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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Discrete activity (and life)

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I just did a piece (elsewhere) about how people think that their momentary pleasures – taking the kids to Disney World or the zoo, a birthday party with friends, a day fishing, a glass of wine, a grilled lunch, a TV show or movie, a laugh during a social gathering, etc. – are accumulating memories for later in life, when things are not so vibrant or happy.

Those activities they pile up and gather last, not as real memories or worthwhile mental aftermaths for the dire days of late life. They are token happenstances for meaningless, existential [in all its definitions] recall, if one can recall them, which is not how memory works with such mundane or puerile events.

This got me to thinking about how UFO episodes (sightings, alleged encounters, etc.) are treated likewise by most (almost all) ufologists.

Few have pursued UFO activity in its entirety, along a line of perception and research from which they might extrapolate an explanation of the phenomenon.

And scrutiny of UFO activity – and Facebook is where such activity is exampled in full – comes up wanting.

I just got a Debrief note about the often-ballyhooed 1986 Japanese Airlines Flight 1628:


It is often presented as a signatory UFO incident, and it may be. But it is only one of many such encounters or events in the UFO literature.

Looking at it as a discrete, important UFO sightings takes us (and has taken us) nowhere, as far as explaining what UFOs are or what the episode means.

A gathering of such UFO activity – each one examined, alone, and without connection to other UFO events is meaningless activity, just as discrete human play is meaningless for an evaluation of one’s life and purpose for being.

It’s the long haul that matters and what one does, with purpose during that long haul.

This is what was disturbing about the Jacques Vallee escapade [Trinity]. It was a momentary example of how anyone can lose their way and thus diminish whatever accomplishments they accumulated during their existence.

For the common man – the great unwashed – it doesn’t matter. Those tidbits of meaningless pleasures – the co-called memories they are trying to build and preserve – are as dust in the wind, as the old Kansas song had it.

But the real accomplishments in life, for the betterment (or debasement) of humanity, go to what we, as sentient beings, should be about (or not, depending upon one’s view of what is good or bad for living creatures).

And a  true research involving UFOs and UFOs alone make for a worthwhile investment in time and effort, as do other significant things.

Continuing to list and remember, or try to, a few sniveling UFO sightings are a poor way to create a meaningful legacy for being.

Actually getting a handle on the UFO phenomenon might make for an honored place within human accomplishments that count, that have real meaning, that truly allow for great memories.

If you’re not trying to do that, good luck with your grandkids’ birthday cake. That’s a memory and "worthwhile" event that evokes forgotten song lyrics, and that’s all.

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