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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Lonnie Zamora (Socorro) Story, but from 1952!


The picture above is a representation of what Oskar Linke says he saw in the Russian Zone of Berlin, July 1952.

His account (below) from The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed [Fawcett Publications, 1952] by Antony Terry (Berlin Correspondent, Kemsley Newspapers, London), as you can see for yourself, is peculiarly similar to the account that Lonnie Zamora provided for his Socorro sighting of April 1964.


Had Zamora seen the Linke story? Was Zamora’s account fabricated, or are the two events related by the Hughes’ connection; that is, did Hughes Aircraft and Design replicate the 1952 Russian test in the area of Socorro, New Mexico, in 1964?

What is the Hughes connection to Russian space technology? (We’ve shown the lander design that Hughes Tools used for its moon lander design (which resembles the Socorro craft.)

Investgators who want to foist the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) on a gullible public and UFO audience won’t pursue the possibility. It would destroy their belief system and, in many cases, their livelihood.


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