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Friday, February 12, 2021

An almost non-UFO item

I mentioned my new Substack account a few days ago, for which I'm working on a series: The Birth of God.

While gathering material, I found a reference in Susan Niditch's Ancient Israelite Religion to the book pictured here [Page 49].

The book has arrived and adds to my contention that God in the Jewish religion was an actual physical being. I'm saving my hypothesis for the Substack series, and a paper for my Academia.edu presence.

But I have to note, here, that after reading the tomes I've accumulated, I can see how Ancient Astronaut/Alien theorists could come to their erroneous conclusions that the gods named in myth and legends might be extraterrestrial visitors.

The idea flies in the face of many obstacles and common sense but one can see how some might arrive at that consideration.



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