch, in which The Watchers and Angels interact with humans indicates that some Biblical entities were human-like personages.
I’ve discussed this in other postings here and elsewhere and have made mention, as has Nick Redfern, of the three “men” who met with Abraham, which is recounted in Genesis 18: 1-15. (One of the men was God, some interpreters note.)
Then there are the visitors to Abraham in Genesis 19, the “angels” sought by the men of Sodom, who wanted to “know” the visitors (a sexual reference).
And I’ve often mentioned, God visiting Moses’ wife, told in Exodus 4: 24, wherein God is seeking to kill Moses.
There are an almost countless number of visitations by God or his angels in Biblical texts and those visits are from “men” – the first accounts of Men in Black (white being the clothing color for the time-period; this aspect covered here long ago.).
 In the Enoch texts and in Daniel 9 ff. the Watchers and/or Angels interact with humans, offering help or services.
If we extract the religious overlay of such passages and replace them with visitations by strange men who seem to have special powers, we are in similar territory expressed in multiple UFO encounter reports. [See Albert Rosales’ series Humanoid Encounters or the examples provided in José Caravaca’s Distortion Theory.]
That such activity shows up within historical accounts, Biblical tracts, or mythology tales has to be questioned inside a query, why.
The episodes are humanistic in nature, that is, they reek of human-like activity, not divine or miraculous activity.
The passages telling about unique activity for Earth and Earthlings only, in this remote area of the Galaxy or Universe represents human experience, having nothing to do with any reality outside that in place here, on this planet.
And I think we can extrapolate such activity in a way that could explain UFO sightings, encounters, even abduction events.
Now, I know that once a Biblical façade is placed upon UFO events or reports it is a turn-off for many – Dominick, here, among them.
But I’m hoping that the theological scrim can be set aside and the accounts I’ve noted and many others can be looked with fresh eyes and thinking.
The placement of a god and his or her minions as human-like entities of a special kind would explain or make clear much that eludes us.
And I’ll go into that upcoming….

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Face carved on Martian mountain cliff?



Out local  CBS affiliate -- WANE-TV -- (that rarely airs UFO stories)  carried this:


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Two things: crashed UFOs and crashed John Keel

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The continuing sagas of crashed UFOs are intellectually disturbing, are they not?
Does it seem likely that an advanced extraterrestrial or inter- dimensional species would be incapable of piloting or traversing the Earth safely after coming a long way through space or time?
That UFOers continue to beg the question is more than disappointing. It’s irksome and that the idea smothers the UFO topic should be called out by the sensible rest of us.
And unrelated is this: I saw a clip of Richard Gere in his movie about the Mothman, a portion that introduces the John Keel assertion that he (Keel) was introduced to the odd person calling himself Indrid Cold.
John Keel’s descent into madness is without question among those familiar with the symptoms of mental equivalence.
The “Indrid Cold” character or hoaxer playing with Keel is the leading edge of Keel’s eventual consuming madness.
Yes, Keel wrote and investigated judiciously some aspects of flying saucers and the paranormal, but in his final outings and works he was a troubled human being, some saying that attention to such matters causes the “insanity” – and there may be something to that.
But, no matter what, John Keel’s oeuvre is marred by the possibility that it is the product of an addled mind. To put a profound gloss on his output is its own kind of madness.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dante, Baldwin, Reality, (and UFOs?)

