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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Rumored “New Roswell Evidence” by Anonymous

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We have received the following account of what Kevin Randle’s Dream Team has discovered, and which has been rumored for a while here and elsewhere.

The sender is a credible, reliable source, but that said, I can’t vouch for all that is indicated but do know that some of it is what I’ve heard also.

I’ve emended [sic] where needed:

Kevin Randle’s sidekicks heard that a woman, while handling an estate deal in Texas, came across some Kodachrome slides stashed in the lid of an old trunk at the home of the deceased woman whose estate she was closing.

Passing the slides on to her brother, a businessman in Chicago, got the attention of Tom Carey of the Roswell Dream Team.

Mr. Carey notified his fellow team-members and they set out to determine if what the slides showed were in fact what they assumed them to be: bodies lying on gurneys, covered midway by army blankets, from the Roswell area in 1947.

The bodies were not quite human but not quite unearthly either.

Carey and his fellow members took the slides to a Chicago newspaper and also allowed Eastman Kodak experts to examine the slides.

Both entities agreed that the Kodachromes were from the 1947 era.

The photos were taken, sneakily, by the husband of the woman in whose house they were found.

He was a geologist on a field trip near Roswell in the summer of 1947. He and his fellow geologists came upon an Army mop-up of what seemed to be an accident.

The area was cordoned off and the geologists told not to interfere or get involved.

The geologist snapped a few pictures unbeknownst to the Army and secreted his camera away.

He eventually went to work for Silas Newton of Aztec notoriety.

When he died, his wife put the slides in hiding for fear, apparently, of government reprisal.

Now that the slides have come forward, the Randle team has tried to get a media outfit to do something with them.

CNN was contacted but did not wish to go forward since the persons providing the slides were known Roswell advocates of the extraterrestrial persuasion, CNN thinking the slides might be a ruse to sell more Roswell stories.

Those who have seen the slides and bodies in them think the corpses are alien entities.

That may be disputed since there is no corroborating evidence to confirm that conclusion.

Where the slides are now is not known by this writer. Nor do I know what the Randle team is doing about the matter.

But this is part of what the Roswell team is working with and on.



  • Needless to say, the Silas Newton connection is problematic...to put it mildly. Nonetheless, there are some of us out here that would just love to see the photos, should they exist.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • "The bodies were not quite human but not quite unearthly either".

    Does anyone know what sort of body is "not quite unearthly"?

    Does anyone know what an "unearthly" body looks like? Presumably something between 'homo sapiens' and 'homo non-sapiens'.

    And where do you think these alleged bodies are right now?

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Afternoon Rich,

    Well the haggis is in the fire now!

    As I told Tony (privately), I have personal correspondence of Silas Newton's spanning 6 decades (of particular interest is that between he and Frank Scully) and there is no evidence to support any connection between he and Ray.

    Moreover, in my research on Ray, I have not found anything on that side to connect him to Newton, or Newton's companies.


    By Blogger Frank Warren, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • I'm not privy to much of this but caution readers it is posted as a rumor not a verifiable truth.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Nuclear bombs, and fuel air bombs for that matter, create EMP bursts which can shutdown electronics -- often permanently.

    Before this was understood clearly, wouldn't we expect a few planes to fall from the sky near these things?

    And how far might the EMP travel before it becomes safe through dispersing? Could it, for example, knock a Mexican plane out of the sky if it was traveling near the border to the USA?

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • "Those who have seen the slides and bodies in them think the corpses are alien entities."

    Who are such "those"? Ufologists?

    As CDA stated, I'm curious how people - aka ufologists - can decide what is an alien body, or not? They have some "landmarks"? They have some experience to state what is human or not as body in a photo? Or that's ufology???

    Remember Tony have a credible and reliable source in LIFE magazine and stated the Loomis Dean pictures (in reality) provided of the same roll as the Trent ones!!!

    So, when ufologists state about credibility, reliability, huhu!



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • The fact that CNN passed does not speak well of this material. Whilst those proffering the evidence may have been problematic, the evidence should have spoken for itself.

    Of course, until such time as these slide are made available for broader scrutiny, we have only the impressions of them of people with an extreme ET bias vis a vis Roswell to go on.

    By Blogger Ross , at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • In terms of fourth hand rumors innuendo, and inference, there is the weighty matter of the alleged photographs of Santa Claus purported to be circulated on the internet as slides.
    Inquiring twelve year olds want to know..

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Sound like this could just as well be confirmation of Nick Redfern's hypotheses put forth in his Body Snatchers in the Desert.

    Could the woman's name who found these happen to have been Lucy Ricardo?

    By Blogger purrlgurrl, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Just as Mr. Randle and his team worried: the UFO crowd would make this into a silly matter when it has a serious import.

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Folks...bogus information from Richard Reynolds...and from anonymous.

    He is threading a tale to create whole cloth...but there are too many whole's in Mr. Reynolds tale.

    Anthony Bragalia

    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • I know some guys have a Bigfoot body, too. Maybe the dream team can get together with them and do a dual press conference.

    Gilles is exactly right about the credibility of some of those involved. You could not get any sillier group together.


