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Monday, May 17, 2021

The UFO Mystery

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My pals, Dominick and Ron, are more than bemused by the UFO enigma. Like me, its unexplained nature after almost 75 years in the public consciousness is an elusive intellectual aggravation. Yes, intellectual.

After all, while most people shrug off UFOs (or initially flying saucers), the quirky phenomenon does provide and has provided an irksome, novel, irritating annoyance for some of us who like answers to things that pop up, out of nowhere usually, and provoke questions of reality. UFOs are one of those petulant enigmas.

Some, like our buddy Daniel, opts to wait for someone to tell him – to disclose – what UFOs are.

Others in this circle, here, are curious but don’t seem peeved that UFOs have remained, for so many years, hidden from an identified resolution.

You’ve seen in some comments here that there are suggestions and conjectures as to what the Gordian knotted UFOs may be. But we’ve all waded through such offered suggestions until our mental socks are saturated and making us testy.

While we UFO peons struggle to get our thoughts and wherewithals a hearing, others of greater mien are doing the same but even the high and mighty among them have worn out their welcome it seems; no one is reacting or responding with alacrity, waiting like our pal Daniel (and Dominick and Ron too I surmise) for the government shoe to drop in June.

So, waiting with bated breath, I, too, shall just coast for a while, holding my slithering and wilted conjectures in abeyance, hoping that some kind of denouement is forthcoming from persons who know what UFOs are or seem to be….



  • Before we all retire from the UFO field because of Aggravation Syndrome, maybe a nostalgic trip back to 1950 and the "Farmington UFO Armada":


    Who cares about annoying little drones when you've got a full-scale saucer invasion?

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • The difference between the above encounters and those being reported on today is like night and day. Are we even talking about the same subject? Are we being led away from the real deal?

    Just some casual questions about the nature of reality, about what we see, and about those looking to control it.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • You've seen (on Facebook) Ron that Fravor's wing-woman Dietrich is saying she thinks her sighting (with Fravor) was a home-grown thing -- an Earth-craft.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • Yes (and I wish she'd explain more), that and the drone/balloon descriptions all got me questioning if what's being seen now is in any way similar to the classic reports (I'm beginning to doubt it is). This is all a lot of hubbub over something that's not traditionally thought of as a UFO. (Not that it's not worth its own story, just not our story here.)

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • Yes, Ron...

    Has she seen other things during her service that guides her thought that the Fravor thing was likely to be Earth-made?

    And you make a point about some past sightings and events could not, or seem likely not to be, Earthian in nature.

    The UFO topic, now in the hands of everyone, is just getting goofier and goofier if that's possible.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • The "classic" UFOs seen over ICBM silos in the '70s and '80s, reportedly shutting them down (and all this, long before drone technology was available), are not the same objects the Nimitz and Kidd, et al, have been dealing with. What was reported over numerous American cities decades ago, is not the same thing that's being reported today harassing/spying on American ships and planes. We've shifted onto a different, separate track. Or have been shifted. This is UFO v2.0, Subset 1.

    This is not headed toward disclosure of the kind we usually think about.

    Rightly or wrongly, that's my current estimate of the situation.

    By Blogger Ron, at Tuesday, May 18, 2021  

  • Instead of asking; "What are they" maybe, we should be asking "Whose are they"

    Ours, or something else!?..Why?..The fact that some sighting of these things, ARE seen for what they are, meaning, they ARE, identified!..A "flying-saucer" for example!?

    Ours or theirs?..At this point,who cares about the: (What are they:)..

    I would think that most of us, would in all logic,be more interested in what has been established by witnesses, rather than "what are they" My question would be, for a sighting that HAS BEEN, established; Whos are they, & where are they from, etc!?......

    By Blogger Daniel, at Wednesday, May 19, 2021  

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