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Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Strata of Realities

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The long-time or regular visitors here are immersed in various realities, aside from the one that we all think we’re part of.

Daniel is wrapped up in the ET reality (bless his heart).

Dominick, Ron, and Bryan are concerned with, aside from their regular lives, UFOs per se.

Martin and me like the metaphysical aspect of UFOs and life.

José Caravaca is swallowed up by his “external agent’s” mischief.

Nick Redfern is engulfed in life’s joys and everything paranormal or strange.

Kevin Randle is swamped with activities to correct errant UFO research of the past.

Tony Bragalia lives the good life and gets excited by odd UFO nooks and crannies, like recovered debris from UFO crashes or disintegrations.

Philip Mantle collects UFO paraphernalia, toys, goofy stuff, et cetera.

Occasional drop-ins are looking for something to whet their curious appetites

Each of us, like the rest of humanity, has some wayside activity that represents a part of our reality.

Most peoples just coping with day-to-day existence.

But I found that physicists at Cern have discovered new energies and matter that throws our known physics into a tailspin:


And my search for the origination of a God concept shows that God (Yahweh) was a kind of human.

But the big news may be that the former Director of the CIA has a pal who was in an airplane held in suspended animation at 40,000 feet in the air, by a UFO?


Yes. While my neighbors are consumed by their lawns, golfing, their charcoal/gas grills, and whether to wear a mask outside their hovels, some of us are or should be consumed by the fact that we are submersed in various realities, many unknown or unheeded by us because we think that our realities are the real reality – when it just isn’t.



  • There are various online publications which consider Jack The Ripper and the Malaysian Airlines flight that went missing, as top Mysteries. If the last two qualify, surely UFOs should be added to that list. There's plenty more going on with UFOs besides just nuts and bolts, and whatever it is, is the bigger and more interesting Mystery still.

    Ex-CIA chief Woolsey's claim reads like bad comedy, but the fact that he's gone public with it means he's not too concerned with losing his pension, so the purpose is obvious.

    Particle physics is entering a watershed-event time. It looks like the "God particle" Higgs boson will soon be demoted to demi-god status. The Universe sounds more and more like Mount Olympus.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, April 07, 2021  

  • Ron:

    Funny you should mention the "God particle:) "Yes the Higgs boson"..

    I was just thinking about that, what the name of the particle was, and click!...

    I don't know, maybe God is missing a particle, and "Cern" has just found it. I don't know what they think they're going to do with it, but that reality, could be of some major conCern for us:) given there had been some talk and conCern of a miniature black-hole, being created..

    As it turned out, only for a split-second,then dissipates..Few!.. I don't fancy vanishing into a we black-hole; not a good place to be....Be interesting though:)..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, April 07, 2021  

  • Ron:

    Mind if I ask about this?

    "the fact that he's gone public with it means he's not too concerned with losing his pension, so the purpose is obvious"

    Is the idea that he's putting out disinfo? I have to say that's gotta be one very high-likelihood possibility. As it happens and as you may know Mr. Woolsey has ties to Steven Greer. And if there's one name in UFO land synonymous with "disinfo" it's "Greer."


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Thursday, April 08, 2021  

  • Martin: Yes, to my thinking, the government coverup program involves disinformation and misdirection, which includes these "goofball" media releases which are meant to keep the subject from being taken seriously. Woolsey is a Company man through and through, and anything he says should be considered as vetted by spook-world.

    Daniel: I wonder what happens if the CERN scientists discover still more particles beyond these new ones. I guess it would be further confirmation of an infinite universe that's both large and small. CERN isn't looking for God, but it's exciting to discover His tools.

    By Blogger Ron, at Thursday, April 08, 2021  

  • Ron:

    I know, I'm just messing about; Seriously though! If the CERN scientists discover still more particles beyond these new ones,they may discover a completely new science, that could explain the UFO mystery, & very much more, but they haven't yet, have they!? But the science garden is looking, very rosy for now, if the don't stuff up....

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, April 08, 2021  

  • Martin:

    -> And if there's one name in UFO land synonymous with "disinfo" it's "Greer."<-

    It's a shame, you see "Steven Greer" in that light. He's a darn good speaker,and comes across as genuine, and mysteriously as UFO are, in of its self..

    What you don't know is, Seven may be telling the truth, and you just haven't got it, YET!..

    I wonder Martin, if you hold the same view on "Covid-19"!?..although having said that, I hold caution to the wind........?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, April 08, 2021  

  • Daniel:

    Greer charges people thousands of dollars to attend ridiculous seminars where he pretends to make UFOs appear. He has made more outrageous false claims than I can count. How can you take him seriously?


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Friday, April 09, 2021  

  • Martin:

    ->Greer charges people thousands of dollars<-

    "Steven Greer" has his own costs to attend. I can't comment on the thousands of dollars, but he does have thousands of followers that think well enough of him, to follow. I'm not one of them, but I do keep an open mind, and have seen many of his recordings, to understand he's on to something interesting, as to why he has so many interested people that are prepared to pay, what you have suggested, and back him up; That's all!........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Friday, April 09, 2021  

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