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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Roswell Slides? Or the Aztec Slides?

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Noted Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has found this document (about an oil drilling request for Sedona, Arizona) from the Oil and gas Conservation Commission of Arizona (The document dates from April 1965):

Commission Document (Click the download original spot to get paper)

Inside the document is this:

Señor Caravaca provides the material to bolster my conjecture that Aztec is really Roswell, which Frank Warren and Scott Ramsey dismiss as they are convinced that Aztec is a valid, verifiable flying saucer accident as outlined in the famous Frank Scully book, Behind the Flying Saucers [1950] and Anthony Bragalia, Tom Carey, Schmitt, et al. (The Roswell Investigations Team) eschew because they’ve invested so much time and effort in attempting to show that some slides, recently discovered, are of an alien from the alleged crash of a flying saucer near Roswell in 1947.

Here’s the nub of the story as the Roswell team understands it:

A geologist, Bernerd Ray, while on a trek with other geologists, near Roswell in 1947, stumbled upon an Army contingent protecting an other-worldly looking being.

Geologist Ray surreptitiously snapped, despite warnings from the military not to mention the matter, a few photos.

Geologist Ray’s wife. Hilda, hid the photos (Kodachrome slides) that recently surfaced during an estate resolution of her home and contents in Sedona, Arizona.

The persons in possession of the slides, along with the Roswell team, will present the slides at a news conference this year (2014).

During a review of the slides-finding, I (and others) discovered that Bernerd Ray went to work with Silas Newton shortly after 1947, during which, I suggest, he showed the slides to Newton (and Frank Scully’s wife) from which the Aztec story evolved, although the slides were taken of an incident in Roswell: the 1947 Roswell event that was covered up by the U.S. Army.

Now the questions that derive from this mangled story are these:

Did geologist Ray actually take his photos at Roswell, as circumstantial evidence seems to confirm?

Or are the slides, found hidden in the Ray home, actually slides of the Aztec beings that Skully, Ramsey, and Warren indicate were outside the alleged saucer crash in Aztec in March 1948, and ended up in the hands of Bernerd Ray?

How can we know, for certain, that the slides are from Roswell? We can’t.

There are, as far as I know, no verifiable elements in the slides themselves that prove they were taken near Roswell.

But were photos of the Aztec saucer crew taken by Bernerd Ray or someone he knew, and ended up in his possession, and ultimately hidden by his wife, Hilda, after her husband’s death? And why were they hidden?

If Aztec is an extrapolated story generated by Silas Newton after seeing photos taken by geologist Ray, why? (To further a Newton scheme that ended up in a fraud trial?)

What is the determinate provenance of the slides?

Yes, they are Kodak Kodachrome slides from the 1947 time-frame.

Bernerd Ray was on a field trip near Roswell in the July 1947 time-frame.

And the Ray’s were connected to notables such as President Eisenhower, indicating some claim to credibility and significant cachet. How did that come about?

Were the photos proffered to Frank Scully’s wife the very same slides that are now about to make a public appearance?

Or are the slides from a saucer crash at Aztec that Scully, Warren, and Ramsey think is an authentic UFO event?

The sensible view is that Bernerd Ray took some photos on slide film in 1947, likely from a geological stint, and his slides are from an accident of some kind near Roswell, which was the premise for the Flying Disk Found by the Army press release and ultimate Roswell incident story that befuddles and consumes UFO mavens to this day.

Aztec is a Silas Newton fiction that has little in the way of hard evidence.

But either way, the slides do not prove anything, except that a being of some kind was photographed.

Where, When, and What remain open to question.