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Tuesday, May 04, 2021

The Wish (psychological not the birthday kind)

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The desire for extraterrestrials to exist and be visitors to our inconspicuous planet is running rampant lately. The reason – one at least – is the state of our fragile existence.

We hope for salvation, not from God nowadays, but from an advanced species coming here from who knows where.

My pals, here, Daniel likes the idea and Dominick sees the possibility as sensible, even scientific.

But it’s a forlorn wish. The astronomical realities mitigate against ET visitations. Yes, there’s a possibility of alien visitation but as (expert) Jacques Vallee sees it, the numbers of such visitations, indicated by UFO reportage is rather absurd.

Dominick’s suggestion that UFOs reported over and about nuclear missile sites or installations are indicative of extraterrestrial interest in our weapon systems.

That could be so, but nuclear weaponry is primitive. (Google advanced weaponry to see the vast array of weapons under development or actually already curated for use against enemies.)

And UFOs crashing all over the place, as ufologists insist have happened many, many times, is ludicrous. If there’s something here besides mankind thwarting UFO flights, that something would have to be a (divine?) super-human protector, which should make Dominick gasp for air.

Yes, I’d like UFOs to be ET oriented but that’s just a foolish wish from my sci-fi flavored youth.

José Caravaca’s Distortion hypothesis is on to something, as is Vallee’s anti-ET suggestions.

But Dominick’s ET preference, along with Daniel’s implied preference, are not to be thrown out the window.

After all, some wishes do come true.

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  • The thing is Rich, it is NOT that I replace God with the ET Factor, NOT at all!!..

    God is still in my heart of interest,and always will be. The fact that there is evidence pointing towards the ETH hypothesis, means..Earth is being visited, and/or the craft, some of them, may be ours!? If not, then we have visitors..

    What else would you call them?....For centuries!?

    Does NOT, replace God in any way, what so ever..

    When Captain Cook, sailed the world, the indigenous peoples, who knew no better in those times, said; [Come and see the gods!!]..We know better!..Don't we?..

    I think it "interesting" that we just may, have visitors from;..Where ever!?

    God knows,I don't..YET!:) but the evidence indicates this, as far as I can tell.

    It is exciting to think, that while we are looking for ET life out there, and not finding it..yet?..It is here, right under our nose, and too "disorded" to see it, for what seems obvious..We've got to laugh:)............

    By Blogger Daniel, at Tuesday, May 04, 2021  

  • I understand your position about God and faith Daniel.

    I was aiming at our bud, Dominick who hates inserting God into the UFO equation, as it dilutes the phenomenon.

    God and UFOs don't mix, in most ufological circles, but Martin and I can appreciate a connection, no matter how spurious it seems to some.

    Even Jose's theory hints at a something that brings about UFO events (encounters).


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Tuesday, May 04, 2021  

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