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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

God Dammit! Where's Paul Kimball?

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Paul Kimball was, as most of you know, the hottest and best UFO commentator for a long time, recently “reclusive” – with a new life and involved in things more important to him.

But, when he was active, a few years ago, most of us UFOphiles sought out his blog(s) and comments and analyses of UFO events and people.

And while I try and apply psychological insights to grasp the nature of people, Paul has an instinct that gets right to what people are about, their motivations, truths (and non-truths) plus their inherent natures.

When it came to UFO accounts, his insights were impeccable and credible, always.

I don’t have the cachet to woo him back into the UFO conglomeration but there has to be someone out there who, if they contact him, might get him to renew his interest in the phenomenon, at a time when judicious and intellectual scrutiny of all things UFO oriented could use his brilliance and god-awful perspective.

I’m begging – come back to UFOs, Paul. We need you. UFOs need you. And god knows, you have the wherewithal to salvage the phenomenon from ongoing foolishness and diminution among those who once found your perceptions spot on, about lots of everything.



  • Ghosts, Rich. I investigate ghosts now. Much more interesting (probably because I’m closer to the end than the beginning of my life, so the more existential questions resonate), and the people are much nicer. Plus feature films, a series on museums, another series on dogs, another series on hiking and history... you know, fun stuff!

    But I have taken to occasionally tweeting about UFOs, and the current madness / scams. You can follow at @paulkimballfilm, although I don’t think you “do” Twitter.

    By Blogger Unknown, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • I should be the one pursuing end of life considerations, PK, but that aside...

    I Twitter as MediaWatch to no avail so I'll make a connection...(say a prayer).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • I still check in here every day or two, and a few other haunts, to stay abreast of goings on.


    By Blogger Paul Kimball, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • Checking in here Paul, while appreciated, doesn't bring your special attributes to the UFO community as a whole -- and that's where it's needed right now.

    There is an intellectual void affecting the phenomenon. You could fill that void pretty much.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • The Kimball Doth Return!!

    By Blogger Nick Redfern, at Tuesday, May 11, 2021  

  • Because that's what the world needs right now is Kimball's inflated opinion of himself and UFOs. Who believes in who? Only Scully knows.

    By Blogger Neal Throckmorten, at Friday, May 14, 2021  

  • Now Neal, play nice. We're all friends here. Well, mostly.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, May 14, 2021  

  • I checked his Twitter feed & honestly, there isn't much there. It looks like mostly virtue signaling & retweets about wearing masks forever, apparently. The UFO tweets were rather pedestrian & he's obviously triggered by Tucker Carlson, for some reason.

    By Blogger jlmet, at Sunday, May 16, 2021  

  • Shhhhh! You're disrupting the Arizona recount! The work must continue! Yesterday they found 120,000 ballots submitted by gay unicorns who lived out of state! We're so close to getting Trump back into the White House! Which needs to be done soon to keep him out of jail.

    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Sunday, May 16, 2021  

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