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The September 20, 2021 New Yorker has a splendid piece on Dante, commemorating the great poet’s death in September 1321.
There’s no way in which I can tie this article by Judith Thurman – Asylum Seeker (Page 72 ff.) to UFOs or Ufology but there is a closing passage that allows me to note this essay which is a must-read for the poets and/or culturalists among you:
“People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction,” James Baldwin wrote, “and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.” [Page 77]
This Danteian reference, to the idea of Dante’s great insights, applies to UFO skeptics surely, and can be found in the works and lives of many: Klass, Menzel, Fernandez, et al.
But it also applies to some regulars here, who are not monsters of course, but destructive in the sense that they have closed off their thought to possibilities that explain who we, as humans, may be and what our reality really is. (I’m not going to name them; they are pals and friends, a few apostates too.)
Today [9/21] I left an incendiary comment at Facebook in response to a posting about women’s inequality. (I wrote that in the great scheme of things that the matter is not as important as the originator of the posting and a large contingent of women and men suggested. The crowd took serious umbrage, really getting worked up, pouring forth invectives of the most egregious kinds, as you’d expect. After scads of offensive and not entirely wrong remarks, I deleted my original remark and, as is the case with FB, the whole litany of back-and-forths disappeared. My notifications about them freed up thankfully.)
What I came away with, besides some creative and/or slimy broadsides was a convincing comment from a television news general manager at my MediaWatch page a few days ago: Facebook is a sewer.
The “women are above reproach” stance is a footnote to the Baldwin observation (above).
I have to relate that the commentary within FB’s UFO groups is, by and large, nowhere as sleazy or ignorant as that of Facebook’s general population.
This bodes well for the ongoing advance in UFO enthusiasts. But one has to hope that, like Dante’s inhabitants of the Inferno and Purgatory, UFOers don’t slip into the wayward ignorance and vulgarity of Facebook’s “normal” contingencies.

Government files on UFOs

When I was rummaging through boxes of UFO material, accumulated for too many years to mention, I found this CD:
There are hundreds of PDF files, many not generally known or provided within UFO circles as far as I can tell.

I'll pick a few that are not known or are pertinent and provide them here, however ......

like the Saturday Review articles, I won't offer much material for online reading unless there is an interest.


Monday, September 20, 2021

Saturday Review’s 1966 UFO Effort

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Saturday Review magazine was one of my favorite “weekly” reads and a high spot in cultural rumination. It has gone the way of many such highly regarded publications.
But while rustling through my UFO detritus, I came across this 1966 edition which was loaded with UFO materials:
Here are some of the articles, one, not scanned, being excerpts of Fuller’s book on the Hill episode. (Some can be read by mousing over the image to enlarge it.)

The Carl Sagan piece reiterated his view of the Sumerians – an odd human society about which I’ll add his comments to my Substack articles about the origin of god (small “g”) -- and possible ET visitors about 10,000 years ago in the Middle East.

Sagan also addresses the “Saucerian cult” – apropos insights about Ufology.
If anyone wants full scans, let me know.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

UFOs (Ufology) as a hobby (and other recreational activity)

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This past weekend, as the Summer wanes, I spent time at our lake home with my son Josh and his girlfriend, home from U of M, where they work, his girlfriend bringing her brother and his partner to share the warm days with us.
Joanna’s brother, who is a classical pianist of some note, charming as he is talented, provided an evening of Chopin and Beethoven, after which we had a vibrant discussion of interests among us. (I didn’t bring up UFOs.)

Again, it became clear to me that most persons are indulged in one or more activities that enhance their lives and to which they are existentially (in the present errant sense) obeisant.
Checking on the UFO material at Facebook, among UFO group members after returning to the city house, I’m reminded that most of these people are enchanted by and serious about the UFO phenomenon, one of my best pals here among them.
These are folks for whom UFOs are more than just a hobby; they live and breathe UFOs daily, not just during a few weekdays, but regularly.
My lake guests, like them, had interests that consume them too, things of a more cultural kind however.
For me, such friends or acquaintances make life a little more fulfilling as such avidness enlivens the daily grind of existence.
In my UFO circle, I’m lucky to share space witb Ron Press here, and with chums like Nick Redfern. John Greenewald, Beau Patrick Carrington, David Haith, Scott Corrales. José  Caravaca, Bill  Murphy, Kelly Emile Gauthier, Chris Savia and a few other UO enthusiasts
And among my non-UFO pals and friends I’m surfeited by refinements of other kinds that enlighten or enhance my life.
But I’m not entranced by those who pretend to be interested in various chapters of existence, whether that be cultural interests, academic enterprises or even UFOs.
Spending the past few days with my lake guests and online with my UFO buddies and pals made for a buffet of pleasantry and well-being. What more should there be in life?
The UFO topic can be fulfilling if one takes it seriously, as Tim Hebert makes it or Cheryl Costa and Rick Hilberg do. They are not hobbyists  but UFO die-hards. Ya gotta love ‘em.
I hope some of you get my message here….

