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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Inside a UFO: Alien Abduction stories

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In a response to a comment from DrDee for a posting further down in the cycle here, I mentioned that I read some remarks about “seeing” or “getting” inside a UFO to find a clue as to what they are or something more: what we’re dealing with, reality perhaps?

The commentary I read came from a UFO group at Facebook, I think, which deals with things UFO-related., and referenced abduc- tees - persons who think they've been kidnapped by ETs

I’m new to a few groups – an outsider pretty much – but the idea of a so-called abductee seeing something during their experience is intriguing.

(You know my feeling about abduction stories: they don’t represent an ET kidnapping but may represent an event that goes beyond sleep paralysis or some other neurological or psychological distur- bance….something “paranormal” – maybe uniquely hallucinatory or actual.)

In the Barney/Betty Hill event, Betty alleged to have seen the “star map” and a book, along with some observations of medical gear or lab-like appurtenances, plus entities.
While the Star Map has been “researched” seriously, the book seems to be too much of an Earth-like thing, as are the medical tools and procedures that Betty supposedly endured.

Travis Walton’s experience, minus a star map or book, had similar remembrances.
I don’t wish to get into a debate about the reality or not of such experiences but like John Mack (may he rest in peace), I think there may be something(s) worthwhile in what abductees (expe- riencers) think they’ve observed (or experienced).

And while hypnosis is ruled out as a tool for getting at truths in the matters, I still think that, in the hands of a qualified analytic prac- titioner, one might cull something valuable about the event or the experiencers themselves.

Those things aside, getting our hands on a UFO – which I believe are “tangible” examples of reality, either our normal reality or another greater reality – someone “seeing” things inside their cap- tor’s “vehicles” may take us closer to what UFOs are.

I’ll keep you posted about what I learn from the latest spate of UFO pages at Facebook.

Let’s not rule out anything about UFOs. Their mysterious “visita- tions” remain worth discussion, even during times of stress.



  • It would be nice to have an accounting of all of the objects that have been allegedly seen by UFO abductees. What would be really interesting is some observation of something in 1965, say, that did not get invented here until, say, 1995. For example, did any abductee observe a cell phone in 1978? Am I mistaken, or wasn't it Betty Hill who claimed a medical procedure (pregnancy test?) that did not exist here at the time (or at least was not widely known about). Now that sort of "strangeness" is interesting to say the least.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Thursday, April 16, 2020  

  • Dom:

    Betty Hill's "natal test" was unique and eventually came to be mimicked by doctors here but the procedure was still primitive.

    For an advanced species, such a method would seem to be old-fashioned.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, April 16, 2020  

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