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Thursday, October 05, 2017

The Psycho-dynamics of Ufology: A desire [need?] to believe

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Freud’s classic theory that God is a wish fulfillment of humankind can be applied to the pseudo-study known as “ufology.”

The idea that religion and God are delusions help support my view(s) that the obsession with UFOs is steeped in a need by “ufologists” to believe in something outside themselves.

That is “ufology” is a kind of religion for those who are enamored by or flush with interest in UFOs.

(And that interest has created a concomitant slew of UFO skeptics, who can be likened to those who profess they are atheists in the realm of religion.)

The need to have a God or advanced extraterrestrial space beings derives, as Freud (and others) suggests from a psychic void within humans. (Read Wikipedia material linked above.)

We who remain interested in flying saucers or UFOs hold on to an infantile need for something or someone to comfort and take care of us.

UFOs, hosted by alien creatures, supposedly advanced, fill the bill more than an elusive God who remains “hidden” from us as Richard Elliott Friedman tells us in his superb book The Hidden Face of God, often mentioned at this blog and others of mine.

That is UFOs offer, if real ET vehicles, a tangibility to something above and beyond us in ways that the elusive God of history and religion doesn’t.

The Ancient Alien/Astronaut crowd represents the best example of what I’m suggesting. They are firm believers in beings that replace God in the human mind or psyche.

Those of us not as delusional or cracked as those in the AA firmament pretend that we are interested in UFOs as a kind of mysterious phenomenon.

But scraping away that pretense we find that we UFO buffs are just as belabored as those of the AA ilk, masking our need for something beyond us, something more profound than what we are or where we find ourselves in reality.

We can say or think otherwise but those who seek out and continue to immerse themselves, even if supplementary to their personal religious or anti-religious beliefs, are just as delusional as religious fanatics (or believers) and those who are religious antagonists (atheists or UFO skeptics).

UFOs are not ET vehicles, certainly as represented by the plethora of UFO reports gathered over the years.

The odds against UFOs being ET craft are palpable, just as the idea that a God of the universe, a Supreme Intellect, Being, or Creator being obsessed with this paltry Earth.

But that for another time.



  • RR,

    I get your drift but it leaves out a the simple innate interest in discovery.

    There is also those with the burned in question mark left after having seen a clear UAP outside of any point of reference for them. After such an event one need not/should not, in my opinion, jump to, or be accused of, advocating the ETH or any other hypothesis unless they do.

    It a fair position to allow that there are those simply left astounded without any advocacy or projection seeking answers.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Friday, October 06, 2017  

  • Bryan:

    My Freudian predilection(s) force me to consider the unconscious reasons for the desires and interests in "discovery."

    Seeking answers....why? (That's my point and Freud's.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 06, 2017  

  • Seeking answers....why?

    Having seen a UAP outside of any point of reference means YES, sure we want answers for no other reason, than to satisfy our curiosity, because what we see, doesn't resemble anything we are "sure of" in our knowledge base. For no other reason than to satisfy curiosity..............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Friday, October 06, 2017  

  • Sorry Daniel:

    Satisfying curiosity is spurred by the unconscious need to know why were here. what's the purpose of being, and if there is something greater than we: God?

    Curiosity does not exist without purpose. The need (desire) to know rules.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, October 06, 2017  

  • Tis OK Rich!...I remain Curios about UAPs:)...IF what we think they "might be" is true, then the implication of why they are here, has serious considerations in its reality..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, October 07, 2017  

  • I'm interested in why you think they are here, Daniel.....if they are?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 07, 2017  

  • We can't say we know they are here or why, other than what we have seen & heard of around the world. I'm saying "IF" it is true, that they are here,the implication of why they are here, has serious considerations in its reality.

    The reason we don't know they are here, leaves us curious as to what is, being seen world wide.

    Some say close-up, "off world sightings" How can one deny of another's report, from around the world? There must be something to it! We agree, that not all reports are genuine or straight-forward which is a bad reflection on the human race, but not all! Something interesting is going on, for those of us, that have an open mind on this UAP Topic.............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, October 07, 2017  

  • I agree with you pretty much, Daniel.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, October 07, 2017  

  • Perhaps "they" do not know why they are here any less or more than anything else.

    By Blogger neal, at Sunday, October 08, 2017  

  • So, Neal....

    They just showed up, sort of "drunk" and in a stupor?

    I like it.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, October 08, 2017  

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