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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Okay, you cultural clams

Over the years, I've recommended Charles Ives musical piece (about 6 minutes long), The Unanswered Question... 

The musical gem is probably the only philosophical musical number worth a listen. Here are three versions you might take the time to hear:




The "exegetical" exposition of the musical is this: (Druid) humans ask the gods, the meaning of life, their purpose on Earth.

But no answer is forthcoming. The humans become more and more agitated as their query continues to go unanswered by the gods.

The music ends in a reverent silence. The gods do not answer.

(This is analogous to what is happening to UFO fans: They ask the question, What are the UFOs? But no one answers. And the UFO fans get frantic and more frantic, but no answer is provided. The frenzy will end in June, when UFO fans realize that there is never going to be any answer given, never.)



  • This latest iteration will end in a national security lockdown, likely because it involves earthbound tech and new Cold War gamesmanship. Ufologists will move on to something else (and Bruce Maccabee's pronouncement will be forgotten), as they always do. Media interest will fade and move on to the next hot thing, as it always does. The classic, really strange stuff will remain unaddressed, as it always has been.

    By Blogger Ron, at Wednesday, May 19, 2021  

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