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Another take on History's "Proof is Out There" show

Tony Harris and The Proof is Out There

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Season Two of The History Channel’s The Proof is Out There aired Friday, 9/18 with host journalist Tony Harris.
The show principled videos of UFOs (UAP), old and new, while bringing in the UFO chestnuts, Roswell, the Avro thing, and the 1950 Mariana film, along with the recent DoD clips we’re all a little tired of seeing.
This is the 2019 UFO that disappeared in the ocean:                                                    
Long-time UFO researcher Rich Hoffman had a brief appearance while MJ Banias, longing to be a UFO-star was featured quite a bit.
MJ offers a moderate, sensible approach to the UFO phenomenon and it was nice to see and hear him provide his insights to the program.
Some videos were provided analysis and came away with “verification” or a no-go. (This ballyhooed UFO turns out to be an airplane.)
The series, like MJ, has a sensible patina and while nothing earth-shaking showed up, it was an hour of okay reminiscence and current UFO information.
I have it on my To Watch list.

Friday, September 17, 2021

A few things that captured me this week

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In the September 13, 2021 New Yorker I noted earlier here, there were two pieces that got my attention and read: War With a Human Face by Dexter Filkins [Page 68 ff.] and Into the Void by Ruth Franklin [Page 73 ff.] about Benjamin Labatut’s odd but intriguing book When We Cease to Understand the World.
The war article cited, among other things, a number of human conflicts where the number of people killed, as collateral damage or purposely, astounds.
If there are extraterrestrials observing this planet and its species, and have been for millennia as some suggest, wouldn’t the decimation get their attention? And wouldn’t or shouldn‘t the killings/deaths impact the alien visitors? But it hasn’t, has it?
As for the Labatut book, the consensus is that the author presents us with the idea “that modern science has failed us, and that the human mind is unable to ‘come to grips with [science’s] paradoxes ad contradictions’.” [Page 76]
This latter observation coincides with what I’m experiencing now that YouTube is gathering scads of science-oriented videos for my “enjoyment” or edification, damn them.
Within the past few weeks I’ve been subject to a slew of programs about quantum mechanics, space-time, string theory and almost every other facet of science with a heavy dose of mathematics and supposition.
And I often think of our pal Dominick here who loves the idea of science and its supposed verities.
For me, I’m convinced that scientists, especially physicists, are akin to persons we call schizophrenics; these people are offering suppositions that mimic the ravings of addled minds and supporting their conjectures with mathematical scribblings that are not unlike the wall markings or graffiti of persons who have lost reason.
The suggestions about the Big Bang are as mad as the Hatter’s commentary for Alice in her Wonderland.
The thinking is speculation that rivals the worst cases of insanity that load the pages of psychiatry journals, obtuse to the point of sheer madness.
Benjamin Labatut’s book also makes that point, a masterpiece of fictional truth that I’m suggesting as a read for Dom and others of you who agree with him.
And if you want a supplement to my recent screed about humans eating sentient beings for nourishment, including each other, the article by Filkins about war is a must-read.
We humans are a sick, mad lot, one of the worse on this planet. But most of you know that.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Philip Mantle, via FB, has provided important correctives about the Hill abduction story


Fame is fleeting, but in Ufology it just doesn’t exist

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In the September 13 2021 New Yorker there’s an (interesting) article on punk rock by Kelefa Sanneh [Page 28 ff.].
In it, on Page 33, she tells about drummer Travis Barker of Blink-182, the band of Tom DeLonge, who aspired to notoriety and notice within and among the UFO community.
Since that fame passed DeLonge by, rather swiftly, he’s moved on dejected by, it would seem, the fame of Barker who Sanneh writes, “is now one of the [music] industry’s most sought-after collaborators … who has also emerged as a social media celebrity” mixing with the hoi-polloi of Hollywood and Music.
Perhaps this is what DeLonge hoped for with his UFO stint, but it didn’t happen.
Luis Elizondo, who’s writing a much-anticipated book, revealing more UFO secrets, has gained much traction within UFO circles, including appearances galore on those TV channels that delve into UFOs heavily.
Luis has UFO fame, but does he have universal fame, that is fame outside the isolated and fringe communities that deal with UFOs and related anomalies? No, he doesn’t.
Few I know and among those who provide news or academic information know or give a fig about that good-minded man, Luis Elizondo.
But that’s how Ufology and the field of UFO interest is, as I often note: an oasis of mildew and inconsequential gab, which has turned to quips and sound bytes, all over the place, and particularly at social media sites like Facebook, Reddit, et al.
Fame will never be found within UFO circles and surely not outside it. The topic is without cachet or import, even among UFO long-timers it seems.
Note the dearth of dialogue here ad online at other UFO venues: nada. There’s no substance with which to interact; responses and information, even about UFO sightings with intriguing circumstances is vacuous or just non-existent.
One can understand Ton DeLonge’s departure from the fold, just as we’ll see Luis Elizondo disappear after he makes a few, well-deserved bucks from his forthcoming book.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Hallucinogenics and UFO events

