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Monday, April 05, 2021

The Airship Wave as presented here a few years ago

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This photo by Alfred Stieglitz caught my attention when I saw it in a photography book I have:

I've provided several postings about it and about the Airship waves of the 1890s, some bringing in a few sour comments and avid discussions:



The photo is dated 1910 but when I ran a provenance check, it turned out that the photo was taken earlier and shown in 1910 by Stieglitz at a gallery affair.

When I lived in Florida, I showed the photo to a 92 year-old artist, Fred Hoertz [1889-1978] who lived in my building and he said he had seen, when a young lad, one of the airships that was a topic at the time.

I asked him what he thought about his sighting, and his wife intervened saying "How do you expect him to remember such a thing from so long ago?"

He wanted to say something but didn't.



  • Quite a striking photo. I don't recall seeing many from that era, except this one (claimed to be a hoax):


    It's hard to pick out the few truthful accounts from the numerous hoaxes, but I think those would only tell us of the adventures of some early, earthly aviators.

    BTW, when we posted a while back about the movie "The Next Voice You Hear"? I re-watched it the other night and for the first time realized it was filmed in my back yard: Culver City, and the Douglas Aircraft plant right next to Clover Field/Santa Monica Airport. It jumped out at me this viewing.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, April 05, 2021  

  • It's nice to have those kinds of surprises Ron.

    Yes, that's been the problem with the UFO scenario; almost every sighting has a mix-up or problem, and the whole litany of accounts are interspersed with charades or hoaxes, making the study of the phenomenon more difficult than it intrinsically is.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 05, 2021  

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