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Thursday, November 19, 2020

That “enigmatic” 8th Century B.C. drawing

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The interpretations for the “enigmatic” drawing found at a holy site circa 700-800 B.C. from Page 61 of André Lemaire’s book The Birth of Monotheism [BAS 2007] can't represent the "hand" of God, it seems to me......

The “hand” offering came from more than a few people at Facebook and a few here.

But if it does represent an “artistic” attempt to indicate the hand of God, it’s a piss-poor rendition, child-like or worse: psychopathic.

Cave drawings thousands of years earlier – 40,000 to be rather exact – show artist renderings of hands as aesthetically pleasing and an awareness of the hand's intrinsic beauty or value as an instrument of the human body:


Whoever drew or created the “enigmatic” thing was attempting to tell viewers something else, besides a hand.

Or the “drawer” was just mentally primitive, much more so than Neolithic artists, certainly.

The “enigmatic” drawing indicates what? New suggestions seem warranted, yes?



  • Couldn't agree more. The cave art from way earlier -notably Lascaux cave and the earlier Indonesia cave was artful and not just primitive drawings. It's suggested that even Neanderthals were involved in art.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Friday, November 20, 2020  

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