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A review of two books – Drug Use for Grown-Ups by Dr. Carl Hart and This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan – by Mike Jay in the September 23, 2021 New York Review of Books piqued a conversation between me and my neuroscientific son Josh this past weekend, an extension of conversations we’ve often had the past few years.

Out of conversations I’ve had with a former associate of mine, online, I’ve rebuked the use of psychelics and other mild-altering stimulants, suggesting that they interfere with the perceptive abilities of the mind (brain actually).

And I have suggested, in the past here, that no one investigates the possibility that some UFO episodes may be the result of ingested materials, some as innocuous as Tylenol or weird foods, but more likely by the ingesting of alcohol, marijuana, LSD, peyote, et al.

Such UFO incidents seem rare but the more extravagant incidents – Pascagoula? – should so be examined but haven’t been.

In the books reviewed by author Jay the plea is for an easing of penalties and opprobrium for drug use of mind-altering “medicinals.”

(My current primary care doctor told me, a few weeks ago, that he’d prefer the use of marijuana to Tramadol, an opioid, for my recurring back pain. I laughed. Weed has never touched my lips.)

Even though my son Josh insists that marijuana and psychedelics, like LSD or psilocybin (mushrooms) are being tested and re-examined across labs all over the country every day for legitimate health issues,
I still insist such psychotropics interfere with brain waves which is without question and questionable.

Most in the field of such medical research see the interference as often a boon rather than a hindrance and encourage their use for pain and serious health issues such as cancer.
I empathize but use by those outside health problems misuse such aids, as they did and do with opioids, often forcing maligned capitalistic enterprise – the dealing of such materials – to capture eventual addicted customers in recurring need and costs to acquire.

Okay, I've strayed beyond the UFO aspect, but so many UFO incidents have the patina of a psychedelic episode one can’t escape the idea that maybe a few significant episodes were products of a “trip” – inadvertent as it may have been.

Where’s Nick Redfern’s take on the matter? He likes bizarre explanations for obtuse UFO events – the Mothman sightings for instance.

And John Keel, who was under mental attack late in life; were some or all of his weird encounters and happenings the result of mind-altering “health-aids”?

Who knows? Who’s checked?

N.B . Image atop from The  New Yorker


Monday, September 13, 2021

How to muck up an intriguing UFO episode

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We are all familiar pretty much with the 1973 Pascagoula event:
Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, two good ol’ boys, fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi were confronted by a UFO which disseminated three odd entities that grabbed them for some kind of medical-like analysis aboard the craft the entities arrived in.
The event as recounted by both men and elaborated upon by Calvin Parker right up to today [2021] is, by all interpretations, credible, even within its bizarre circumstances.
I thought, for a long while, that the men had a folie à deux (psychological experience) but recent, other witness reports indicate that something real, and non-ephemeral happened on that river, to the boys, in 1973.
Even with Calvin Parker’s addition of details – a “female-like” entity placing her “fingers” inside his nose and throat, causing blood loss – I still give Calvin benefit of the doubt.
The tale is one of the best in UFO lore and within the abduction category I usually demean, pressing for a neurological or psycho- logical explanation rather than a kind of alien (extraterrestrial) kidnapping.
But the UFO gang, pressed by book publisher Philip Mantle, continue to stoke the story, looking for more witnesses – even though accounts from 1973 would be iffy by any evaluation.
This valuable UFO account has become a golden goose for Mantle and Calvin Parker and if they can gild it any further, they will surely try.
Mantle and his fan base along with those who’ve come to admire ad love Calvin Parker are distorting and stretching the original incident to the point where it is becoming a fictive-like sci-fi fable.
There is not much one can  do to investigate a happening from 48 years ago, but to wreak havoc on a “pure account”: with much later accretions is beyond the pale.
Let’s hope that this singular account doesn’t get further mucked up, because of greed or a need to sensationalize for attention.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Skeptics: Get with the Program!