    By Blogger Lance, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Shall I provide corroborating material?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • "Shall I provide corroborating material?"

    Material, why not! But allow the "others" to judge (and to discuss) if or not they are "corroborative" of something "aliens" or "fortean" or dunno what ufologists have in mind, regarding Roswell as an EXTRATERRESTRIAL-crash "shooted" in its recovery by dunno geologist or dunno what have as "material" such ufologist, my friend ;)

    No offense, but previously and in your blog you have been "fooled" by the photography of a dummy, Rich.

    I dont state it to joke on you, to moke you or give you a "lesson" or dunno what in this sens, but frankly, Rich, be carefull with your own bias to BELIEVE in weird things despite.. prosaic and conventional pictures, tales, videos, etc...

    Gilles (your friend?).

    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Any evidence at this stage for Roswell would be good , what you got Rich , why not play ball with Flying A!

    By Blogger Chainsofthesea, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Let me see if I understand this correctly..

    1. A book was written based on dubious research and witnesses, whose testimony is now largely dismissed.

    2. Tin foil like structural I-Beams were part of the evidence that was never produced.

    3. Nearly everyone involved is dead or under suspicion.

    4.The story has been the subject of countless hoaxes.

    5. Innuendo has been the sole source of evidence.

    6.A team has been assembled to determine the back story of 1-5.

    6. A anonymous source alleges the existence of "alien like" photographs.

    7. A team member denies these and accuses the source of lying.

    One word comes to mind.


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Anthony,

    Well, that may be so, but as you and the rest of the Dreamers are keeping schtum, we have to make do with whatever calico is on offer.

    By Blogger Ross , at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Interesting. I certainly don't know all the ins and the outs of this story that Rich has posted, but I can say for sure that I heard a story - a number of months ago - that contains some of these basic components to a close degree. I didn't, however, hear anything about Silas Newton.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • "One word comes to mind.


    I agree completely, Bruce. It's like the Jesus story around Easter...someone, somewhere, will invariably claim on the front page some new piece that will prove the believers correct....and later, as the holiday madness subsides, on some irrelevant page we learn it wasn't really all that convincing...

    It's manipulation...

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Instead of hoarding the alleged pictures show them already! Until then, it is just another BS unsubstantiated story. The UFO community eats itself. Everyone fights amongst themselves to be the ones who gain the notoriety instead of just releasing the evidence to be reviewed by the masses. What's everyone waiting for? Another book deal which includes the "exclusive" pictures? Are they trying to sell them to the first "news" organization that bites? Total BS until the physical proof of such pictures is shown.

    By Blogger Harrison, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • All this cloak and dagger stuff is really unbecoming, and unnecessary as the pertinent details have been floating around for ages.

    By Blogger Ross , at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I view Roswell as pure entertainment.

    Have we decided yet, what brand of boots Brazel was wearing when he stumbled across the Mogul, er flying saucer debris?

    Find the answer to that question and all will fall in place...or on its face.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Rich, Tony, et al,

    I hope what we are witnessing here is some kidding between two good friends & colleagues. It seems appropriate to point out that Rich has always been careful to preface his comments about (alleged) new "Roswell evidence" with the transitive verb rumored.

    As far as I can tell the rumor started back on Feb 17, in an article entitled, ROSWELL AND THE QUEST FOR PHYSICAL EVIDENCE; it was alluded to again in the Aztec is (really) Roswell article and has been bantered about by the regular participants of this blog in the comments section ever since.

    With the exception of additional details the rumor has been consistent. Moreover, Rich has been called many things, SOB, sh*t disturber, pot stirrer etc., never a prevaricator, and of course he isn't.

    He has been wrong of course, and this is exampled with the Aztec/Roswell mish-mash.

    Finally–at the end of the day from a strict evidentiary standpoint what we have is hearsay (rumor) about physical evidence. Without the evidence in hand it's all a moot point.


    By Blogger Frank Warren, at Tuesday, September 24, 2013  

  • Well, Frank..you and I certainly agree!

    The whole story is just that- a story. When and if the purported physical evidence is presented publicly- then the comments and analysis could begin.

    But without the material presented, all of this is just speculation and rumor-mongering.

    The whole thing is rather silly and allows clearly-troubled people like Lance Moody to name-call and judge, even when there is nothing to judge!


    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Wednesday, September 25, 2013  

  • PROBABLY a flash in the pan

    By Blogger scarecrow, at Wednesday, September 25, 2013  

  • I am waiting and we will see. Jumping to conclusions like Lance Moody does without doing any homework is beyond silly.

    By Blogger Turk OVNI, at Wednesday, September 25, 2013  

  • Is it time to sell a few more books guys?

    By Blogger Orka, at Wednesday, September 25, 2013  

  • "Passing the slides on to her brother, a businessman in Chicago, got the attention of Tom Carey of the Roswell Dream Team.

    Mr. Carey notified his fellow team-members and they set out to determine if what the slides showed were in fact what they assumed them to be: bodies lying on gurneys, covered midway by army blankets, from the Roswell area in 1947."

    ...my understanding of the accuracy of Professor Carey's actual contribution to so-called Roswell research has been no better than the random statistical coin-toss...

