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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Our Mystical Reality (and UFOs)

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During my youthful catechetical instruction Sister Monica Marie often told those of us in attendance that our sins caused pain in the body of Christ.

The admonition fell on deaf ears usually but, while in seminary, my Jesuit teachers repeated the moral caution.

It was not until I became familiar with the holy philosophy of Teihard de Chardin that I grasped what these teachers were telling me:

In Teilhard’s many books, he provided a complex view of what reality was, and in The Phenomenon of Man and The Divine Milieu you will find his philosophy about existence that I’m going to try and capsulize here.

Teilard proposes an Omega Point that humanity is destined to reach, after death (which never really happens) or before if they strive to become part of God.

For Teilhard, our existence and reality abides within, and is an essential element of the Cosmic Christ, which becomes (or is already) the universe before us.

The “theology” got Teilhard in trouble with The Church and his books were forbidden to be sold or read by the faithful, but they resonate today with the idea, by some in the scientific community who have suggested, under their breaths, that the Universe may be alive, and some going even further by offering that the Universe is God.

(The assumptions of Black Energy and Black Matter could enter into a discussion of God as the Universe, if one follows the beliefs of the Gnostics or Carl Jung, in his Answer to Job.)

For Teilhard, as I understand him, the observable things in the Universe, including us (humans) and our Earth are molecular bodies that make up the Cosmic Body of Christ.

(I’m a little troubled by Teilhard’s equating the Universe with Christ rather than God, the Father, because, for me, Jesus was a schizophrenic incarnation of God, God maladjusted mentally, but that for another time.)

If we are molecular, or atomic entities, even quantum particles that make up or are part of the Cosmic Christ (God), then one can see how our immorality might cause pain to the all encompassing reality.

Our behavior, our lives have a physiological importance that is mystical in nature then.

And what of UFOs? Can they be likened to white corpuscles in the blood stream of the Cosmic Christ (God)? Invaders for bad or good depending upon what we ultimately find them to be?

For those hoping to get a grip on what reality is or may be, I suggest a read of Teilhard’s texts and a concomitant book, which I’ve often recommended over the years, Human Destiny by Lecomte du Noüy, which treats the matter similarly but with a nod to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution:



  • The scientist Frank Tipler developed a cosmology based on the omega point.

    I think the "transhumanists" have a similiar principle which is called the singularity in their philosophy.
    It is interesting that Jacques Vallee once wrote an article which described something like the singularity and which is really popular among transhumanist .


    It is interesting, what kind of people are interested on this subject:


    By Blogger Zak MacKracken, at Wednesday, February 20, 2019  

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