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Monday, October 05, 2015

The August 21st, 1955 Hopkinsville UFO event (and then some)

My Facebook pal Greg Newkirk is obsessed with the Sutton family's 1955 alleged encounter in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with creatures ostensibly from a UFO landing or crash .

The fascinating and "authentic" event, according to many UFO buffs, is given a Wikipedia entry that opens thusly:

"The Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, and to a lesser extent the Kelly Green Men Case, was a series of incidents of alleged close encounters with supposed extraterrestrial beings. These were reported in 1955, the most famous and well-publicized of which centered on a rural farmhouse, at the time belonging to the Sutton family, which was located between the hamlet of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville, both in Christian County, Kentucky, United States.

Members of two families at the farmhouse reported seeing unidentifiable creatures. Other witnesses attested to lights in the sky and odd sounds.

The events are regarded by UFOlogists as one of the most significant and well-documented cases in the history of UFO incidents, and are a favorite for study in ufology. UFOlogists have claimed it was investigated by the United States Air Force, although no evidence of an investigation has been found."

The full Wikipedia account can be found here:


And a YouTube rendition here:


But Greg's pursuit of the matter has opened the ongoing mystery to Men in Black and the creatures reconstituted to "goblins" hiding still in a mountain nearby that Greg and his weekinweird.com comrades are going to investigate once more. The story recounted here from Greg's web-site and reportage:


I've always found the story told by the Suttons and friends who were there to be beyond a psychological explanation or hoax scenario.

The elaboration of the tale up to today strikes me as "gilding the lily" but if Greg thinks it has paranormal value and requires ongoing investigation, I'll defer to his usually stable research methodology.

And I'll update the continuing pursuit of the story, as recounted by Greg via his Facebook postings, for those who don't have access.



  • I'm dedicating an entire chapter in my Hynek bio to this case, and interviewed the daughter of "Lucky" Sutton last year as part of my research. Even though Hynek didn't investigate this case himself, he was sufficiently impressed by the amateur investigations of Bud Ledwith and Isabel Davis that he couldn't discount it as a hoax. In the book I'll show that the Air Force and other government agencies actually paid a whole lot of attention to this case...

    By Blogger Mark UFO'Connell, at Monday, October 05, 2015  

  • the beings in this case are remarkably similar to those in the 11/24/1978 gallio, vincenzo, italy encounter.

    By Blogger charles tromblee, at Tuesday, October 06, 2015  

  • When I think of such reports I think of inadvertent psychotropic ingestion of some kind.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Tuesday, October 06, 2015  

  • Many within Ufology will likely not know of an interesting piece of data on the Kelly-Hopkinsville case. The reason being it turns up in a book on the death of Frank Olson of MKUltra/"mind control" infamy.

    The book is "A Terrible Mistake" by H.P. Albarelli. The story is that in early 1956 the CIA asked magician John Mulholland (a very interesting guy about who you will find a great deal online) to investigate the Kelly-Hopkinsville case.

    In the book, it appears that Albarelli is quoting from a CIA document on this Mulholland-CIA-Hopkinsville situation.

    The book offers interesting insight into links between UFOs and MKULtra - even though, obviously, that's an extremely small section of the book, given that it's primarily on Olson and his controversial death in November 1953.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, October 06, 2015  

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