    ...SO, perhaps this is why his internal 'The Dream Team (tm)' nickname is "Mr. 50-50"...

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • There is more legitimate and interesting 'evidence' from more credible sources over the centuries for the alchemical transformation of lead or mercury into gold. I am utterly serious on that count.

    No I do not believe they really succeeded, but my point is that the evidence or legitimacy for alchemy is on far stronger foundations than this Roswell crap. And alchemy despite being swept under the carpet paved the way for modern science, for chemistry itself. Its contributions have been invaluable, even despite itself (which itself is actually debatable). And Roswell's contributions? I mean other than crappy SF and an unintended case study in modern-day cultism and modern day ALIENATION?

    At least those claiming that physical alchemy is or was a true science included truly brilliant and knowledgeable men, from Paracelsus to Basil Valentine to Spinoza. Newton and Boyle were alchemists themselves.

    Who do the Roswell circus have? Stanton Friedman? Edgar Mitchell?

    When Bragalia pops his nose up here to dismiss this!! well that tells one that the barrel bottom is being well and truly scrapped.

    Comic relief I guess.

    By Blogger Lawrence, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Yay... Watch me put utterly spurious BS nonsense online, but do allow me to preface it with the word 'rumour' so that my fragile twenty-something ego won't be wounded when the sane of mind start flinging their dropping my way. Kids on the internet today...

    By Blogger Unknown, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Opinions are like assh0les -- everyone is entitled to one. The only problem I see with this whole debate is just about everyone here has the mistaken belief that his own hole is actually producing something different. All Rich did was post what he heard and suddenly the stench from a bunch of believers, which includes anyone who believes was Mogul or Aztec, is fouling up comments section. I have three dogs and for some doggy reason they all go outside and pee on the exact same spot. What I've never understood is why MEN do it. Happy pissin', boys!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, September 26, 2013  

  • Until the photos are made public this is just a lot of blather.

    By Blogger Shamus, at Monday, September 30, 2013  

  • The Truth about Roswell

    OK, there will never be an agreed upon “truth” about the events that transpired in Roswell in 1947. At least not until the little green men come back and tell us what happened to their advance party. However, an alternate version of the Roswell story occurred to me last summer during a drive through New Mexico.

    Summer 1945. New Mexico.

    The US has secretly exploded an atomic device. Security was at military maximum, because there were German and other spies throughout the US trying to find out about our atomic program. But, there were also holes in the local security net. The day before the test, a local rancher led a herd of cattle onto the property, because we never found him to tell him it might be better to stay away. New Mexico was just 35 years a state, and about as desolate as Mars.

    Summer 1947.

    The bomb had exploded. We moved ahead to defeat Japan, and then focused our worries on the Communists. Jets were still in trials, and the US had not yet conceived of high altitude U2 flights, much less satellites. The only way to spy on the Soviets was to launch a balloon, put a man in the gondola, and have him take pictures as he floated overhead. How high could a man go? Could he survive such an extreme mission? The test flights were to take place above the deserts of New Mexico.

    One day, someone with a problem approached a military base in New Mexico. An Indian family had a very sick child. He was almost two years old, and was horribly deformed. Father and Mother were also very sick, and needed someone to care for their child. Could the US Army help? Probably not, but the base commander dispatched someone to investigate.

    And the child was horribly disfigured. Frail, misshapen head, oddly sized and shaped eyes. As the facts were gathered a timeline became clear. This family had been living close to ground zero in 1945, and all suffered the effects of severe radiation poisoning. Nothing could be done. The Army agreed to take the child, knowing the parents would soon die, as would the child.

    Then, some overly eager, scrambling-to-the-top lieutenant realized that some benefit could still come from this situation. The child would soon die, but for now, he was still alive. Could we learn about the effects of high altitude on man by placing the child, laden with instrumentation, into the gondola and letting it fly? Intriguing, but if we do, knowledge of this event must be closely guarded, even here in desolate New Mexico. Word of human experiments by German and Japanese scientists had been in the news (but not yet that the Allies retained the Japanese “scientists” to help interpret their experimental data – horrible, but let’s at least learn from it).

    The balloon flight occurred. Maybe it was successful. Maybe more Indian families heard of the Army’s willingness to care for incredibly sick children, and brought in their children also. Maybe there were several flights.

    Then one night, a balloon was launched in foul weather. It traveled far off course and east toward what civilization there was at that time in New Mexico. A thunderstorm brought the balloon down, and a rancher saw it fall. He came into town later that week to tell the sheriff about it.

    The Army had already mobilized and was all over the region. Road blocks. Sirens. Aircraft. Interviews. Knocks at the door. The message was out, strongly, that “you didn’t see anything, and anything you did see you better forget.” The call went out to the local funeral home to bring all the small, child-size coffins they had available. The “debris” was sequestered and flown to an air base in Fort Worth for “study”.

    Once the Army’s collective heart rate had slowed down, the approved story about high altitude balloon tests was released, amid disbelief and allegations of an alien cover up. Surprisingly, the balloon story was true. Everything they said was true. It’s what they did not say that was covered up.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Friday, October 25, 2013  

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