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Sunday, February 21, 2021

UFO (and other) information from books, TV programming, social media, blogs, et cetera

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An ongoing nag and internet troll, Para- kletos [Shane Johns] who contests the use of books for information, sent me this: "any idiot can write a book! And many can get published. The fact that you throw book authors around is not impressive at all to me. Peer-reviewed articles in respectable Journals, on the other hand, may impress.”

The books I use, generally, are invariably by academics, from University presses: Harvard, Princeton, University of Chicago, et al.

Most are peer reviewed at Academia.edu and in literary magazines: The London Review of Books, TLS (Times Literary Supple- ment), The Paris Review, et cetera.

(Shane, er Parakletos, uses the internet for much that he imparts. Need I say more?)

P is unhappy with Professor Michael P. Masters’ (Professor of Biological Anthropology at Montana in Butte) erudite Identified Flying Objects [2019] used here as a primary source for the time-traveling hypothesis of UFOs.

And he’s not inclined to like renown physicist Lee Smolin, as you can see in his comment underneath the time-traveling posting here, below this missive.

I’m using Smolin’s Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution: The Search for What Lies Beyond the Quantum [Penguin Books, 2019/2020] to augment my limited understanding of (space)time and quantum physics.

There is no substitute for academically approved books as far as I’m concerned. And while some may prove wanting – according to peer-reviews and intellectual criticism – such books rise well above the standards that P and others use to lambaste such offerings.

In order to get at the time-traveling UFO argument, one needs to consider the mechanisms of travel and the exquisite hypotheses about future humankind, not the details of Einstein’s spacetime theories which are interesting in themselves but only pertinent as fodder for a quasi-philosophical assessment of whether our past remains intact and could, thus, be visited by future humans.

The argument partly revolves around Dominick’s idea that time doesn’t move backward, a view that is disrupted by some quantum mechanical considerations.

Is the past intact so it can be visited? Is movement backward in time possible since time is emergent only, according to the formulae of classical physics?

I’ll press forward with Dr. Masters’ theses and Smolin’s elucidating ruminations, and try not to be recondite as P continues to insist I am.

If you have anything to add, please do. I need all the legitimate help I can get.



  • -> Is movement backward in time possible since time is emergent only, according to the formulae of classical physics? <-....

    Would not time, need to be likened to a [RECORDING of it's REALITY] to go back on??

    Like a video recording, of sound & graphics!? but much more than that; REALITY it's self, at any given point of time, avoiding the paradox of time.

    Just a thought.from Daniel:).......?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, February 21, 2021  

  • Daniel...good to hear from you:

    I imagine that while the past allegedly disappears -- no record(ing) of it -- going back in time takes us to the point where it still exists.

    I'll have to look further into that.

    You're thinking that the past is still there, implanted in reality.....interesting.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, February 21, 2021  

  • Yes! One could think,....(The other side) of this reality!?

    Everything in reality, comes in two! Like positive & the opposite, as negative!
    Male & female, hot or cold, and so on.Reality & its opposite,in any given point of time........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Sunday, February 21, 2021  

  • I have some serious doubts that the thesis of Dr. Michael Master would be accepted in a peer-review journal. In this context, it is easier to write a book.

    Now the idea that in a far distant future, we have developed enough being able to master time and space is not more challenging than ETs arriving from long quadrants of our galaxy, or sentient beings visiting us from other dimensions.

    All these three hypotheses are on "science fiction" grounds right now and should be treated as such. Unfortunately events in the quantum-realm are far away from our macrocosmic reality and we might need many years before we can see any practical application in terms of time-travel.

    The take-home message is that we need quantum leaps in some direction to be able to verify any of these hypotheses.

    I believe (following the ideas of Jacques Vallee) that the phenomenon is stimulating our collective thinking into areas which need further exploration.

    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

  • Stavrosh:

    Some new thinking, within the Quantum topic, in new books (2019,2020, 2021), offer some idea of how Dr. Masters, Lee Smolin, and others bring new possibilities to the time-travel concept, spacetime irregularities (time moving backward), et cetera.

    Jacques Vallee always presents fascinating rumination(s) to the UFO phenomenon, but his mind is encapsulated within the UFO parameters we have all come to concretize.

    Thinking outside those UFO parameters is sorely needed, and Quantum Mechanics is one area where that thinking might enlighten us about the UFO reality.

    I've often hoped for a real genius within or from without the UFO community who might bring new salts to the UFO table.

    So far I'm not finding any person or persons who fit that billing.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

  • RR I agree with you, regarding the need of new ideas in the UFO scene. It will be more than welcome because we are still have no idea with what we are dealing with ..

    Being a scientist myself .. I have some difficulty seeing how new ideas will come from exotic areas of science, but I hope that I am wrong.


    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

  • There might be a genius like that with a public service attitude, but that person might also be questioning why they should subject themselves to the public sliming and shrill voices that exist, especially within the UFO community, and throughout today's media outlets in general. That also goes for speaking from within the confines of academia with its own peculiar set of challenges. I hope someone does take on the task and has the stones to make their voice(s) heard.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

  • After the Loeb harassment, I imagine, Ron, someone else coming forth is almost a million to one shot.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

  • Stavros:

    Are the days of Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, et al. really gone? I sure hope not.

    There has to be a living genius out there in the hinterland, waiting to be heard. He or she may be in the wings....probably not in the UFO community as far as I can tell from those who show up on Facebook.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, February 22, 2021  

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