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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Sub Rosa Ufology (and the psychopathology of society) – REDUX?

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Noticing that my pal John Greenewald’s cautions about my buddy Tony Bragalia’s FOI Pentagon UFO debris story languishes as Tony’s “disclosure” is riding a wave of zippy interest all over the place, I’m chagrinned by the non-objectivity among persons outside the UFO community (and a few within it).

The Trump extremists with their QANON proclivities seem to have infected scads of usually normal members of U.S. society so that any insane conspiracy theory makes the rounds of social and non-social media, including usually staid journalistic enterprises.

This is not to say that Tony Bragalia’s treatise is without merit, One can surmise that the U.S. military establishment could well have what it thinks is UFO debris.

John Greenewald’s contention that such a “reality” would not be forthcoming so cavalierly from anyone in a U.S. construct (military or otherwise) is also not without merit.

The truth is that Tony Bragalia has struck the current psychopathic nerve while John G continues to monitor the remnants of normal sentience and common sense.

The problem is that secrecy in human civilization has been, since time immemorial, a societal fixture within our species, even among early man. [See Mircea Eliade]

(I’ll put online here some papers dealing with the Psychology of Secrecy if anyone is interested.)

The need for secrecy, by mankind, stems from various circumstances – like pogroms or other massacres – but the secrecy we’re dealing with is information or a desire to be an insider to that information.

Ufology is fraught with a desire to be an insider or a mysterious member of a UAP illuminati, many “normal” people adopting pseudonyms as if they have a reason to operate as secret agents within the UFO community, or even a person as significant as Jacques Vallee pushing an “Invisible College” containing a chosen few as the rest of us look on, in desired angst.

The U.S. Pentagon may have secret materials they think came from crashed UFOs but that they would disclose such information willy-nilly is just silly, as John G notes. But there it is.

The inclination of many in society to believe anything, true or not, is rampant now and Tony B’s report is being spread like the Corona virus, infecting more people and news outlets than one would have imagined a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile uncrashed UFOs continue to taunt, some of us.



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