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Friday, July 06, 2012

From our friend Robbie Graham (in the U.K.)

Senior CIA Official Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up

Dear colleagues,

On 23 June, while speaking on Coast to Coast AM, the CIA’s former liaison to the entertainment industry, Chase Brandon, made extraordinary claims about the Roswell incident, declaring:

“I also absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell, that the military picked up remains of not just the wreckage, but cadavers.” Brandon then recounted an occasion when he saw direct proof of the alien nature of Roswell within the CIA’s own Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC).

Based on what he claims to have seen in the HIC, Brandon stated unequivocally: “100 percent, guaranteed... Roswell happened. There was a craft, absolutely cadavers,” but added, “Beyond that, I have no idea where anything else went.” Brandon - who spent 25 years in the Agency's elite Clandestine Service - also sought to absolve the CIA of any on-going complicity in an active cover-up of the Roswell incident.

Truth or fiction, Brandon's statements are significant for the fact that he is, to date, the most senior CIA officer - former or serving - to have claimed direct knowledge of an alleged Roswell/alien cover-up. 
Propaganda expert Dr Matthew Alford and I have co-authored an in-depth article examining Brandon's statements from every angle. The article includes exclusive responses from former high-level government officials and from the CIA itself. This story is yet to break in the mainstream media.

The article is attached to this email in Word document form. I have also just published it on my blog, Silver Screen Saucers:

Please do feel free to re-publish this article in its entirety on your own websites and/or blogs and to spread it further via social networking.

With kind regards,


Robbie Graham
Doctoral candidate
University of Bristol
Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television

Tel: +011 44 (0)7530344483


  • "Brandon claimed he had the rare opportunity to look inside a box labelled “Roswell” containing “materials... papers... [and] other items” but stressed that he “cannot, will not, under any imaginable set of circumstances tell you what I saw in there specifically,”"

    "Not insignificantly, Brandon also claimed during his interview to have spoken to JFK’s coroner, who he says confirmed to him that the President had been shot from the front and was therefore most definitely the victim of a conspiracy."

    He has a beard, too.

    "Judging from online chatter, the UFO community is wondering if Brandon’s Roswell comments may herald the much anticipated ‘Disclosure’ of alien reality."

    Many 'Disclosure' people are stupid or insane.



    By Blogger Don, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • Don:

    I'm with you a thousand percent.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • I actually had a long conversation with Brandon back in 2004, when he was still with the CIA. I had called to get permission to use photos of a couple of former CIA directors in my MJ-12 documentary, which should have taken all of 5 minutes, at the most, but Brandon and I hit it off, so we talked for close to an hour about all sorts of things, some UFO-related, some not. Anyway, as I said, all-in-all a pleasant chat.

    A few months later I was talking with Karl Pflock, mentioned this and said, "I guess the CIA aren't as bad as people make them out to be." Karl just laughed. "That's exactly what they want you to think," he replied. "Take my word for it, every angle of the conversation had a purpose for him, and there's now a nice little file on you somewhere in Langley."


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • There are only three possibilities:

    1) He is promoting his novel and "spicing it up" and trying to spike sales by saying that Roswell really happened as an ET event. He specialized in liaison with the entertainment industry - so it would not be beyond him to try to set himself up in retirement as an author and to take 'artistic license' about what he knows about Roswell based on his CIA service, which may in fact be nothing.

    2) He is purposefully -and with official authorization- "disinforming" the public on Roswell as ET because it was a secret terrestrial experiment that must remain secret.

    3) He is telling the truth.

    - But why would a Public Affairs/Entertainment Industry Liaison employed by the CIA hae access to the files on Roswell?

    - Brandon was not even born when Roswell happened. He then obviously could not have been privy to this information until many decades later. Brandon does not indicate when he was made privy to the Roswell files.

    - General Henry Cordes widow told me her husband (who was w/ the CIA and other intelligence for years) tried to get to any CIA files on the subject, but either could not or they were not there but somewhere else.

    - Brandon drops the hint that it was the CIA's HIC (or Historical Intelligence Collection) on Coast to Coast. The HIC would hardly be the place that such vitally sensitive secrets as Roswell would reside! No more that the recipe for the Atom Bomb would be there!
    The HIC even has a searchable website!!!

