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Sunday, April 22, 2018

UFO enthusiasts don’t take reality seriously!

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While a number of people I like get excited by all the peripheral anomalies they gather around UFOs, they don’t get anywhere as excited by the attributes of existence that force a debate about reality, in which all their particular obsessions reside.

That is, the concerns of science, philosophy, theology, and every other academic discipline is set aside, intellectually, by advocates of the paranormal.

Oh sure, some (a few) make token reference to consciousness (human cognition), experience, time,  materialism, anti-materialism, perception, anti-perception, essence and existence, and all the other talking points of heady philosophy or theoretical physics.

But, generally, I’m finding that UFO blokes just accept what we see and are doing, daily, as reality, the reality!

My pal, Chris Savia indulges all those fringe thinkers he finds in the nether region of the internet for the Anomalist’s weekend delivery of intriguing topics being discussed for or offered to web travelers.

Nick Redfern’s Mysterious Universe site also plies visitors with the outer edges of things that pretend to be real.

And comments here, at this blog, and at other blogs, contain a dearth of substance that impact the discussion of reality, what it is or isn’t.

I agree that the topics relevant to reality – consciousness, cognition, sensory perception, et cetera -- is presented rather judiciously by this Wikipedia entry:

And a somewhat glib dissertation on reality can be read here:

But what I’m driving at is the inclusion of all things, peripheral to daily living, that paranomalists drive home, including UFOs in the mix, when such fringe appurtenances to everyday living are really inconsequential, including UFOs,

Then we have the esoteric fringers who keep proselytizing for cannabis or hallucinogens to arrive at the hidden reality that only drugs or chemical and psychedelic inducements can, supposedly, take human brains to.

That position, in the whole panoply of the paranormal, is sickening. Such a stance – one calling for psychedelic prophylactics – to bring about a comprehension of the reality outside the perceived reality merely confuses the matter, and presents neurological vehicles that becloud the normal mind (brain) of humans.

Psychedelics are a crutch for those too lazy to confront questions of reality by rote mental machinations. But many UFO acolytes still prefer to indulge in such wayward prevarication (and I’m lumping in the Ancient Astronaut/Alien boobs here).

The pursuit of reality, the  real reality, in the Platonic sense, was panned by my buddy, Zoam Chomsky, in a comment at one of the postings here.

He’s wrong, of course. Plato’s views are at the highest level of speculation, rivaling most later thinkers (philosophers) as Kant, Hume, Hegel, Sartre, Wittgenstein, et al. when it comes to musings about reality.

Aquinas, bending Aristotle to a Catholic theology, does well to present ideas about reality as does Dante with his [Divine] Comedy or Shakespeare’s cronies who wrote using the bard’s name for their dramatic fictions of what reality is.

Then there is Freud. Or Jung. And the theoretical physicists such as Einstein, Hawking or the quantumists.

But in the UFO community (ufology) there is that lacunae of thought about anything but the effects upon reality, not reality itself.

This is what has kept UFOs adrift in the hoi-polloi sea, and not a disambiguation for intellectual musing by persons who see beyond what is before their eyes (or senses).



  • All musings on 'reality' can never be anymore than just that. We have a limited range of sensory perceptions, admittedly enhanced by machines that can measure & detect things we can't, but there may well be all manner of phenomena we can neither postulate or become aware of.

    On the flipside of that we're STILL waiting for the evidence for 'Dark Matter' and the obviously ludicrous theoretical binary constructs of 'WIMPs' (weakly interacting massive particles)and MaCHOs (massive astrophysical compact halo objects. In the words of Count Arthur Strong 'You couldn't make it up!' (except in this case - they have.)

    As Stephen hawking remarked before his death - 'The universe may be just too weird for us ever to fully comprehend.'

    By Blogger DrDee, at Friday, May 04, 2018  

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