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Sunday, May 16, 2021

CBS 60 MInutes [5/16/21]

The Show and Commander David Fravor's wing-woman (Lieutenant Alex Dietrich):

Luis Elizondo and Senator Marco Rubio:

One picture, two out of three, that I hadn't seen before:

Two of the credible pilots (Commander Fravor and Lieutenant Alex Dietrich)
Nothing new, from my standpoint but a thrust for "disclosure" so Daniel should be delighted.

The broadcast for those who missed it: 



  • Straight-forward report. Well done. I wish there had been more. The interviewees made a strong case, now . . . ?

    The ball's in the Pentagon's court, which I imagine was the plan all along.

    The photo and video releases to date are meant to confuse, but what's the end game? What's behind the sealed door?

    By Blogger Ron, at Sunday, May 16, 2021  

  • Disclosure..ha!..We've been geting Disclosure on UFO for years, a bit at a time,"This" is only part of it,and many people don't know anything of it..

    What we want,are the "answers" to what has already been Disclosed over the years..in other words..(A FULL DISCLOSURE)..and THAT, may not be known, and/or if it is, and I think it is, may not be acceptable for public knowledge, by the powers that be, that have this knowledge, for reasons yet to be discovered..

    So we're waiting for (A FULL DISCLOSURE) long overdue, for an explanation..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • Rich, you and I have been following this mystery for decades now. Let me throw this question out to you and Ron and Dan and Bryan and anyone else who wants to chime in. Does the "government" (deep state intelligence, etc.) having studied this phenomenon since 1947, really KNOW what UFOs are and where they originate? Or, alternatively, are they just as clueless as the rest of us? Is this phenomenon so bewildering (to accepted theories of physics) that we are almost as clueless today as we were back in the day when discs followed cars and interfered with ignitions systems? Is it reasonable to assume that we have made no progress in unraveling this mystery? This seems absurd to me but it is a distinct possibility.

    By Blogger Dominick, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • Dom:

    I'm thinking some level of government or the military (Navy, maybe the AF) has something substantial in hand, maybe not a craft but something.

    And what it is or tells them is something but not enough to "disclose" -- because a revelation would upset things. (I dislike that something odd would cause a ripple in civilization but there it is.)

    Is there "debris"? I think someone or some part of the government establishment has what they think is debris.

    And there are more videos and film. (I had and have the offering of 16 mm and 8 mm plus photos that the Government once provided and they were rather extensive and substantive. Stanton Friedman got the batch I think. that he and long-timers already knew about.)

    But if an agency or someone in government really had something, why havn't they leaked the info, for the good of humanity or to make a splash because they think the public should know about the things?

    Are there no real truth-tellers out there?

    It's odd, the whole ball of wax.

    I'll have more on this upcoming and will note your input and Ron's et al when I do.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • My only certainties come via government actions. Since they have actively tried to suppress and control information, which everyone knows about except apparently mainstream media, it means:

    1) They're either still in the dark and trying to keep adversaries in the dark as well. And because secrets are power, they don't share.

    2) They know, and the revelation is either a) on the gnarly side, so maybe they're doing us a favor, which makes them good guys(?) I agree with Rich this is a possibility. Or b) there might be some truth to the old saw about them hiding advanced tech that could screw up the current power structure, which makes them bad guys of the first order.

    I don't have an answer, and my gut feeling changes depending on the day of the week and what the latest leak reveals (or doesn't). There's just enough circumstantial evidence out there to suggest it could go either way, but not enough to choose from.

    p.s. I'd love to see that old video and photo evidence.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • Mick West on the "60 Minutes" broadcast:

    I don't have the tech or math background to critique Mick West's critique, but let's take it as a given for the sake of argument. For as much disdain as I have for "skeptics," it does come across as a reasoned counter, and despite blowing off the Nimitz pilots' testimonies, West does leave open the question of "what did they see?"

    This once again raises the question, for me, of: have we put the cart before the horse, or rather, have we put the grandiose before the mundane? Is there sufficient "evidence" to conclude that there's something beyond hoaxes, mis-sightings, psychological problems, hyped and/or made-up "facts" to all of this? Are we caught in the scam of scams or hooked by the pulpiest of pulp fiction, or does the enigma still stand? Can we move on to study this, or are we better off in the unexciting blandness of reasonable reality?

    I mentioned in the above post that it depends on the day of week or latest leak to know how I feel about this subject. So West's latest rendering has got me questioning the nature of it all again.

    By Blogger Ron, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • For me, there was one thing new, and that was the former Navy pilot saying that these things have been spotted "every day, for at least two years." That's not just new; it's actually pretty startling.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

  • It's the old waiting game. The upcoming DOD report will have to give us a little something but just how little to be seen as to comply?

    While we'd like it to be a significant revealing of something, more likely it could just be more of the old "we see things but we don't know just what they are." I just can't see there being anything significant divulged without a second round of demands.

    So I suspect report will give up as little as they can, as long as they can. That's the classic military disclosure (nondisclosure) method and only those with a need to know. Look how long its been stalling -they've had the files already, the military is good at that. There's been no need to go looking for something.

    Some incomplete analysis info up front in a damage control move and more only as needed later and even then still in small talking points. That's what I see coming but I'm hoping for more.


    By Blogger Bryan Daum, at Monday, May 17, 2021  

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