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Monday, November 27, 2017

Anthony Bragalia insists Socorro is solved: a hoax!




  • Just read it, interesting!

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Monday, November 27, 2017  

  • I have read AJB's account and whilst wanting to accept it, I feel that it leaves too much answered.

    Why on earth, after 53 years, is it STILL necessary for the hoax perpetrators, if that be what they are, to be anonymous? The victim (Zamora) is dead, so are the senior staff at the college. Possibly some of the students involved are also.

    Who is going to suffer at this stage by the revelation of their names? It is not as if anyone really cares now. And it is quite false to say that the case is one of the best ever; this will always be a matter of opinion. Tony Bragalia is in fact trying it on with his great claim, to the effect that: "I know but I ain't telling the rest of you the full story".

    This sort of thing has dogged ufology for far too long - the matter of hinting at so much but telling so little. Sort of tantalising the public.

    Most ufologists today were not even born when that incident took place. Even the current residents of Socorro (I should guess) couldn't care less, though maybe the older ones might still retain a slight interest.

    Yes, Tony MAY be right. I have no way of knowing, but after five decades all he can do is drop hints, talk about some named deceased persons and a few unnamed living ones. A hoax he tells us. Yet we cannot even now be told who perpetrated it and how they did it. Perhaps he thinks it would affect the pension rights of these ex-students and give the college a bad name. (As if the college itself had anything to do with such a hoax!)

    Oh well, perhaps by 2064 we shall finally find out. Perhaps.

    Oh and I assume AJB is still as certain now as he was a few years ago that Roswell was an ET visit (still officially under wraps of course).

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, November 27, 2017  

  • I rarely agree with CDA, but on this, yes.

    AJB's Socorro papers are not really good work.



    By Blogger Don, at Monday, November 27, 2017  

  • Hello,

    According to my past researches, the picture Tony have already legended.labeled "New Mexico Tech Physics Department in the mid-1960s" is more probaly a picture taken... in 2005 at the University of California!

    Well, I may add very more on how Tony investigated this case (the interview, leading question, etc.), but well...

    And it is an UFO-Skeptic who say it (I may have been seduced he explained an ufo case). Like for his McMinville revelations years ago, imho Tony have serious investigation problems...

    Bon, on ne va pas tirer non plus sur l'ambulance, comme on dit chez nous...



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Tuesday, November 28, 2017  

  • Hi Gilles-

    Caught this earlier today. Webmaster erred. It should read:

    "Physics Students at NMIMT in Mid-60s Wore Lab Suits Similar to Above."

    Change is being made by webmaster to correct.

    Calls to the school confirm white lab wear is used to this very day!

    Anthony Bragalia

    By Blogger Anthony Bragalia, at Tuesday, November 28, 2017  

  • Interesting theory that certainly deserves some debating space. But Bragalia conducted one hell of a botched interview with the so-called hoaxer, extracting exactly next to nothing from him.

    And Bragalia is explaining too much why those alleged hoaxers still remain mum. Meaning: it is the weak point of his theory. Why should they be so hush-hush about their college prank? In this day and age a 'confession' would hardly register as a minuscule blip on the world's stage. It's not like war crimes, nobody really cares or knows about the Socorro incident.

    But, in all fairness, I will sit this ride out with Bragalia at the wheel:)

    Best regards,


    By Blogger theo paijmans, at Tuesday, November 28, 2017  

  • I think the mystery of the myth is tantalizing enough for many hoaxers to wish that the mystery will continue, maybe forever. Some hoaxers also seem to enjoy coming forward about the scandal for whatever shallow fame they think they may gain from it.
    I remember, here, Mr Bragalia providing for me an essay on the 'Roswell Fibbers', motives that may drive them and how long they can gain satisfaction from their deceptions.
    But i'm a skeptic, a conclusion with holes and unimpressive short-comings is only like so many others, a not-fully-authenticated theory.


    By Blogger Woody, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • Whenever someone comes along and tells things they have heard from anonymous living people and/or other deceased persons the flags go up for me. As an old-timer I have heard it all before and it is tiresome.

    A 50-year old UFO 'story' and we still cannot be told the full truth (if such truth exists). As for the good name of the college, or the former students, being affected - pure twaddle.

    By Blogger cda, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • It seems to me that Anthony Bragalia is inserting a bit too much of his own thinking here to really be considered objective. Taking just the facts as were laid out, I see no reason to believe that Dr. Stirling Colgate accurately connected the right event to the right time and place. He may well have heard about a hoax by some students involving Officer Zamora. And he may well have simply believed the two events were one in the same. I agree with theo above -- the interview skills of Anthony are less than stellar. A rear projection screen? Really? Powered by what? A DC inverter? SMH It's just ridiculous. And exactly how did they know where Zamora would be that particular moment?

    ``I cannot tell you with 100% assurance exactly how the hoax was performed (I was not told, but I will make a good attempt later in this piece). And I am unable, due to the requested anonymity, to tell you the names of involved people.`` -- https://www.ufoexplorations.com/

    Now that's just ridiculous. Anthony feels obligated to hoaxers for what reason? He hasn't figured out from these people he refuses to name exactly how they did it? This looks like Anthony is just trying to associate his own name with this event for posterity's sake.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • Parakletos,

    Yes, when skeptics and believers come together (as they have in this case) to point out the logical flaws in a presentation you can probably put your money on the fact that we are simply dealing with a moron.

    Could Socorro have been a prank by college students? Yes
    Did this silly doofus find evidence that suggests this? Yes
    Is the evidence definitive? Are you an idiot? No. It's mostly rumor and innuendo.

    Keep in mind that this is the very same simpleton who most shrilly promoted the Roswell Slides fiasco right up until after it was exposed as a sham.

    Some people can't think good.

    Unfortunately those kinds of people seem to be legion nowadays and they make the world a worse place to live.

    By Blogger Lance, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • Hello Tony,

    Ok, fixed then.

    You legended/labelled the International paper logo: The Red Insignia
    The International Paper Logo, 1964 (Inspiration for the Red Insignia on the Craft).

    I suppose this is not a "webmaster erred" too?

    If not again the case, do you have EVIDENCE (historiographical documents please) the red logo (as the black & white) was in use by IP in 1964 - or before -?

    I read elsewhere it was created circa 1968 (but no source given too), and, for the few times I have devoted on, I have never found such an historiographical evidence.



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • Gilles...

    Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the logo:

    The company's logo was designed by American graphic designers Lester Beall and Richard Rogers in 1960. The logo features the letters "I" and "P" which form a stylized arrow also resembling a tree surrounded by a circle. A primary constraint in the design process was the need for a logo simple enough that it could be stenciled onto trees and lumber intended for paper production.



    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • TU Rich,

    Will verify inside the source mentioned by a friend who seems to have the book (I'm cautious with wikipedia, as the source given is after the second sentence).



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • I have find the book, and the logo is commented in another pages the one given by wiki (but the book I have the copy is the 2th edition, not the 5th).

    I uploaded the captures in UP FB page (you can use them as you want, of course).


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Wednesday, November 29, 2017  

  • Thank you Gilles...


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, November 30, 2017  

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