Friday, November 06, 2020

Some thoughts from Jose Caravaca

Copyright 2020, Jose Antonio Caravaca

 I am convinced of the possibility that UFOs are the product of the manifestation of a signal from an unknown dimension contained within our reality that we can only perceive under certain conditions.

And it is very likely that this signal can be decoded and interpreted by our psyche to obtain information about some issues inherent to our human species, the conception of the universe or even the reality around us.

What happens is that our psyche decodes this signal according to certain socio-cultural patterns, which we have assimilated, building an artificial reality of a markedly supernatural nature (mainly due to our fear, ignorance and amazement at the irruption of these apparitions), which has given rise to many myths, religions and folklore in different parts of the world.

The supernatural reality is in fact a construction of our mind to try to interpret, that if, in a wrong way, the signal emitted from this cognitive cosmos. But it would not be an illusion or a mere hallucination, since obviously, we are witnessing the construction of an enormous psychic architecture that contains both elements provided by the witnesses as aspects of this dimension.

And sometimes the conjunction of both universes can lead to the ephemeral and fleeting materialization of that reality imposed by our particular socio-cultural filters.



  1. I think this explanation overreaches in trying to cover the whole range of supernatural appearances. Some have a tricksterish quality while others don't. In the latter category I'd include apparitions of the dead that offer coherent messages that bring comfort to the bereaved. Fairies and UFOnauts and so on seem to be in a different category altogether. They are frightening and malevolent usually.


  2. Martin Black These are not different categories. Each supernatural category has its own internal codes, as they are decoded by witnesses in different ideographic context. Evidently the message offered by the appearance of a deceased relative or friend is established on more conventional and predictable parameters (practically for all human beings), that is, they are messages that contain relief, love, tranquility or hope (although there are also more complex cases). But in general, there is hardly any difficulty in the plot of this type of experience. On the other hand, the fairies will tell us about other things, just like the aliens. As the paradigm to be deciphered adopts different stereotypes, our personal interaction with the phenomenon will add more complexity to the staging; from Machiavellian, good-natured, nature-loving beings to Satan's henchmen. The interaction of the witnesses with the phenomenon is what gives the whole scenic load, from the aesthetics to the narrative. But not as an effect caused by a hallucination or mental disorder, but because the phenomenon we are studying is decoded through our own cultural filters, assuming and representing all our amalgam of complexities as human beings, capable of the best and the worst.



  3. With full acknowledgement that the discussion falls under hypothetical possibilities (for now), pertaining to the “manifestation of a signal from an unknown dimension”, an alleged entity who went by the name “Lacerta” had revealed the "how":

    Humanity was bio-psychically ^created^ as a crippled species without natural affinities for advanced mental abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, levitation etc. These disabilities allow any entity with advanced mental abilities to induce cerebro-visual images and hormonal-triggered feelings by manipulating certain "switches" in our brain. They can make us see them in any form they wish us to see (including by browsing our own minds and finding familiar depictions), and they can induce in our brain (and endocrinal system); sudden inexplicable feeling of panic and fear, or in the opposite; unexplainable sensation of joy, peace, bliss and calmness and “oneness with the universe” (whereas we can argue whether the latter-type ability will require higher-level mental-abilities and thus naturally available only for the more mentally-powerful beings).

    This clearly contradicts the claims made by Abrahamic religions (Judeo-Islamo-Christianism) that we humans are "perfect creation". If a weak and easily diseased species like us are made in God’s supposed-"image", then imagine how pathetic and miserable this God is, noting that we cannot even tolerate ingesting the planet’s most abundant liquid; sea water, among our many unfortunate biological variables. In explaining this; Lacerta claimed that we were instead a product of accelerated evolution conducted by a particular Nordic-like alien race.

    Lacerta also pointed out how silly and naïve it is to think of the alien races (with differing biologics & levels of mental abilities, technological advancements & politico-spiritual interests) as merely being “malevolent or benevolent” toward humans, which is again a religio-cultural conditioning from Abrahamic religions which claim that humans are “God’s perfect and most beloved creation” --thus “aliens can only envy and hate us like Satan and his minions do, or love us like angels do”. Lacerta instead challenged us to rationally ask “What political interests do this particular alien species has toward humans?”

    Additionally Lacerta opened-up a rare-perspective on what constitutes “an alien species” when (supposing that) her reptilian ancestors had attained sentience far longer before “the finalized batch of genetically engineered --and bio-psychically modified-- homo sapiens were transported back to Earth by dispatches of that Nordic-like alien race”.

    My additional two-cents in answering the why of alien closure: Superpower governments are aware and in fact to a degree or another are benefitting from their techs. It is politically natural for them to keep this secret (among others, because surveillance of citizens is possible only as long as the government has several degrees higher techs that the ones commercially available for public use) and thus we cannot expect “our” governments to initialize.

    While the multiple races of aliens operating in this planet (including in varying level of dimensions) are bound to and dictated by some sort of “United Universal Nations” obligating them not to directly interfere with our evolution --to certain degrees and under certain perimeters (review the stories of how nuclear warheads and atomic installations were made to disappear or malfunction by UFOs). Just like the policies of the UN, this indeed canot be fair to everyone (I personally despise that it benefits only the already-privileged elites of the governments)

    For further learning of this higher-level interplanetary and inter-dimensional universal-politics (still in the framework of hypothetical possibilities), my recommendation is the book Our Universal Journey by George Kavassilas.

  4. Faresalis Bookcarrier... thank you for your comment In my case, I believe that there is no intentionality behind these manifestations, other than to demonstrate the existence of unknown portions of our reality. It is our psychic interaction that confers not only the aesthetic appearance of these phenomena but also their supposed behavior toward the witnesses. There is nothing more than a feedback with a vast psychic universe of unsuspected consequences for the human being.


  5. Out of curiosity, what about evidence traces and burn/injury cases? These encounters are far, far more physical than realized. What about animal reactions and incidents of cruelty and murder of these same animals? Why imprint the unknown and unexplained on photos and videos? What about time interruption and distortion? How does the manipulation of the eyewitness consciousness play out when the phenomena goes out of its way to render witnesses unconscious? What if the myriad of entities is actually a vast variety of entities?

  6. Robert... Without a doubt this universe that appears before the witnesses acquires an unquestionable physical reality, I do not deleted one iota of strangeness to the phenomenon, nor to a nature exogenous to our psyche, although I believe that it manifests itself through human cultural filters. More than being projections of our minds, understood in a strictly psychological way, this paradigm is projected with our human stereotypes... even the supernatural ones are still beliefs built by us to interpret these unknown signs... I believe that the UFO phenomenon, whatever it is, cannot escape our filters when it takes on "body" in front of the witnesses... besides, in some cases it has materiality and in others I do not believe that it is due to the interaction of the paradigm with each witness....