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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The madness we are part of

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Again, our planet is obscure, in a remote area of our Galaxy and just a meaningless dot in the Cosmos, the Universe itself.

How is it that extraterrestrials are fixated on Earth as some people declare or think.

And if there is an infinite thing, force whatever that is or makes up the Universe, our reality, why so much attention paid to our planet when there are, supposedly, a plethora of planets elsewhere with life, some advanced and thinking?

These limited and speculated possibilities almost allow for the ideas suggested here that the intrusions of UFOs or a supreme, infinite being are only unique to this planet, to our reality,

The astronomical prohibitions of ET UFOs and the philosophical position that a supreme being or force operating within or around Earth’s civilizations is seemingly absurd, that force indifferent and listless when it comes to humans and Earth itself. 

This goes to suggesting that, maybe, UFOs and some “paranormal” and insane activities experienced here come from an indigenous species operating alongside or subliminally to the overt, outward societies and beings extant on our planet.

But that suggestion – sometimes coming under the rubric of ultra or cryptoterrestrials – is as fanciful or silly as the idea that hordes of alien species from advanced civilizations have come and are coming to Earth daily, almost minute-to-minute.

And the idea that a god or supreme being is paying attention to the silly activities of human beings and has since time immemorial is farcical to the point of madness, irrational in the extreme.

This leaves us in quandaries of various kinds, most pursued by humankind with fetid and ignorant thought, as exampled by scientists and mathematicians, UFO fanatics, philosophers, et al.

So what can we, who are puzzled by the conditions of our known reality, do to clarify our reality? After all, within the framework of humankind’s existence nobody really knows anything about the underlying purpose for human purpose.

UFOs are tacit reminders that we know little to nothing about anything. Quantum mechanics ditto. Religious practice too. And so on.

We seem to be in a game, a kind of puzzle geared to non-understanding, unwinable because the rules have been set by a contingency of some kind, an intrinsic madness that underlies existence or forced upon existence by an insane element of some indescribable nature.



  • John Greenewald just posted a long article about the apparent Pentagon coverup of UAP. He's one of the best researchers when it comes to following a paper trail. But it's just minutiae, and another indicator that no one is concerned with or focused upon the more important questions you raise. I guess that's what we do to maintain sanity in an insane situation.

    I really don't know what to believe anymore.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, April 28, 2021  

  • I saw John's post earlier today but felt it was, while informative, not helpful in understanding where we really are with UFOs, making me agree with you Ronald: I don't know what to believe anymore, either.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Wednesday, April 28, 2021  

  • Wilbert Smith's bit.ly/2YoqTT3 'people from elsewhere' suggest we ask questions of Mother Earth. We tend to try and answer our own questions with insufficient information. The kind of information we're really looking for won't come from disclosure, imho.

    By Blogger Zen Benefiel, at Wednesday, April 28, 2021  

  • "And the idea that a god or supreme being is paying attention to the silly activities of human beings and has since time immemorial is farcical to the point of madness, irrational in the extreme."

    I suppose it depends on a couple things at least. If God's nature is such that He is present to all creation all the time then God doesn't need to "pay attention" as we humans do. He simply knows necessarily what's going on in all of creation all of the time. There's also a certain sense in which the rest of the universe might not be that interesting anyway. If life beyond the very primitive level (unicellular organisms etc.) is very rare then most of what's out there amounts to dust and rocks and liquids and gases and so on. Things without mind get boring fast.

    The apparent madness of our situation is hard to contend with. But for creatures as cognitively limited as we humans are perhaps there is no other way things could seem?


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Friday, April 30, 2021  

  • Martin:

    I have to admit that I wrote that in the context of the god I'm focussing on at the moment, the god who isn't or wasn't omnipresent, or omni-anything.

    I'll be sending you access to my musings, which are apart from the Teihard lessons I usually extol.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, April 30, 2021  

  • I certainly agree with all you say, it is farcical to believe we are of any importance and worthy of investigation, and that's *if* there is intelligent life elsewhere to begin with (recent article indicated we are indeed very lucky to be here, getting to this stage after 4 billion years took a lot of lucky breaks, and much longer and we go poof! once the sun explodes). In my youth I went along with the mindset set forth in 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' that we were 'of concern' to others in the Universe. And then I discovered how big the frickin' Universe is and realized there's *no way* anyone could find us much less care about what we do. As I've said before, we are one grain of sand among all the grains of sand on all the beaches on this planet. It might as well be infinite. The reason we hold on to this attitude? Hubris. Loneliness. Despair. All completely understandable. I like your judgment that we appear to be in an unwinnable game (to get some 'proof' of something), and to me that's the way the game (literally, in my view) is set up. We cannot get proof, otherwise we know we are in a game, and that would be very bad. Why could Lonnie Zamora get within 100 feet of something clearly not terrestrial and yet the other officer shows up just a bit too late to corroborate, and nobody had a camera, and nobody else was in the right place at the right time (daytime!) to see this object, and no artifact left at the landing site would be impossible to be from earth ... and it goes on and on. Unwinnable, unknowable, unproveable. It's like the end of many episodes of the original 'The Night Stalker' series, when Kolchak looks at what he wrote, what he experienced, and just tears it up and laughs.

    By Blogger jamesrav, at Sunday, May 02, 2021  

  • And it's so godddam frustrating, isn't it James?

    To keep butting our heads against the mystery (or game, whatever) makes us either crazy or pathetic.

    But here we are ......


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, May 02, 2021  

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