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Monday, July 08, 2019

Follow the money?

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It’s tiresome to keep reading/hearing the banal accusation that everyone or even a few are into ufology (the UFO phenomenon) to make money.

No one makes or has ever made real money by exploiting the enigma to make big bucks, not even the peripatetic (may he rest in peace) Stanton Friedman.

Ask the prolific writer Nick Redfern about money. It’s not his motivation for writing but a meager means of economic survival; his books just keeping his head above water.

Conference starters rarely break even when they set one up, and doing a spot for a TV show often only covers the expenses of the person asked to comment for a few minutes for a program.

Now I indulge my friend Zoam Chomsky because he’s consistent, ragging on everything UFO related; he has a fixation on the topic which is, for him, a bete noire.

But the plaint that UFO buffs are in it for the money is a canard that bores the hell out of me and almost every other UFO enthusiast.

No one makes money in the UFO field, that's the only thing you can take to the bank.

But even if it were the case, so what?

So someone hopes to make a few dollars or does, who cares? It’s no big deal. This is America, the home of wayward capitalistic enterprises: YouTuber hooligans make millions engaged in insipid activities for “consumers” of the goods they promote or like,
sports people grabbing larger-than-sense salaries to dunk a basketball or kick a field goal, and musicians bringing home large rafts of “bacon” for ditties that grind the hell out of those who study and know or perform real music.

The system is rigged to accommodate those who know how to exploit it, and UFO folks are not among that crowd.

So give up the idea that Tom DeLonge, Luis Elizondo, or even millionaire Bigelow are in it for the loot, let alone the poor saps who keep trying to make a buck off UFOs.

That’s no crime and not even a moral or ethical lapse.

Just shut up about it. It’s not relevant to anything. It isn’t.



  • "Ask the prolific writer Nick Redfern about money. It’s not his motivation for writing but a meager means of economic survival; his books just keeping his head above water."

    I wouldn't say I just keep my head above water or that I just have a meager income. But, it's definitely true that there's no way I can earn a living from specifically just writing books on the likes of UFOs, Chupacabra, Roswell, Bigfoot, conspiracies. If I tried to focus just on paranormal books, I certainly would be earning a meager income; there's no doubt about that.

    I do OK though because I do a lot of other work too - such as doing editing, ghost-writing and proof-reading for other writers, much of which has absolutely nothing to do with UFOs, the paranormal or conspiracy theories, etc. Also, you might be surprised at some of the books on UFOs that were really written by me, even though they were published under the names of other extremely well-known authors of UFO books. But, that's how the ghost-writing world works.

    I also do a lot of freelance work, such as worked as a feature writer for Penthouse for about 5 years, promoting the Dallas-Fort Worth strip club scene (which has its benefits lol; the DFW clubs are heaving with hot women just waiting and wanting to be interviewed for online sites etc...), doing web content work for a lawyer's firm that handled medical lawsuits, and a bunch of other things. And there are spin-offs from book writing, such as TV work and lectures and conferences. They are certainly not going to make you rich, however!

    Good luck to anyone who can earn a living from writing UFO books, as per Rich's article above. I definitely can't do it, but I totally can have a comfortable living by focusing on a lot of different subjects and multiple little projects here and there, and not just try and focus on one thing.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, July 09, 2019  

  • Well Gray Barker admitted he wrote them for the money. Now that said, the economic situation was a lot different then as compared to now...

    I believe there is some monetary incentive or all these people would not continue to write them....Maybe those with their own publishing company such as Timothy Green Beckley do make more than the average writer I guess. Or Richard Dolan with Keyhole Publishing.

    I have 4 of your books Nick and there all good so kudos on that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thursday, July 11, 2019  

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