    Frankly, the whole thing stinks as as someone who is just self-promoting. The CIA reviews every thing that a former employee writes about the agency- even fiction. If there were a grain of truth to this, they would not allow publication, trust me.

    Finally, my friend reporter Billy Cox is taking my lead and contact the current curator of the CIA's Historic Intelligence Collection, Hayden Peake.

    Billy and I will report on what the CIA says...


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • I don't think for a minute that Brandon had access to Roswell information about an alien crash, because there is no such secret. But I can answer one question, based on my recollection of our conversation, and my chat with Karl as well:

    But why would a Public Affairs/Entertainment Industry Liaison employed by the CIA hae access to the files on Roswell?

    Brandon didn't begin his career as a PR officer and spend all of his time at that post. He spent many years "in the field" before that, where he was involved in all sorts of stuff.

    As for what he's doing now, the most likely option is #1, which is to say that he's just promoting his own post-CIA fiction work. Indeed, it strikes me that one of the reasons he probably chatted me and others up so much way back when was that he was mining us for ideas he could later use in the private sector. He wouldn't be the first former civil servant to do that.


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • I wanted to clarify that I meant the CIA would not allow publication of anything about Roswell by a former employee if he or she did indeed possess "special knowledge" about the event and had possessed "need to know" access. Because Brandon had neither of these, he was not 'suppressed' by the CIA in presenting fiction. Which is what his account is.

    When you listen to his Coast to Coast radio interview clip on this on You Tube, it is rather obvious that Brandon sounds like he is well-read on Roswell and that he is merely repeating themes developed by others, offering nothing new himself.

    Anthony Bragalia

    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • It's all smoke and mirrors -- PR for his book and part of some arcane CIA agenda.

    Roswell is no more a credible story to me today as it was a month ago no matter what yarn some "former" spook spins about it.

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • AJB wrote:

    1) Looking at google news category UFO, all of the stories are about tv shows, movies, and games.

    2) Like anyone needs to be ordered to disinform about Roswell.

    3) Well, there very might well be a box at the HIC labeled 'Roswell'. Wasn't there another such box recently that turned out to contain Roswell stuff -- from NARA as used in The Roswell Report? So, maybe he is telling the truth...as he knows it. So what?

    His agent is very conservative going with Roswell...but look what it did for whatshername. Take a risk, Brandon, and get on the cutting edge of 'disclosure'.

    Write a book about Aztec.



    By Blogger Don, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • I saw Quetzalcoatl yesterday at the Pick and Save. Take my word for it.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • In your case, Bruce, seeing Quetzalcoatl isn't as farfetched as one might think.

    You have access to such mysterious visions.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • It was in a box marked "Roswell" beside boxes marked "Bigfoot", "Frankenstein's Heart" and "X-Men" under a sign that says "Super Secret -- Don't Tell Nobody" on the second level of the treehouse.

    The secret code to get in is to touch your nose twice and snap your fingers once.

    No girls!



    By Blogger Lance, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • Lance aka Alfalfa?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • Lance-

    It is rare that you and I agree- but you make an essential point that supports Brandon is bullshitting: By no means would there be a file on a shelf so plainly marked on the outside as "Roswell." That is something someone would see in a movie- not the way the Intelligence Community actually manages files on its most secret of secrets...

    Such boxes of files would have far less "obvious" identifiers.


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Saturday, July 07, 2012  

  • If the box was marked "Roswell", that is near proof-positive it is post The Roswell Incident since nobody referred to the incident in 1947 as occuring in 'Roswell' (or Chaves County). Although some Roswellites like to pretend the Daily Record headline was "heard round the world", it wasn't. A few thousand locals saw it. A reporter or two remembered 'Roswell' from the news stories because they recalled the RAAF was involved.

    Some Roswellites read publications from between 1947 and the Lydia Sleppy story (1974?) to find references to 'Roswell'. They rarely find one although they do find accounts that are obviously "Roswell".

    There is irony here. Stanton Friedman had the key in 1974 with Lydia Sleppy to an incident in Roswell town . But then he got...distracted.



    By Blogger Don, at Saturday, July 07, 2012  

  • There ought to be another box nearby labelled 'MJ-12'. Who will be the great guy who discovers it? (Needless to say, he won't be telling us what is inside).

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, July 10, 2012  

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