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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Aztec/Roswell Bodies? (Support for the Roswell slides?)

As many of you know, we spent much of 2013 presenting our view that Frank Scully’s book, Behind the Flying Saucers was really about Roswell, not Aztec, and we presented our supporting view(s) here, at this blog, which you can find via Google.

What interests me, currently, amidst the Roswell slides imbroglio, is the descriptions of the alleged bodies discovered in the Aztec (actually Rowell) flying saucer crashes as enumerated by Scully.

These comments are from Scientist X, given to students and media at The University of Denver according to Scully:

“ … men [were found], ranging in ages … from thirty-five to forty years old … Their bodies had been charred to a dark brown color.” [Page 28 of the 1950 Popular Library Edition, paperback]

“ … dead men … found in the second craft … had not suffered from burns …and were all of fair complexion … of small stature. No different from us, except for height, and lack of beards. [Page 28, ibid.]

Scully’s protagonists said:

“We took the little bodies out, and laid them on the ground … They were normal from every standpoint and had no appearance of being what we would call on this planet ‘midgets.’ They were small in stature but well proportioned. The only trouble was that their skin seemed to be charred a very dark chocolate … [apparently] burned as a result of air rushing through that broken porthole window or something going wrong with the means by which the shipped was propelled and the cabin pressurized.” [Page 116, ibid]

“ … they were dead, from either burns or the bends.” [Page 117, ibid]

“What has been done with the people that were on the ship? … some of them had been dissected, and studied by the medical division of the Air Force and that from the meager reports … received, they had found that these little fellows were in all respects perfectly normal human beings [sic], except for their teeth … Their teeth were prefect. [Page 119, ibid]

As contended by me, earlier here, Bernerd Ray who worked for Scully’s Silas Newton [see 2013 blog posts], seems to have taken photos of the beings now known as the Roswell slides, and shown them to Newton.

And they are, indeed from Roswell, not Aztec, which was a cover story devised by Newton at the behest of the Army Air Force with whom he maintained oil contracts.

Frank Scully’s wife saw and reported upon the Ray photos, which are still extant, and may be the slides that The Roswell Team is touting.

There is much that has not been investigated about the conjunction of Aztec and Roswell for many reasons, some stemming from the contention that Aztec is a viable, real story of a flying saucer crash, and strongly defended as such by Frank Warren and chief defenders Scott and Suzanne Ramsey, along with authors/researchers William Steinman, Wendelle Stevens, and Richard Thomas, all of whom believe that Aztec is a singular event when, in reality, it was a fictive cover story, promulgated by Silas Newton, as noted.


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