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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Egg-Shaped UFOs: Vehicles of the Gods?

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca’s enthusiasm for egg-shaped UFO sightings is punctuated by the 1964 Socorro/Zamora sighting that maintains a lot of interest from us.

In the 1975 book, The Zarkon Principle by Zarkon [A Signet Book from the New American Library, Page10 ff.], the unidentified author recounts various mythologies that tell of gods emerging from egg-shaped craft.
The author notes that “There is a beautiful stone carving that shows, in relief, a god coming out of an egg that, marked with zodiac signs, represents the Earth. The god is Mithras, worshipped between 1400 B.C. and A.D. 400 by the Indians, Greeks and Persians and taken to Britain by the Romans. It is kept in a museum at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.” [Page 12]

The author also provides several creation myths, one of which tells that “the sun god ho created all things emerged from an egg deposited on an island by eight beings…[and] according to an inscription on the tomb of a priest at Hermopolis, around 400 B.C., pilgrims were still being shown the fragments of this ‘egg.’” [Page 11]

That egg-shaped god-vehicles were plentiful in early myths is interesting to some of us, as egg-shaped UFOs were almost ubiquitous in the 1960-1969 time-frame, with the Socorro event being the most noteworthy.

Zarkon notes a November 6, 1967 sighting, by Karl Barlow of Dawley, Shropshire who, while driving his truck, spotted a bright object above the trees. Barlow’s truck-lights and radio went dead as the egg-shaped object hovered over the road.

The UFO dispensed a tube “like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner…and began to suck up samples of grass, gravel, and leaves from both sides of the road.” [Page 50]

Another driver experienced the event when his car stalled and his lights went dead; both cars said to be checked by a mechanic afterwards and found to be okay, except that their batteries were drained. [Page 51]

Jose Caravaca and we have provided a number of egg-shaped UFO sightings here and elsewhere, and we ask these questions:

Where did egg-shaped god-craft go after their ancient appearances? And why a lacuna of egg-shaped craft until the 1960s? Then another disappearance after the 70s pretty much, with little or no egg-shaped UFO sightings of any significance currently?

Of course, the two “beings” that Lonnie Zamora saw near the egg-shaped craft, landed in the Socorro arroyo, and those beings said to be gods, debarking from egg-shaped craft in the old myths, are not actually gods.

(The philosophical/theological definitions of God preclude a divine interpretation for such UFO presences.)

But what or who has been seen coming forth from egg-shaped UFOs? Extraterrestrial/alien beings? Hoaxers (per the Bragalia Socorro theory)? Engineers (per the Hughes LEM prototype theory)?

The Socorro hoax hypothesis and the Hughes prototype “explanation” can’t, obviously, account for the early/ancient sightings. And the God interpretation is facile, theologically glib.

So what was or is the message being sent by egg-shaped UFO sightings?

Is it too late to find out?



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