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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

The shotgun approach to the UFO phenomenon

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I think Ron and I are the only two guys, hereabouts, who see the fracturing of UFO efforts as not helpful or useful in resolving the UFO mystery.

Almost everyone in the UFO community has a fish to fry, many of those fish only peri- pherally connected to UFOs or the UFO conversation, some fish personal with no connection to ufology or UFOs at all.

The paranormal sobriquet often intrudes. And while there may be a tangential connection to the UFO phenomenon, the efforts expended on things paranormal haven’t shown what that connection may be.

Also, ufology is flush with persons, mostly via podcasts or Facebook postings, providing too much information about their personal lives, illnesses mostly but financial and domestic problems, plus reminis- cences of past glories or suggestions of music memories and trips to scenic sites around the country.

UFOs aren’t even a backdrop in these online excursions.

In the “old days,” often a UFO sighting or report would take hold of persons following the phenomenon, but nowadays, we’re all so jaded, disappointed by the lack of anything vital or substantive about UFOs that we comment and become absorbed by the discursive activity and verbiage by those soaked in their own personal sweat and inane lives, encouraging them to slavishly indulge in more banal personal activities.

This posting is another example of splurged quasi-UFO nonsense. (I apologize)

There comes a time when we UFO people have got buckle down and find solutions to some UFO sightings and accounts. We have to stop fooling around or sitting, still waiting for disclosure.

I know many do not like rechewing old UFO tales, but what can we do with newer, splashier accounts like those encapsulated in those AATIP videos?

We are kids hoping to be enraptured by something fresh or new then moving on, wishing for something else to titillate us. Meanwhile those iconic older UFO reports/sightings lie moldering in the dustbin where UFO books reside pretty much and therein lie all the answers as to what UFOs are, if we only had the stalwart patience to ferret out the clues that have to be there, yes?



  • Older cases were more outlandish, came with richer detail, and let's face it, were far more interesting than anything being studied today. The colorful cast of characters that chase UFOs remains as well, as does the quirkiness surrounding the subject, which has always been the draw. Part of me hopes that never leaves.

    But that's never led to the truth being uncovered. Bad enough the government distractions, but we somehow need to get past this plateau of recycled hype and dead ends. The Old Guard needs to let go and let new blood take on the task. If that means accountants* rather than magicians, so be it.

    *A metaphor. I've nothing against accountants, especially during tax season.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, February 18, 2021  

  • I believe that the golden era of UFO sightings has passed .. now the phenomenon manifests itself in a different way .. which probably will change again in 20-3- years ..
    Vallee is right when he speaks of an "unknown agent .. controlling our behavior towards certain issues" . .

    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Friday, February 19, 2021  

  • I'm starting to appreciate the unknown agent idea more. Our world-view and culture has changed, and so have today's UFOs. There must be some correlation, but how that ties in with the nuts and bolts theory I've no idea.

    As for the cast of characters, let me add Phil Mantle to that list, but not in a good way. He chooses to drop the research in order to slime his "competition" by using the Trumpian cover (paraphrased) that "others have said," and other such excuses, then keeps doubling down rather than backing off. A dissembler of the first order.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, February 20, 2021  

  • Ron:

    I'm working on an idea that I'll put up here later today I hope. (I'd like your comments about it.)

    As for Mantle, I'm shocked he is so obsessed with nailing Nick. It really seems like a vendetta spurred by jealousy.

    I hated to come down hard on him, again, but he makes me crazy. We don't need (more) useless crap that does nothing but incur hard-feelings and side-bars of discussion that have nothing to do with UFOs.

    You understand.....I wish others would speak up.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, February 20, 2021  

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