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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nick Redfern's Latest Book

Nick Redfern’s “The World’s Weirdest Places” [New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ] appears September 15th, 2012, selling for $15.99 at online and brick and mortar book sellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Anomalist, et al.).

Nick Redfern is one of my favorite authors, not just because he’s a cogent, intelligent writer, but because he always (always!) manages to provide information in his books that would remain hidden or obscure to us peons if it were not for his diligent perusal of FOIA documents and sources where esoteric goodies are hidden.

He does that in this book – telling readers Roswell, Sedonia, Australian (et cetera) stories that have not heard before, nor ever would, without Nick’s disclosures.

While the book’s main intent is to enlighten readers about weird elements in various vicinities (Death Valley, Wales, the Devil’s Sea near Japan, Loch Ness, Guyana, and many more), his aside about UFOs in those places will pique our blog visitors’ interests particularly.

I’m not a big fan of weird places, per se, finding enough weirdness close at hand everyday.

But Nick managed to introduce me to weird places elsewhere, places that I’d like to check into, just to flesh out my weak knowledge about eerie nooks and crannies around the world: Mount Shasta, Jefferson (Texas), the Caucasus (Mountains), the Han River, Vietnam, et al.)

His chapter (21) on Reykjavik, Iceland was particularly, peculiarly interesting to me, with tales of trolls, mischief makers, and a UFO incident that should be known by UFO aficionados.

The book is dotted with images and photography (much of it by Nick, himself, from his travels to the places he’s reporting on).

Nick operates as a journalist, not just as a prose writer. He marshals facts and information as any good journalist should. (Journalism is a vocation of his.)

For instance, in his chapter (14) on the Kremlin, Nick recounts some stories about Stalin and his (Stalin’s) connection to Roswell; stories that are bizarre (weird!) and intriguing. (Page 105 ff.)

If you want an edifying book about weird things at the fringe of our world, get this book (September 15th).

There are 25 Chapters and 224 pages of really juicy stories in this book. It’s a terrific fount of information for $16 bucks.

You can find out more about it at The Career Press (New Page Book’s company:



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