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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Ufology seems fractured

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The UFO discussion is all over the place, with many newbies joining the conversation, inserting stuff that is really irrelevant, and I think everything is connected, as many of you know.

(I find the attacks on Nick Pope particularly egregious: his work at MoD tamped down by people who seem jealous of Nick's omnipresence in UFO programming, trying to demote him in the UFO community.)

And reading this book, which I was drawn to because it exploits the time-travel hypothesis.

But unfortunately, the author, Michael Masters opens his tome renaming UFOs as IFOs and the things piloting them, allegedly, extratempestrials (persons from our future).

His opening pages irk for some reason but I'm hoping the later pages make his case and they do seem to be flush with scientific argument.

Then I have this book by Ryan Sprague.

I enjoyed the opening pages, written with humility and graciousness.

But so far his use of personal reflections on UFO experiences puts me off; the insertions petty:

"What'll it be?" he asked.

"Bourbon. Neat." [Page 1]

All the interviews after that contain [to simulate real conversations] are like that: full of asides that have nothing to do with UFOs themselves, just inserted for atmosphere.

Book writing, blogs [!] and podcasts up the ass are all over the place. (Not just among the UFO community.)

Reading The New Yorker's contributors each week shows me that no matter how many books one writes and publishes doesn't make for a legacy or long-lasting fame.

And some UFO pals of mine have written/published books galore, but after their death, those books will not put them amidst the greats in literature, fiction or non. (As a matter of fact, they haven't put them up there even with some early UFO scribes, who also will be dust in the wind, many already.)

And podcasts are even more ephemeral, drifting away right after they're heard usually. (And who is listening to all these podcasts; the things everywhere?)

Then there is the pending "requirement" for DoD and the Pentagon, in the U.S., to provide as yet undisclosed UFO information in their files: the Marco Rubio amendment to his recent COVID law.

This is the new disclosure possibility that many UFOers long for and have been drooling over for years now.

It's not just bad times, medically and politically in the U.S., but bad times in the UFO world, worse than I've ever seen it.



  • There's something to the connection theory, Rich, but I'm not convinced a Grand Theory will be revealed via Ufology. That field, as you say, is too fouled up and covered up and can't even get out of its own way. Answers require some discipline, some great thinking -- and that's not to be found there. Unfortunately, this is also not the age of reason or belief in science, so even if some great astronomer or physicist was to come up with an answer, there's few that would believe it. But it doesn't mean the search isn't worthwhile, for it will be when the cycle of stagnation into enlightenment comes around again.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, January 09, 2021  

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