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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Our Source(s) for the Brazel/Roswell Alien Debris Dismissal

David Rudiak likes to think that his Roswell site is the fount of all information about Roswell and that material appearing online comes from his site.

However, some of us have been at this a lot longer than Mr. Rudiak, and we have, online, material that does not derive from his site.....exactly the opposite often occurs.

If one Googles the title of our previous Brazel posting, they will find this:




Our original information from the NASA archives along with a site that borrowed our input, which is okay with us. (There are others as you'll see with a Google search.)

Moreover, here is an insert that causes us to speculate on the Brazel "debris" find:
And here is the full paper from December 1947 that tells us Mac Brazel found something from the tests that took place in his area......this does not come from Mr. Rudiak's site. We found it during our "research" years ago:

Controlled Balloon Flights over Roswell, July 1947



  • So in summary:

    1. Your "references" are three links to your own blog.

    2. You are AGAIN claiming Project Helios (Naval manned balloon project) had something to do with Roswell, when Helios was being developed at the General Mills facility in MINNESOTA (not New Mexico) and was NONOPERATIONAL at the time of Roswell (still purely under development).

    3. The paper you cite from Dec. 1947 (published in the very public J. Meteorology next June) is a description of the Mogul Project (written by Mogul Project scientists and engineers), NOT Helios or some other balloon project.

    On the one hand you claim Brazel did NOT find anything Mogul, yet here you contradict yourself by saying the paper "tells us Mac Brazel found something from the tests that took place in his area," or, in other words, he DID find something from Mogul.

    The paper is from co-author Charles Moore's own files, given to AFOSI, and was part of the worthless Mogul documentation in the appendices of the 1995 AFOSI Roswell debunking report claiming Brazel found a Mogul balloon. (Hardly breaking news).

    It also says nothing about any balloons coming down at Brazel's place. It does go into considerable detail about the constant-altitude equipment and experiments, so actually totally contradicts claims that such experiments were classified and that Brazel finding such equipment would flip out the Army.

    So, as usual, your usual non-research, lack of valid references, and mish-mash of historical confusion of massive proportions.

    By Blogger David Rudiak, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • David,

    As usual, you miss the point, which is that balloon tests were taking place all over the area, in the time-frame.

    Not just Mogul tests.

    It seems likely that Brazel's debris was from one of those tests, and not remnants of an alien crashed disk.

    I know you want Roswell to be an ET event, but it wasn't.

    And you're not reading the paper I've included.

    The tests, wherever they began, ended up in Roswell and the vicinity.

    You can pretend to see Mogul's non-existent Number 4 in the paper cited, but it's Ballon Test Number 11 in the time-frame.

    Don't bother to comment, as you merely refuse to see what is in black and white, and the likelihood that Brazel only found balloon debris, from some testing; he didn't find saucer parts.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • "I know you want Roswell to be an ET event, but it wasn't."

    OK so I totally agree with you.

    But a lot of people seem to think that if they can disprove the Mogul explanation (and DR is one such person) they are a step nearer to proving it was an ET craft. Laughable.

    We have gone over this time and time again, so I do not want to
    overdo it, but the true reason that it was not an ET craft is that no secret of this nature could or would STILL be secret after all this time. That is a scientific fact, or as near to one as you can get.

    The ETHers have lost the case and lost the cause; and there is not the slightest chance they will regain it, whatever AJB or DR or any of this gang says or does.

    But Mogul, Helios or whatever other similar explanation, will inevitably have holes in it, which the ET gang can exploit. And they will continue to do so ad infinitum.

    Methinks you are trying to stir up mischief over an overblown, overrated case that is best left to die.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

  • Yes, Christopher, I'm being mischievous rather than sensible, only to drive David to distraction.

    I love to egg him on.

    But there is an obtuse point in my mischievousness, and it is this:

    Brazel's supposed saucer debris is the bottom layer of the Roswell episode.

    It lies festering underneath the myth, allowing Roswellian ETers their errant belief that Brazel came across saucer debris and the Army confiscated it, covering up the incident for all-time, something you and other rational people find ludicrous.

    I do think Brazel found some balloon junk and tried to exploit it for that alleged saucer reward.

    If an actual alien craft had crashed near Roswell, Ramey and his Army cronies wouldn't go anywhere near a public display such as that we're all familiar with.

    Ramey and other military officers would have been at the site of the crash, making sure it was cleaned of anything remotely alien and they'd have been off to a secret facility with the thing or pieces of it.

    They wouldn't be hovering around Roswell, answering the hicks with a lame presentation of balloon pieces.

    The balloon piece they displayed did, indeed, come from Brazel and the stuff was as the photos indicate.

    Brazel was designated an opportunistic hick and his find thrust into the official garbage.

    Mr. Rudiak thinks no balloons descended near Brazel's farm and Mogul's or Helios' testers were liars of an egregious kind.

    Yes, something happened near Roswell: an hysterical episode that got re-invigorated by Stan Friedman in 1978.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, September 03, 2014  

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