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Thursday, January 03, 2019

UFOs and a slight Freudian Analysis

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While reading Albert Rosales 1960-1964 Humanoid Encounters I had a small epiphany.

There had been a sexual patina to UFOs up to the 1970 decade. Then a repression.

We all know that George Adamski’s Orthon was a personification of Adamski’s alleged homosexual proclivities: Orthon, blond, longish hair, good-looking, soft, musical voice.

And in the Rosales’ accounts in his 1960-1964 book particularly, the witness descriptions of the “pilots” they supposedly encountered within their flying disk fantasies or actual contacts, the descriptions are often of handsome, tall men, with flowing blond hair, blue eyes and the women, also with long blond or flowing hair, stunningly beautiful:

September 1960 Millaqocha, Perus (Daytime):  “… there were three women sitting in front of the craft. The women had beautiful features with light skin and flowing light brown hair.” [Page 47]

October 1961 Brown Mountain, North Carolina (Night): “Ralph ‘Lael’ … described … an attractive female named ‘Noma,’ wearing only bras [sic] and panties.” [Page 86]

July 1962 Luton Bedfordshire, England (Daytime): “ … two humanoids … with pale skin and straight blond hair” [Page 122]

June 1963 New Mexico (2:30 pm): “… nine ‘beautiful’ crew members five men and four women … seven to nine feet [tall] … well proportioned, immaculately groomed … their hair ranged from ‘fiery golden’ to ‘polished copper’ to black.”  [Page 155]

1964 Laguna Cartagena, Puerto Rico (late night): “ … two figures …white men, about 6 to 7 feet tall – with blond long hair … very beautiful and delicate, almost feminine in appearance.” [Page 180]

Of course, there are encounters with small sometimes ugly humanoids and other odd beings in the period, and while there doesn’t appear to be sexual overtones in those related encounters, there is a Freudian subtext.

Reminiscences in the 1960’s would be hedged by the sexual zeitgeist of that decade, whereas the prohibitions of homosexuality and sexuality itself in the 1950s would stifle “recollections” – all but those of Adamski and his fellow contactee Truman Bethurum, both providing a sexualized overlay to their reputed encounters with space beings.

From 1970 forward, proffered encounters with UFO beings were swathed in abductee tales, often horrible or frightening in context. Why this is so is a matter for another time.



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