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Sunday, December 13, 2020

History Channel's Greatest Mysteries: Roswell

The much anticipated Roswell series on the above show began Saturday, 12/12/20.

It, the show, was draggy and, as usual, with such shows, muddled with segments presented then abandoned and brought forward again.

But, despite the off-putting appearance of Don Schmitt at the outset, and throughout, the show had some obscure and unknown new items about Roswell.

The host of the presentation, a former CIA guy is pleasant, moderate, and sensible and my pal Kevin Randle was on hand, a nice touch.

One thing that stood out, for me, was how old-timers, who were around during the 1947 "event," kept referring to statements by their relatives or friends that had them referring to the thing supposedly crashing or at the center of their reminiscence as a UFO, not a flying disc or flying saucer.

The UFO sobriquet was not in use in 1947, having been coined by  Blue Book head Ed Ruppelt in the 1950s.

This reference by almost all those interviewed indicated an obsession with later material on Roswell, not an actual recall of conversations at the time of the incident: 1947.

The obsession with a "diary" of Jesse Marcel proved nothing, except that he made non-Roswell notes during the 1947-1948 time frame.

Those things aside, I found the show almost interesting, and look forward to the installment that deals with the Ramey memo, which is said to be eye-opening.

What're your thoughts, if you saw the program?



  • I didn't see it but I'll see if there's a re-run.

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Sunday, December 13, 2020  

  • I found the the unknown government men (men in black?)coming for a cigar box of found scraps of material very curious.

    The questioning of the ladies in the cafe a unusual inclusion but I can also understand small town senior seniors being reluctant to give out information.

    After all this time I suspect anyone with a disk or saucer experience or hearsay would probably call it a UFO in keeping with the now common usage.

    So what about that cigar box?


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Sunday, December 13, 2020  

  • Yah, the grandchildren and sons of some witnesses seem credible.

    As for using UFO, that goes to memory. If an older grandparent told a story about the "event," they'd use flying saucer or disk -- not the as yet UFO term -- and the kid's memory would be implanted with flying saucer and disk, the memory one of those that would remain intact for the hearer....not UFO, which makes me think such recounted recall is iffy.

    All of us would remember such key words as originally told, not replacing them with current usage.

    As for the MIB, it's odd, and perhaps noteworthy. I'd be interested in what Nick Redfern thinks.

    I see that Kevin (Randle) is playing down the new Ramey scrutiny, indicating that the technical approach didn't produce much that is new or helpful. (Check his blog.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, December 13, 2020  

  • "All of us would remember such key words as originally told, not replacing them with current usage"

    I don't know. I think specific bits of memories like that can be easily altered to insert synonymous phrases and what not. Not sure there's anything too suspicious there in and of itself.

    Roswell is just a moronic waste of time though. Makes me shake my head to see UFOers still invest in that bottomless nowhere-going timewaster. What has it gotten us in terms of understanding of the phenomenon or anything?

    (I'm not talking about you RR. You're one of the smart [actually brilliant] ones who realizes what a joke Roswell is and tries to steer UFOers away from such unproductive distractions.)

    I'm just about certain the whole thing was and is military disinfo to keep the UFO community preoccupied with something useless that makes them all look like total idiots to intelligent outsiders.

    Martin Black

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sunday, December 13, 2020  

  • Thanks MB for the kind words.

    I'm not a Roswell junkie as you know. But I do think something happened, maybe something very trivial that took on a "life" of its own.

    Roswell has usurped much of the phenomenon's energy and life.

    I don't see the new History program providing much in the way of UFO substance, but we'll see.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, December 13, 2020  

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