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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Pathology that Sneaked into Ufology

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Josef Blumrich created a UFO (spacecraft) from the “vision” that Hebrew prophet Ezekiel supposedly had which appears in the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament:



Ezekiel made his prophecies sometime between 592 B.C. and 570 B.C. and had many other “visions” during that period also.

A reading of the passages ascribed to him testify, not to actual visions of a super or attendant reality, but show the mechanisms of an addled mind, one that was neurologically askew or psychologically malfunctioning, much as one sees in classic schizophrenic behaviors.

This doesn’t mean that the visions are untrue but that they are very likely a mixture of images derived from an estranged mind, not unlike that of a person on psychedelics or besaddled by biological malfunctioning of the brain.

That Ezekiel was psychotic may be derided but all the evidence for his psychopathology resides in the passages of his Biblical book.

That Bumrich thinks he could create a functioning flying machine as described by a maniac is itself a serious kind of madness.

Ancient Alien prodigies who keep making, they think, a strong case for Blumrich and Ezekiel’s UFO are merely maniacal co-conspirators in the psychopathology that gripped the ancient prophet and swayed his fellow Israelites to take his words seriously, even to giving the crazy man many pages in their sacred book.

This is one of those awful footnotes to Biblical history and the errancies that becloud it.



  • On top of everything psychological you note (and as I remember from earlier critiques), Blumrich misinterpreted Ezekiel's vision and failed to include God enthroned on this helicopter UFO.

    If you repeat the last part of that sentence slowly, it sounds more amusing than crazy. I can't speak to prophecy, but I know a (bad) joke when I hear it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • If Ezekiel, was soooo out of it, how was it, that he could explain, having visions of "wheels within wheels" that could move in any direction, without the wheel turning.

    Had ME stumped for a while, but it's simple when you know how it works.

    I was reading one time, of NASA duplicating this wheel, successfully..

    The wheel will roll in the direction of its circumference,with a series of rubber-rollers,that allow the wheel to move sideways, at the same time,giving any direction without the wheel turning....to "side-slip" in other words!?....WEIRD NO?:)..

    But that my friends, "Are Wheels within Wheels" that Ezekiel had visions of, and NASA had duplicated it,just to prove the point.........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, May 13, 2021  

  • You make a good point, Daniel.

    But, in toto, Ezekiel is nuts -- but that may be a requisite for being a Biblical prophet.

    Someone at Facebook made note about Blumrich leaving out the part of the vision where God is seated atop the thing Ezekiel saw -- a "helicopter" -- the FB person's idea of what was shown by Blumrich's sketch or interpretation.

    Ezekiel's writings have all the hallmarks of a mentally askew person. Sorry.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Thursday, May 13, 2021  

  • Tis OK! Rich, interpretation of the Bible, can drive us all nuts. I'm still trying to figure, where "Cain & Abel" got their wives, (remember?:) and it wasn't their sisters,I once was told, forbidden fruit! Like everything else with no answers,we move on, but still smiling about it.I figure,history goes much farther back than the bibles interpretation, that's only a small part of it,for what it's worth in faith or lack of it,with no real answers that convince........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Thursday, May 13, 2021  

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