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Sunday, November 08, 2015

The Ramey memo: let Rudiak do it!

I’m a little distressed that quidnuncs are getting enmeshed in the Ramey memo decipherment.

David Rudiak has been at the forefront of deciphering the damn artifact and has provided a quantity of interpretation and evaluation, some brilliant or ingenious and some hypothetical.

His effort has been and should be the standard for interpreting the memo.

The suggestions from others, requested by Kevin Randle, has opened a can of worms, many cans of worms it seems.

David ‘s approach has been judicious despite the consensus that he has an ET bias.

His bias has something to do with his interpretation of what the memo relates certainly but I don’t see that bias intruding upon his incisive look at the wording.

Yes, he may be inclined to see extraterrestriality in the wording but that’s because it may actually be there.

David may be a intemperate UFO investigator but he is not a dishonest man.

To take his work on the memo and open it to a bunch of ufological asses grinds my sensibilities.

I’m suggesting that whatever program is available to determine what the memo relates be passed on to Rudiak, and removed from the UFO “marketplace” where wannabes are struggling to obtain fame that deservedly belongs to him, Mr. Rudiak.

Look at the goofy offerings at Kevin Randle’s blog and you’ll readily see what I’m talking about: shitheads tying to co-opt the memo for their self-aggrandizing egos.



  • Yes, Rich, I've been reading Kevin's blog while eating popcorn and sipping a cold beer.

    I've no problem letting DR have at it, but I remember that he propped up his past research with a rather biased survey using a Likert scale to justify a broad consensus concerning his interpretation of the memo.

    But yes, Dr. Rudiak should be able to conduct further research unhindered with the goal of providing his findings as well as showing that his findings can be repeated by others.

    The rest of the diatribe on Kevin's site is artifact that only confuses the issue.

    I was hopping that Kevin was able to block out Michael Mu's psychotic rants...it appears that he has been successful so far.

    Anyways...on with the show!

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Sunday, November 08, 2015  

  • Mode "UFO-Skeptic" (Maybe it is concerning David Rudiak too?):

    Ufology is the realm of people(including not only David, but Sparks, Friedman, McDonald, Hynek, Vallée, Michel, etc., but "lambda" too) who find a sort of "terra incognita" whose exploration makes them to become the equals of famous scientists... (In a Skeptic conference I made in Belgium).


    Gilles Fernandez.

    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Sunday, November 08, 2015  

  • Gilles:

    They're "famous" ufologists.....that's their claim to fame, sadly.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, November 08, 2015  

  • Well I have no problem if Rudiak or others care to lose more eyesight squinting at the unreadable type on that scrap of paper in an old photo. Just do it without bias. Sure there's always an inclination one way or the other, but don't write four part monologues taughting what's currently unreadable is definitive proof little grey aliens bounced their bottoms in the desert back in '47.

    By Blogger Brian B, at Sunday, November 08, 2015  

  • Rudiak is heavily ET biased. But he knows, as do others, that this Ramey memo is his last chance of getting anywhere. After 7 decades there is still NO HARDWARE in the form of documentation, actual debris or bodies to get a handle on. Thus this scrap of paper is all that remains (i.e. not the paper itself but merely a distant and partially obscured photo of it!).

    Now you may think like me and wonder: "Can this 68-year old photo of distant and illegible writing on a scrap of paper in the hand of a US General possibly be the thing that will crack the secret of the existence of ET life in the universe?"

    To be completely honest, yes it COULD. (Emphasis on the 'could')

    But what odds would you give that it will? And do you seriously believe that with all the high-tech available to science now, this scrap of paper might indeed 'reveal all' to the world? Or would you prefer to put your faith in SETI as a better bet? I know which one the scientific establishment prefers, but with ufologists it may be quite different!

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • Do you get the feeling that some skeptics are whistling past the graveyard?



