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Sunday, March 07, 2021

What’s the point/purpose of a UFO explanation?

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Our pal Dominick may find this tiresome, but it's pertinent to the UFO discussion…

Why are we seeking to discover the source or essence of UFOs?

It’s not just to satisfy the long-desire to sate our curiosity as to what the phenomenon is.

That is a means to another end surely.

We, as a human species, need to know the purpose of our being, why we exist and to what end. It’s the enduring question of mankind, since the very beginning of human consciousness.

Where UFOs come from, what their essential substance is, who guides them, and all the other ufological questions point to a denouement that tells us the purpose of life.

Grabbing a Big Foot (Sasquatch, Yeti) or finding the Loch Ness “monster” will not answer those pertinent philosophical questions, just as philosophical debate can’t and hasn’t answered them either.

Trapping a ghost might provide the ultimate answer(s) but that probability is as ephemeral as the thing (ghosts) that some pursue relentlessly.

A UFO, on the other hand, can, I believe, tell us what reality truly is.

I keep harping on the matter but it seems to suit the possibility of what surrounds us as a reality.

In a protracted paper I’m working on for my new Substack account, I’m stymied by the origin of the “God idea.” It is surrounded by so many, ifs, ands, or buts, that one can get lost in the web of possibilities, snared by hypotheses or conjectures that intrigue but take us no further than the question “What is the purpose of existence, life?

Yet, a downed or captured UFO could slide us into an answer by telling us what reality is extant elsewhere, and I don’t mean just on another planet somewhere in the Cosmos.

The innards of a UFO – not some leftover debris from a supposedly crash “machine” – but the actual workings, possible entities (organic or machine-created), and other accoutrements can fill us in on what lies beyond our percepted reality.

Dominick and his “don’t muddy the UFO waters with philosophical/theological queries or suggestions” buddies are off-track. UFOs, without those inquiries, are as meaningless as the footprints of Sasquatch or humps on alleged sea monsters.

When I push for UFO sightings where appearances of “beings” show up in what may be windows, I’m trying to establish a possibility of some kind of rationale for reality from those “beings.”

But we don’t need those “entities.” Their “construct” can tell us as much as we need, without back-engineering their supposed crafts, although back-engineering could help.

Again, getting photos of UFOs, examining UFO debris, tracking UFO sightings, are as flimsy as the quest for existential meaning that absorbs philosophers and even scientists.

So, let’s have at UFOs by getting our hands on one or seeing what’s “inside” them. And let’s forget the dumpy idea that just congregating UFO information, by itself, is worthwhile. It isn’t.

[N.B. the picture of Preston Dennett’s book shown above doesn’t mean I’m recommending it as a panacea for my plea. Mr. Dennett’s book is replete with tales from people who are either deranged or foolish, but some who might have actually seen something worthwhile. Readers can decide.)

Images used are from peculiarium.com, magicball.net, and https://metro.co.uk/2018/01/24/new-book-first-ever-photos-actual-interior-ufo-7255737/




  • Since we only have one data point on intelligent life and how it perceives the universe -- our own -- just one more should open up our understanding of what goes on. That would be a logical conclusion to draw.

    But . . . In scanning through the UFO drawings site, what stands out is the commonality of alien visitors. All of the listed are humanoid; there's not one Heptapod (from "Arrival") or anything alien-alien to be seen or described. The "conversations" with these beings come across as nothing more than banal gibberish; there's not one instance where they present a theory or numbers that offer up insights into interstellar propulsion or ultra-dimensionality, a belief in or understanding of deities, or anything that would lead one to believe something transformational is being shared.

    All of this strains logic, not to mention raises more questions about the legitimacy of sightings in general. Then again, maybe such visitors have similar questions about existence without answers. I doubt they've found anything useful in that regard hanging around us. What exactly do they bring to the table?

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • RR,

    I can only concur to your suggestion of the fruits that we search for: God or at least the brotherhood of an other worldly intelligence to invite the potential that we are more than just evolutionary fortunate one-off creatures of a single life supportive planet.

