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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

(All) Those Roswell “Witnesses”

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I’m not enthused about Roswell, despite entering commentary here, now and then, about that alleged incident.

And when I came across the several pages that Albert Rosales about it in his 1930-1949 Humanoid Encounters series, I was tempted to give it only a cursory view.

But then I got caught up in the various “witness accounts” Albert provided, from generally reputable UFO “researchers.”

What struck me were the multiple similarities in witness accounts from persons who had no direct or indirect connection to anything or anyone.

Yes, the tales told were much after the fact and could have come from sources written after 1978, but it was the consistency of detail that struck me as significant, as the post 1978 material on Roswell, from a plethora of sources, some reliable, some not, is replete with differing details, most blatantly contrived or seemingly so.

In the mythological stories from ancient times, as noted in a few books I’ve mentioned here recently – Gods and Robots or Velikovsky’s substantial notations in his works, et cetera and the hoard of tales in your libraries -- myths are redundant with variations and differences accreted or accumulated over time.

But the Roswell reports, supposedly from people involved some way or another in the June/July 1947 “events,” there is a consistency that is striking.

Now I’m not a fan, for all the reasons cited here the past few years, of the crashed flying disk with debilitated aliens (little gray humanoids) found inside and out of the alleged crashed saucer, but I do accept the idea that something odd happened near Roswell in the summer of 1947 and various speculations, including a crashed spaceship is grist for evaluation.

And I also accept the idea that many of the late-to-the-story “witnesses” confabulated their involvement.

However, it seems to me that the sheer number of persons relating their accounts can’t all be lying.

That sociopathic activity would engender a pathology so vast that one would have to concede that a severe mass hysteria afflicted Roswell’s citizens, old-timers and their kin alike.

The number of persons stricken by that pathology or by an inclination to create a falsehood is beyond the statistical norm to such a degree that one would have to concede that in and around Roswell, New Mexico, a massive insanity took place in the aftermath of ufological interest in 1978.

Yet, one has to wonder (as Ancient Alien devotee Childress often asks) why no one came forward in the 1947 time-frame, when flying saucers were being seen all over the place and Roswellians were, allegedly, participants in a spectacular, even monumental, recovery of space beings on or near their home turf.

What normal person(s) would sit on such a super-historical event for 30 years or more before telling someone outside their family?

Yet, this is what many supposedly did, to the detriment of society and civilization.

It’s more than odd; it’s psychotic and grotesquely pathological.

However, I still can’t get over how so many of those late-tellings have a ring of authenticity.

It’s baffling….



  • IF Roswell was an ET event, it is fairly obvious why no one came forth in the 1947 period. After all, many if not most of the witnesses with any first hand knowledge were military. National security concerns would require secrecy and no questions asked or answered. This was, after all, just 2 years since the end of WW2 and that attitude was pervasive with military and their families. Loose lips sink ships...and make pensions (and even people) disappear.

    With the Marcel revelations in the late 1970's, however, the wall of secrecy broke down. If a former intelligence officer could talk openly about the event, then why couldn't we? So the witness stories dribbled out as the fear of disclosure diminished.

    Now, there are really only two possibilities why the many witness accounts are similar. Either the Marcel original account contaminated the witness pool or the witnesses, independently, reported a similar event. Take your pick. As an aside, it would be nice to know whether there is some unique aspect of the Roswell case that was "held back" so that investigators could, if fact, authenticate several different witness accounts. We see this all of the time in murder investigations. Anyone have an answer for this with respect to Roswell??

    By Blogger Dominick, at Wednesday, January 09, 2019  

  • In answer to Dominick, I believe Tony Bragalia can answer his question. However, he seems to have become a Roswell 'drop-out' lately. Failing Tony, I also suggest David Rudiak can answer his question, but he too seems to have dropped out. Alas, there is no-one of sufficient knowledge and calibre to replace either of them. (Of course I could be proved wrong).

    By Blogger cda, at Thursday, January 10, 2019  

  • I am also suffering from "Roswell fatigue" as many others are.

    What sealed the deal for me was a book written by Kal Korff, The Roswell UFO Crash: What They Don't Want You to Know published in 1997 by Prometheus Books.

    Whether or not the writer actually exists under that name is a moot point. He makes a convincing argument that the entire incident has been blown way out of proportion by writers in UFOlogy like Charles Berlitz. Indeed, it was Berlitz and William L. Moore who first directed attention to the incident in their book The Roswell Incident that started the whole ball game rolling.

    What was initially behind the incident's notoriety was a handful of people like Maj. Jesse A Marcel who made false claims about his service record, which puts everything he said about Roswell into doubt. Or at least it should, but researchers still go over all of the original testimony including his and miraculously find new "witnesses" whose stories usually don't pan out.

    For me, the issue is closed for good. Why anyone would go back to that old chestnut is a mystery. Or perhaps it is not. Writers tend to make good money following the elusive Roswell "Trail" to fame and (sometimes) fortune both online and the conference circuit.

    What could very well be a subject of research is the Roswell Industry which still promotes the idea that Roswell is some sort of government cover-up. Anthropologists, historians and sociologists would have a lot of material to work with.

    As for UFOlogy, this story should be finally put to rest.

    By Blogger rroffel, at Tuesday, January 15, 2019  

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