    By Blogger Don, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • DR is welcomed to it, free to do what he likes, but his guesswork, make-it-up method will never accomplish anything of value: He's a pseudoscientist, he's already decided that the memo's subject is "a crashed saucer and little alien bodies" (with perfect teeth!) Why does he need encouragement? He's failed already. Entirely predisposed ETHer DR was doomed to failure from the start because his method is pseudoscientific, his unreal "flying saucer" worldview is that of a contrarian antiscientist.

    DR has no special claim or first right to the memo, it's a public object or document.

    So let an expert image analyst resolve the memo--if possible--because DR is neither able or ideologically disposed to the truth of the matter--no matter what that is.

    However long DR stares at the memo, it will never say "Mogul balloon-train debris" or anything like that, even if that's what it really does say, because that mundane and most likely by far reality is just not a possibility in the myopic DR's Flying Saucer Fantasyland!

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • Don't be so harsh, Zoam...

    David has provided effort and promotion of the "memo" as no one else has.

    It's become proprietary to him, in my mind.

    Let him have his fun.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • Rich; I don't usually bother to read DR's screaming multi-part tirades but just look at this:

    "That the Ramey memo is totally unreadable as-is is a myth promulgated by those with an agenda."

    So unless one buys into DR's "incoherent reading as is" fantasy--when not one bit of it is clearly unambiguous--he has an agenda.

    That's the voice of a paranoid conspiracist speaking, DR denies the right to the real-world opinion that the memo is completely unreadable as is!

    DR is irrational.

    By Blogger zoamchomsky, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • Yes, Zoam, David has his moments of rabid response about Roswell, which I've noted over the past few years but, in this instance, I see his effort with the Ramey memo as an effort, fantasy or not ,as his and his alone.

    That Kevin has opened the door to that fantasy to others irks me.

    David should have the chance to take his fantasy (or deciphered work) forward in the public arena, without mooches trying to horn in on his work.

    I see David's work as imaginative and worthwhile, even as I agree with CDA that the memo will not take us very far, about Roswell or UFOs.

    Nevertheless, it's a minor mystery that nags the curious, of which David is the primary seeker to removing the memo as a niggling Roswell enigma.

    I'd like him to finish the job, without having the hangers-on trying to usurp his work, no matter what it is.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • Rich -

    What makes you think that David hasn't been involved in all of this?

    By Blogger KRandle, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • I know he's involved, Kevin...

    I just don't want someone else to steal his thunder. He's been at this a long time and for some other person to come in and get the glory of a decipherment, even if its a splendid effort, would be lousy.

    I'm glad you fellows are working to clean up the memo and rid us of this mystery, but I also want Rudiak's work of many years not to be eclipsed by a johnny-come-lately.

    David's cleaned the forest of many trees. He deserves kudos.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, November 09, 2015  

  • RR,or Rich:

    I do not follow you. By all means let DR have his kudos. He has spent, I suppose, about ten times as long as anyone else on this memo. If he is now "usurped by a johnny-come-lately" why is this wrong? Going back in time, there were Adamski supporters who swore by him, and told us how the US govt was covering up the truth about him. People who hadn't spent so much as one minute researching Adamski pointed out the stupidity of it all, and they were right. Likewise, DR swears by Roswell, but others are perfectly entitled to express their anti-Roswell and anti-Ramey memo, views.

    My own conclusion is that DR is utterly and completely wrong about it. But I also surmise that we shall never have a definitive answer to what scrap of paper really says and, because of this, DR and his followers can always claim it is nearly absolute proof (his own word, see his website) of an ET visit to earth.

    By Blogger cda, at Tuesday, November 10, 2015  

  • CDA:

    All I'm ssying is that this is Rudiak's baby and he should be the person pursuing it.

    Kevin, opening, the door to amateur ufologists and just plain jerks, corrupts the process of critical evaluation.

    Looking at the interpretations offered at Kevin' s blog shows a circus of asses trying to co-opt Rudiak's work rather than coming up with new processes.

    That's my plea and complaint.

    Let David work with new programs to confirm or deny his interpretation of the memo. And get.sensible, serious people to look at what David finds.

    Keep the flunkies out of the mix.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, November 10, 2015  

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