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Monday, May 10, 2021

Anthony Bragalia obtains exclusive video of Roswell's Walter Haut


Haut describes alien in Roswell Crash


  • Why was Haut in a position to see the things he claimed? He was from the Press Office, not Intelligence or Command Staff. Need to know, etc. Just asking.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • And in a conversation with Tony, Ron, I was concerned that Haut seemed to be walking back his alleged observation. saying he couldn't recall details of the saucer or aliens because it was 30 years ago.

    This brought me to post that such an Earth-shaking observation would embed itself in one's memory forever. It was, supposedly, a one-of-a-kind episode, totally unique for Haut and humanity.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • Sorry, Tony, this is hardly the promised "stunning video clip" of someone trying to recall an encounter with an alien from another world. It's a nothing-burger really and leaves us with a very bad taste in our mouth. In contrast, most of us still remember with clarity where we were when JFK was shot. And we all remember the particular events that unfolded over that weekend. These events have been "seared" into our memory and little has changed...though some of us are 80 years plus. Now either Haut is repeating things he heard 2nd hand; or his mental abilities have diminished to a remarkable degree; or he is just making the whole thing up. I would want to see the entire video but what is linked is not persuasive.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • I told Tony the same thing Dom, but you know Tony; he wants Roswell to be the signature UFO event of all time, so he gives credence to some things the rest of us find iffy.

    The video is, nonetheless, interesting for several reasons, as you and Ron note.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • Witnesses of Roswell "aliens" are a dime a dozen at this point no? I'm not sure why Mr. Bragalia would think this will do anything to advance the state of the broader dispute over the nature of the Roswell incident.

    BTW RR have you read Kevin Randle's new book on UFOs and the "deep state"? It would seem that he still takes an ETist stance on Roswell. I thought he gave up on that a while ago. Or am I missing something?


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • I'm a bit concerned about my pal Kevin's retro-interest in Roswell and more concerned about his readers, one long-timer calling himself nitram (Martin) who wrote recently: "Your welcome Louis."

    Your [sic] welcome?? Martin is supposedly a well-educated UFOer and friend of Kevin. But is he well-educated?


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • Any one case might contain the elements leading to a breakthrough in understanding the grand scheme, but often the more it's studied, the murkier it becomes. Roswell is an opaque puddle at this point. Learning there were small footprints around the Socorro saucer landing site, suggests the incident has evolved into even higher strangeness. And these are two of the most well-documented tales.

    Someone looking at this from a perspective outside of ufology might conclude there are no answers to be found. Ufologists, however, are oblivious to the obvious. Bragalia is sad testimony to that.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, May 10, 2021  

  • Maybe we are getting into another UFO-crash phase ? This video, then the latest book by Vallee ... etc

    By the way, the video tells nothing that can objectively link the testimony with an ET supposed presence (left aside the fact that the witness is guided ...). Mr Haut says that he saw a 20 ft discoid craft (no details here) and a small badly-shaped dead body (without any detailed features as well). The ET connection escapes me ..

    Also a note .. I understand that some of us do not recall events 45-50 years ago, but at that time the ET hype was probably strong, so the witness should have better memories, as Dominick says.


    By Blogger Stavrosh, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

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