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Thursday, November 12, 2020

The UAP “con”

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[Some] UFO people are pretty smart, others, not so much.

But either way, we are all being gulled by the U.S. military’s attempt to persuade us that the initialism UAP is more appropriate for weird things seen in the sky than UFO, which indicates an object – or material thing -- rather than an ephemeral phenomenon.

By replacing UFO with the acronym UAP the public (and UFOers of course) will come to substitute the idea of a construct visiting this planet as reported by eyeballs and radar or videos/film et cetera with a wispy phenomenon devoid of any solid interpretation, which will obviously incense ET believers but also dilute the belief that some UFO enthusiasts hold of visiting time travelers, or other dimensional and universe intruders as responsible for “things” seen in the sky for almost all of time on this Earth.

The UAP ruse, being picked up and promoted by those who should know better, is catching on. 

UAP is a weakening of the (admittedly) shop-worn UFO sobriquet, yet is now seen, by those easily manipulated by the secret-keeping holders of power in government(s) as a new terminology that enhances, mistakenly, and perverts a true and unusual phenomenon.

Let’s not allow mind-usurpers to take away the epithet that keeps us attuned to a real mystery: solid things that fly overhead or into our seas, even landing once in a while – UFOs, objects as solid as the rocks underneath our feet.



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