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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Orbs? Who cares?

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Some FB UFOers inundate members with Orbs they've experienced or have taken videos or pics of.

Orbs could be anything but seem to be mundane intrusions on vision or mechanical image takers, like phones or cameras.

There is a possibility -- remote possibility -- that orbs are quantum artifacts transmitted from various sources, but if they were, as some contend, the colors would not be as they are seen or captured.

(The quantum mechanics involving color are rather esoteric and complex but the gist can be read via papers from Google Scholar.)

While I think that UFOs have something to do with quantum realities, involving motion, propulsion, even construction, I don't think orbs or blobs of light have anything to do with UFOs and merely clutter the UFO discussion.

And I'm interested in the fixation on orbs by so many people. Some are obsessive about the things.

We UFO enthusiasts can't seem to rein in those who gather under the UFO rubric with orb tales and images they've gathered.

Someone or some group has to provide focus when it comes to UFOs, UAP being another digression that has confused the issue.

Any suggestions?



  • Orbs have never interested me; they're like the big black cats of the English Moors -- plenty of mundane explanations available, and there are more interesting phenomena afoot.

    Focus isn't forthcoming from the government, and grass roots groups are too engaged in petty squabbles. More likely I'd expect a breakthrough from someone like Avi Loeb, the Harvard astrophysicist who thinks Oumuamua was not a natural object. Not him specifically, but someone in the scientific field with bona fides who's got hard facts that can't be ignored. Not all scientists have their heads in the sand like Seth Shostak, but all UFO groups lose their way (despite having some rational people on board who, unfortunately, can't control the swarm). Until someone like that shows up, we're caught in the loop that's been around all these decades.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, January 09, 2021  

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