    It comes down to the "are we alone" question, that is also a the focus in our curiosity as explorers.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • The second link at the bottom of the article is, perhaps, the best summary of strange UFO cases that I've ever seen. I'm familiar with some of these cases but not all. Single witness and multiple witness cases with direct testimony and great drawings. An excellent reference link to send to anyone who believes that there is no UFO mystery. Thanks for providing it, Rich.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • I'm thinking, fellows, about a manipulation of sentience, by someone or something, which some of us approached here a while back -- manipulation that affects our existence.

    It's not God or gods, but could be an advanced species, from ????

    An examined UFO might provide a clue about that or allow us to dismiss it altogether, along with a number of other things too.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • Dom:

    I, too, was pleased to see all the material in that link after I put it online.

    I encourage readers here to access the site.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • We're constantly being manipulated. By the government, for sure, with their ongoing successful disinformation campaign. And yes, by something else, as yet not fully described. I picked up this following idea from somewhere -- I wish I could remember where for attribution and reference sake -- but it struck a chord:

    "At the ground of our reality there is a code running. It is a code from which this Universe and countless others emerge and unfold with infinite variety of form. You emerged from this code, and within this code you are embedded, for you are built from this code. It is their code."

    I wonder who "they" are.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, March 07, 2021  

  • Yah, Ron...

    What's that code thing -- or subliminal input.....I recall, faintly, something like that, before the Matrix thing or being part of a great computer manipulation.

    Was it from a Sci-Fi story, Balde Runner? No, something else....what was it???


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, March 08, 2021  

  • I probably saw it here, or linked to from here, in a book you reviewed, an actual scientific treatise on the Big Sim. My best guess for now.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, March 08, 2021  

  • The above quote is from Terence McKenna. I think it comes from one of his lectures or books re: DMT.

    Here's another: “This thing IS what it seems to be, it’s a galactic intelligence, it’s a billion years old, it’s touched ten million worlds, it knows the history of 150,000 civilisations, it’s beyond the possibility of your conceiving it…”

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, March 08, 2021  

  • Here's the link to the original quote; scroll down to last paragraph:


    (Yeah, Graham Hancock, but the article isn't from him.)

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, March 08, 2021  

  • Have you seen the new book about John Mack? Title is *The Believer: Alien Encounters, Hard Science, and the Passion of John Mack*.

    What's interesting and also germane to your post is this sentence from Jeffrey Kripal's endorsement of the book: "John Mack was one of the few prominent American intellectuals who saw and said what was, and still is, really at stake in the UFO phenomenon--reality itself."

    So Mack also thought that the UFO issue gets to the heart of reality itself. I know you're not too keen on "alien" abductions RR but I wonder if maybe you noticed that you and Mack were simpatico on this?

    I'll say I'm not too optimistic about UFOs revealing much about the "big picture" since the whole "phenomenon" seems to have an air of deception around it.

    BTW where can I find your Substack?

    Martin Black

    By Blogger Martin Black, at Tuesday, March 09, 2021  

  • Martin, see my note above about the Substack effort.

    As for John Mack, I'll tell this story again:

    Shortly before his fatal trip to London, he contacted me about some derogatory material that appeared at a MediaWatch site.

    After confirming that it wasn't my MW site, we ended up exchanging e-mails about the UFO phenomenon and his work with the abductee aspect.

    We were not far apart, as he saw the experience as a real (perhaps a possible psychological anomaly) experience as did I at the time. (No ET for me, nor him either I think but an actual experience of some kind.)

    I'll dig out those e-mails again and put them online once more (altho they can be found by a search of one of my older UFO blogs). His commentary is priceless and I found him to be a brilliant and generous gentleman; his death staggering me and adding to my contention that the gods often punish persons who get too close to disclosing what reality truly is....Giordano Bruno, Hawking, and on and on.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 09, 2021  

  • I don't think you care much for the "trickster" idea, Rich, but for something that doesn't want to be poked at too closely, it goes to a lot of trouble calling attention to itself. I agree with Martin about there being quite a bit of deception afoot.

    Paranormalists post the warning not to stare too intently into the abyss, lest it starts to stare back. Maybe not such a bad idea in general? I sometimes feel an unease pervading this endeavor.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, March 09, 2021  

  • Yep, Ron, poking the paranormal bear does seem to be an iffy proposition.

    I'd like to do a piece here about the good/bad (evil) tug of war.

    Not good vs evil but almost a game (for the gamers) but dire for we humans more times than not.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, March 09, 2021  

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