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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A UFO "Monster" Ignored?

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In the February 1977 issue of Official UFO magazine, Kevin Randle penned the article, pictured above [Page 20 ff.].

What I found interesting, for several reasons, was the token information and follow-up to this aspect of the story:
This is a drawing of the alleged creature that entered the bedroom of the fellow [Mike Gribovski] whose photo(s) Mr. Randle concerned himself primarily with:
While the article was rather thorough about the camera, the film, and the process of taking the photograph(s), the one element that intrigues – the visitor in the night – was treated as an aside, a kind of footnote, as the concluding paragraph of the article indicates [Page 50]:

Why did Mr. Randle eschew this bizarre, but seemingly important aspect of the Gribovski events, which took place in November of 1974?

Perhaps Mr. Randle didn’t think the “creature-visit” warranted investigative perusal, or Mr. Randle dismissed that part of Mr. Gribovski’s UFO encounter because it smelled funny.

But, for me, that element of the Gribovski episode intrigues: a psychological aftermath; a predilection to create “reality from fantasy” – an hallucinatory creation?

What induced the alleged encounter? That’s a question that ufologists have often glossed over or ignored, in the earlier days of the UFO story.

Today, researchers and investigators have to consider such weird aspects of UFO observations, as J. Allen Hynek suggested in that same issue of the magazine.



  • Let me first draw your attention to the fact Gribovski's creature resembles Marvel Comics' the Abomination circa that period.

    But let me now point out what the creature does - it gives the photo an air of almost supernatural danger making sure Gribovski's no longer able to rest in the belief what he's witnessed was an ordinary meteor which broke into five and in this regard the creature serves exactly the same function as the Men In Black types either by their strange behaviour odd characteristics or by simply telling people they saw nothing at all

    The creature therefore much like MIBs serves as a bookmark as good as designed for the purpose of ensuring not only'll Gribovski not easily forget the whole story but nor will he or any of its subsequent readers - not to mention the creature also guarantees neither he nor anyone else'll be able to neatly incarcerate the story in any one particular category of explanation without lopping off significant chunks of it which in the end'll only serve to nag away in the back of their minds all the more.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

  • The question asked, Alan, is why Randle chose to sidebar the monster element and concentrate on the photos, to no discernment.

    But thanks for your "clarification" anyway.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, July 06, 2012  

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