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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

UFO Entities: Where did they go?

In the early, modern era of UFOs, beings were spotted outside or inside UFOs/flying saucers, more often than not.

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has cited a number of cases, and most of you are familiar with the genre.

In the 1950s, European countries were rife with UFO/entity sightings, France and Italy particularly. The entities were usually small in stature and oddly dressed:
Soviet , South American, and Scandinavian countries were allegedly intruded upon by entities of a taller or larger stature and sometimes impish:
In the United States or Canada, the entities were human or animal-like mostly, except for those encountered by contactees, which we can rule out as authentic in any real sense:
And some were just odd:
Were such sightings a matter of mass hysteria or hallucination, like that of the Loudun (France) nun possession in France [1634], across boundaries, as in Europe?

Or were these actual intrusions of alien entities from other worlds or dimensions (or time)?

That aside, why are there no such sightings or visitations now?

Was the 1940-1950 time-frame one of psychical displacement because of the Cold War or an aftermath of mental disturbance caused by World War II – a kind of flying saucer “shell shock”?

The entity sightings were (and are?) interesting and exciting for a number anthropological or psycho-social reasons.

Just as the current and recent studies of the pygmy tribes in Africa or the “hobbits” of Borneo look for an evolutionary pattern, the UFO entities could use a scrutiny, even though they are no longer reported or ufologically extant.

They point to an element of UFO lore that goes to, in my estimation, a clue as to what UFOs or flying saucers were (and are?).



  • I don’t see any evolutionary pattern unless it is in the context of whatever is seen appears to conform to the observer’s anticipation by way of creating external representations of whatever constitutes a strange visage and \ or whatever imaginative form an alien represents.

    In terms of then and now, it is interesting to compare Sasquatch sightings in terms of what many consider a shift of the one and the same phenomenon to another locality.

    The only distinguishing feature is the location of sightings ( forest) influencing the form which is more stereotyped and leaves less wiggle room for variations, although minor variations exist. The same quality of liminal evidence, the same theories ( material versus psychic) surround this change of location.

    I suspect this has to do with ( again) anticipations, the space race and cold war paranoia being replaced with ecological uncertainty...

    This sublimated anxiety seems to be the precursor of anticipation.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Wednesday, August 27, 2014  

  • Early TV and cinema film exploitation of the "flying saucer" theme may have been a contributing factor.

    C. Jung's earlier attempt to understand the phenomena from a true psychological stance viewed UFOs as a form of mass schizophrenic reaction to the stress of the Cold War.

    The addition of UFO occupants could be seen as form of "humanizing" the phenomena.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Wednesday, August 27, 2014  

  • The most likely answer is that 'entities' are still being seen but that the media ignores the reports. Ufology has moved on. Even abductions have ceased, or rather greatly reduced. Again this may be due to general boredom with the abduction theme.

    Various aspects of, and themes within, ufology come and go (i.e. rise and fall). Some aspects and some incidents remain, e.g. Roswell & Rendlesham, but in time even these will cease to have much interest within ufology and even less among the public and/or the scientific world. They will be of interest solely to the conspiracy mongers.

    By Borneo did you mean the island of Flores, in Indonesia?

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, August 27, 2014  

  • Borneo, CDA (but Indonesia is also a site):



    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, August 27, 2014  

  • I agree with CDA in that there are still nowadays reports of the occupants, but they are ignored by the media. Of course, CDA believes that all such reports are false alarms and I believe that some of them are real stuff.

    I disagree with Bruce when he says that there are no evolutionary reasons for the prevalence of humanoid shape regarding the visitors. The human or humanoid body-plan features demonstrated capabilities to construct a civilization, unlike the thousands or millions of different animal formats that live in the planet Earth. Don't expect beings shaped like dogs, snakes or birds to be able to construct automobiles, spaceships, computers, etc.

    A very compelling case in this sense was made in 1964 by Robert Bieri in an excellent paper titled "Huminoids on other planets".

    Here is a link for the paper:


    A modern scientist, Simon Conway Morris, also believes that any civilization in another planet (if exist any) should have a humanoid appearance. Conway Morris believes that the likelihood of the existence of another civilization is very small, but that's not the point. The point is that the human or humanoid body plan is a very likely product to be expected in the civilizations of the universe.

    By Blogger Don Maor, at Wednesday, August 27, 2014  

  • RR -

    ...to me, this is just a four decades old rehash of Vallee's 'Passport to Magonia' crossed with Clark/Coleman's 'The Unexplained'... both very worth reading in their original form

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

  • I think Duensing, Herbert and cda are all correct and insightful here.

    Also if ufonaut type creatures are still being seen, even if to a lesser degree, given the nadir of organized ufology, its Roswell and ETH obsessiveness, its dumbed down incompetence, maybe such reports are just not coming into MUFON and the like, as in decades past. And as cda points out, the media are bored by it because the fickle public have moved on, to other superficial concerns and interests.

    If there is something to the black eyed kids phenomenon (and that's a big if, a lot of it is surely tall tales and yarns), it may reflect a morphing or evolution of this 'humanoid/ufonaut' phenomenon. The psycho-social dynamics underlying the BEKs possibly reflecting off guilt and shame at the increasing alienation and abandonment (psychological, emotional, socio-economic) of our youth in an age of rampant meaningless consumerism and materialism, failing schools and depressing futures, and their subsequent anomie, listlessness, drug abuse, delinquency, hopelessness etc.

    The alleged phantom 'aggressive social worker' phenomenon from the 1980s (in the UK at least), may reflect off a similar shame dynamic and zeitgeist.

    Much to ponder over...

    By Blogger Lawrence, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

  • I think it has to do with the fact that there is a Stigma attached to the CONTACTEE MOVEMENT and if you are going to engage with Entities, standing outside of UFO's... that makes you a Contactee. The Enigma hasn't evolved so much as people have learned to just keep their mouths shut.

    By Blogger MokeleMbembe, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

  • Silly people, The illuminati. Control the media they do not let this get out now, I would say there as just as many now.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

  • Some reasonable points and accurate observations expressed in the comments. Media boredom, ufology moving on and similar dynamics indeed contribute to the seeming lack of celebrated alleged alien abductions.

    There is another reason, though, that plays a significant role and deserves mention, in my opinion: Public awareness of manners the pro-ETH 'abductologists' could test their hypotheses via DNA testing and related forensics has cramped the style of Jacobs and company. He and his peers were no small part of the promotion of the concept. They have now backed themselves in a corner of impossibility while scrupulously and shamelessly refusing to employee available methods of putting their claims to the test. Such circumstances were bound to take a toll on the cultivation of belief in alien abduction and subsequent reports of alleged entities.

    By Blogger Jack Brewer, at Thursday, August 28, 2014  

  • @Jack

    As science advances, myth retreats.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Monday, September 15, 2014  

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