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Saturday, January 09, 2021

A couple of things....

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This story is still making the rounds:


I've commented on the Oumuamua "thing" a few times here, accenting my view that the visitor could well be, as Harvard's Dr. Loeb thinks, an interstellar object.

My point was that the object, while not the picture of an aesthetic or sleek aerial spacecraft that we'd expect to come from an advanced species roaming the cosmos, it could represent what another species favors as an aerodynamic spaceship designed according to their aesthetic standards, the traveler being part of an alien species' cultural overview, showcasing what an advanced extraterrestrial sees as beauty or engineering perfection.

(While I eschew, as most of you know, the "UFOs are ET craft" idea -- because of distances likely to be involved between us and another intelligent species in the Milky Way or cosmos, and the number of UFO sightings showing a plethora of visitors to our puny planet in an out-of-the way corner of our galaxy, et cetera -- I still can accept the idea that an advanced civilization might reconnoiter our galaxy or the Universe itself: the Oumuamua artifact a sensible example of a ship sent throughout the cosmos to gather information -- an AI probe of sorts.)
As I noted previously here, Dr. Masters' book (cover pictured) is flush with irritants, one being the excessive and voluminous use of "however."

And his acceptance of the Roswell incident as a bonafide UFO (or for him, IFO) disaster is offputting, even moreso when he cites Kevin Randle's and David [sic] Schmitt's Roswell book. (It's Don Schmitt, as you know.)

Also, his views on cave art and pictographs from ancient times as showcasing his visitors from the future (Earthlings sneaking back to check on their past) is yet to be convincing, but I'm only at Page 47, highlighting like crazy. so we'll see.)
I have a place on Substack for my public missive The Birth of God.

That is keeping me busy, needing solid references and serious academic-oriented commentary more than flighty commentary, so input here has been scanty, somewhat shorn of heft because I'm also on FB defending my pal Nick Pope against some bastards who insist that his past notes about investigating UFOs for MoD where he worked are erroneous, because MoD says he didn't really investigate UFOs but just clerked reports about them for the British agency.

I keep insisting to those who keep castigating Nick that most of us don't care as he (Nick) is a moderate, sane voice for the UFO phenomenon, and MoD may very well be debasing his work there for nefarious reasons, as such organizations are prone to do.

Moreover, I see Nick's critics as envious (jealous) of Nick's ubiquity on and in UFO programming, a UFO celebrity that they would like to be.



  • Roswell was a way to get chip tech into our nuclear weapons.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Monday, January 11, 2021  

  • Chip tech for our nuclear weapons? The first missile guidance systems did indeed use some sort of chip/transistor technology, but it was hard wired throughout the system. That was then, some 40-60 years ago depending on what weapon system that is mentioned. Now, who knows, as I've been out of that fray since the late 1980s.

    By Blogger Tim Hebert, at Tuesday, January 12, 2021  

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