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Saturday, April 17, 2021

An Interesting Question from my Google UFO newsfeed



  • The government takes things so seriously, in fact, that they've got a major disinformation effort underway at the moment, creating chaos among journalists, ufologists (serious and phony-baloney), and likely foreign intelligence agencies, over this latest drone flap. That those who claim to be ufologists continually overlook, downplay, or otherwise ignore this aspect of the subject, and who are just plain suckers for it most of the time, continues to amaze me.

    Someone who seems to have a handle on what's up, and has remained calm in the face of it, is John Greenewald:

    Also, Kevin Randle's is another reasonable voice within all the ruckus:
    Randle's research skills and journalistic integrity are unquestionable. But I do hope he fixes his blog site once and for all because the type is often all over the place -- size changes, format changes -- making it difficult to read. He deserves a better presentation. Absolutely no disrespect intended, here.

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, April 18, 2021  

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