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Friday, October 30, 2015

The problem with an early Ramey memo disclosure

One can sympathize with Kevin Randle’s (and his pals') hesitancy to put forth what they have found, initially, as part of the effort(s) to decipher the Ramey memo, which has been David Rudiak’s bête noire for years.

Too many cooks shall spoil the broth, as the old adage has it.

But it’s more than that.

The UFO community is fraught with morons and unintellectual quidnuncs who, if they were to get immersed in the Ramey memo “research,” would merely muddy the waters with half-ass assessments and conjectures, me  among them.

If Mr. Randle and his cohorts had an arena of thoughtful, intelligent bystanders, I could see them providing what they are working on.

But that is not the case, and Mr. Randle and his buddies are too circumspect to call jerks jerks.

Let’s just say it: the UFO community is a vast array of buffoons, a hotbed of crazy.

So, holding back what is going on with the Ramey memo decipherment is okay with me, despite my complaints about the seeming secrecy.



  • The "face on Mars" pareidolia fantasy went on for twenty years before the MOC revealed the mundane eroded mesa that we knew it was all along. Rudiak's very similar fantasy has gone on nearly as long but it seems that cracks are appearing.

    Now that the "balloon debris substitution" conspiracy fantasy is logically contradicted by DR's REAL Ramey memo "crashed disc" and "victims" interpretation fantasy--a fact resolutely ignored by Roswell ETHers--I think we can say that this bit of flying-saucer nonsense is beginning to fall apart. And a successful, even if partial, real-world image analysis of the memo will finally destroy this fantasy.

    The completely mundane real-world Roswell scenario is just that depicted by the debris on the floor of Ramey's office, period.

    I predict that--like the "face on Mars"--DR's laughable pareidolic fantasy will become another cudgel with which skeptics rightly beat believers over the head, and that the nasty, irrational. egomaniacally blind Rudiak will disappear down the black hole that swallowed egomaniacal believers in the "face" and more recently the laughably inept money-mad "slides" showmen.

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • The hope of the Ramey memo analyzers can be likened, Zoam, to those errant Christians still waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • It's ironic that right after you make a post about photos and copyrights, you use a photo that isn't yours without having asked permission from the person who owns the rights (that would be me), all in order to make fun of people who were just out to have a good time and enjoy each other's company.

    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • I've removed the photo, which was also used years ago, by me, and I apologize Paul.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • No worries. But those were good people in that photo, and didn't deserve to be the brunt of your scorn, which you should save for the small group of intellectual thugs, money-grubbers, and charlatans who proliferate the upper reaches of ufology, and not the decent folks who simply have an interest in it and see in it something fun, and perhaps even wondrous.


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • It was the tin-foil hats that threw me off......I didn't recognize anyone.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • They were just average folks (one of whom was my good friend Brittany Babakioff) at the 2008 Retro UFO Conference in California. The tin foil hat thing was just a fun little contest that the organizers put on, in recognition that you don't have to be deadly serious all the time... a view I share, as evidenced by the fact that I travel with a stuffed duck that claims to be an explorer from outer space.

    In other words, lighten up and enjoy the ride (with the exception of the truly bad guys, like David Jacobs or Sean David Morton, who should be exposed and shunned).


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • Jacobs and Morton are only two of many Paul.

    I'm shunning so many people that I've lost track.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 30, 2015  

  • Zoam:

    Am I being dumb?

    I would say that if the Ramey memo DOES contain the words & phrases that DR says it contains, then this confirms his idea that the balloon debris was substituted for the real thing, i.e. for an ET craft.

    You say the wording in the memo contradicts the 'balloon substitution' idea. Why?

    I predict that further 'high tech' analysis of this scrap of paper will get nowhere at all. I also predict that no kind of real documentation of the assumed ET crash will ever turn up (whereas a myriad of such documents would exist and be in the public domain by now if the ET crash was true).

    It is all a last gasp of breath and a last desperate attempt by the ET brigade to show the scientific world how right they (the former) were and how wrong the latter were.

    A truly doomed enterprise.

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • The Ramey Memo stuff going on over at Kevin's Klubhouse is hilarious.



    By Blogger Don, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • Of course, Don...

    No matter what Kevin puts forth, he attracts some heady comments from persons normally a bit more sensible when commenting here and elsewhere.

    The Ramey memo chatter is almost like the alien slides blather and I even find myself indulging in it much as I did with that sordid affair.

    There's something infectious about anything Roswellian, and the infection is debilitating, I'm sorry to note.

    You keep trying to calm the waters over there but are facing gale-like winds of crazy.

    Nonetheless, I applaud your effort(s).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • "if the Ramey memo DOES contain the words & phrases that DR says it contains"

    Sure, it would, Rich, "IF" it did. But Brian Bell's excellent suggestion was that if the balloon debris was fake, then the memo should, could, might be fake also!

    But same irrational Roswell conspiracists who claim balloon-debris substitution are claiming their certain, infallible interpretation of a REAL memo--a mere photo op prop in Ramey's hand--is the smoking gun to their "crashed saucer and little alien bodies" fantasy. I find that wholly illogical contradiction delicious! Don't you?

    Finally, something both hilarious and logically damning to this morose, darkly paranoid Roswell nonsense. I like and respect the talented Kevin Randle very much, but that nasty egomaniacal Rudiak character needs counseling at the very least.

    The Roswell conspiracists are in full-on "siege mentality" mode now that their fantasy is crumbling after this--most very likely--logical contradiction has been exposed. Rudiak desperately types long posts reasserting his complete nonsense.

    "You say the wording in the memo contradicts the 'balloon substitution' idea."

    No, I say "Old or new scans, I don't know how anyone can claim to see anything at all. And the greatest possibility for resolution will come--if at all--not from guesswork--but from imaging scientists who can custom design a processing algorithm.

    Or, as cda suggests, the discovery of a recording (or text) of Ramey's radio talk would solve this question or rule out that identity. However unlikely that is.

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • Zoam:

    David Rudiak may be likened to Don Quixote.

    Ya gotta give the guy props for diligently pursuing his windmill.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • DR knows he can never be defeated because in his heart he knows there will NEVER be a final resolution (in both senses of the word) on the text in that scrap of paper. Hence any preposterous words such as 'cadavers' and phrases such as 'prep the cadavers' are always possibilities, however faint (again in both senses of the word)!

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • Aw, let him have his fun, CDA....

    What else does he have after all these years of tussling with that damn scrap of paper?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 31, 2015  

  • I still contend it's in the best interest of the believing crowd to purposely let the thing remain unreadable because it gives them further reason to keep the myth alive.

    Their motive is not to bring clarity to the text but to prove their point about dead alien bodies, crates, morticians, and strang B29 flights. It's not possible.

    No rational person is going to accept the realitity of advanced alien intelligence and earthly visitation from indistinct and unreadable text in a press photo.

    Their strategy should've been to decipher a few more words just to bring further confusion and prosaic doubt to the whole charade.

    By Blogger Brian B, at Sunday, November 01, 2015  

  • Brian:

    Getting the Ramey memo out of the way would help dispel Roswell as an ET juggernaut.

    It won't eliminate the alien-crash believers but could diminish their arsenal of possible explanations for the Roswell incident.

    Unfortunately, the alien belief is so entrenched as a theological-like reality, we'll never dispatch it from the UFO discussion.

    But showing the Ramey memo as a piece of tripe would help....somewhat.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 01, 2015  

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