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Sane skeptics, and there are a few, would do well to accept the reality of UFOs (UAP even) and take their time and insights towards refuting obvious mad (foolish) UFO events and sightings, and there are many of those to conjure with.
The jig is up and UFOs are a palpable phenomenon. To continue to indicate otherwise is madness of a dementia kind.
But some accounts – and I think there are quite a few – fly in the face of actuality and bona fide skeptics, like Robert Sheaffer, Lance Moody, Curt Collins (is he really skeptical?), or “Zoam Chomsky” could and should chew on those, concentrating on current reports. (The old sightings are tattered enough.)
Facebook alone is awash in nonsense., with enough insane input to keep a psychiatric team busy for months, maybe even years.

(Cartoon atop from Trend Following)

This came as a notification from a Reddit group I follow: Glitch in the Matrix

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Three different people saw me with the same child, I was alone

“Yesterday I went to have a drink with friends in the afternoon in a family friendly open air restaurant. I went there after working in my studio, alone. I have kids but they were not with me. Three people in different moments asked me about the kid I came holding hands with, they saw him clearly, saw me arriving with him, talking to him and told me what he was wearing, they all saw the same. I was alone, my youngest (who would have been the kid) was at home.”


Most of you can relate a story something like it, and maybe even have experienced something similar.


In my earlier posting about possible perceptions of glitches in the imagined Matrix we are allegedly part of – strictly a bizarre conjecture at the moment – I’ve noted that I have had snatches of things that seem artificial and/or algorithmic.

The Reddit account above is more substantial and acceptable as a kind of mix-up in reality.


While neither my apparent perceptions of Matrix “mistakes” or the Reddit person’s odd experience tells us anything about UFOs or even reality, as I jotted about yesterday, both footnote that sometimes things happen to us which point to an overlay upon our everyday reality, that which we consciously experience or seem to.

How does one test for another reality, one alongside our perceived reality or the scrim of reality that actually encompasses our perceived reality.


Some visitors here don’t want to deal with such matters, indicating ir beclouds the UFO phenomenon, even though UFOs may themselves be glitches in a created super Matrix.

Let’s have at it. Anyone have insight(s) about this sidebar I keep inserting here?

N.B. Photo atop is from Sharon Ifeonoma blog.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

We have no idea – none – of what reality really is

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Christian Savia posted some links [9/11] at the Anomalist site dealing with concepts about “reality” – he often delves into the matter.
And I’ve been hounded by YouTube to click on videos concerning “reality.”
My bookshelves are loaded with books about reality: what it is, what it may be, what many thinkers tell us it is, et cetera.
But no one knows what our reality is, and it’s not what you and I experience, or think we experience, every day of our conscious life, “conscious” the operative word there.
Philosophy doesn’t help us, in any way, with reality, presenting mixtures of nonsense and multi-plausible ideas that have made discussions of reality as insane as a schizophrenic’s mad ravings.
(Plato’s “cave allegory” indicates, for me, that there is a reality above and beyond that which we experience in our daily lives and existence. But the great philosopher doesn’t tell us what that super-reality is, not a clue or suggestion from him, just comments that there is another reality under which we are subsumed.)
In the context of the UFO phenomenon, I remain hopeful, as most of you know, that an explanation or a “capture” of some kind of the enigmatic things will bring us closer to the idea of what we're dealing with in this life, using the supposed consciousness we are allegedly subject to.
For me, UFOs are a harbinger of our real reality, evidence of what overlays that which makes up our seeming reality.
So, tracking UFOs, past and present raises the phenomenon beyond the hobby level. It moves it to the realm of existential (in its real terminology) cogitation, something Socrates insisted upon and members of Jean Paul Sartre’s coterie attempted to discern.
What else is there for we humans to think about? Really?