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Friday, June 18, 2021


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I’ve reached the last Chapter of David Halperin’s Intimate Alien and have set it aside, exhausted by the former Chapters about Richard Shaver’s (and Pay Palmer’s) Shaver Mystery and David’s recap of the Roswell stuff.

I hate both accounts, and David’s insistence that UFOs are a kind of myth established under the aegis of Jung’s ideas about archetypes and symbolic behavior that explains actual reality, psychic machinations that are more real than reality, give me the mental hiccups.

Roswell, Shaver’s tales, and the MIB, plus abductee episodes wore me out.

Where I differ with Halperin and Jung, even to some small extent with my dear pal José Caravaca’s vivacious Distortion Theory, comes into their thinking that UFOs and the stories (reports) about them are ephemeral, something other than the quintessence of the stories and reports.

I take UFO accounts and episodes as they are, reactions to actual events: What’s seen, what’s encountered are not hallucinations or madness, but an actual, real, material experience, strange but sensory true.

What is seen is what is seen. What is encountered is what is encountered.

The phenomenon is what it appears to be, nothing more, nothing less – not a myth or a mental concoction, or a disguised scenario. What occurs is actually what is occurring, as seen, as felt, as experienced.

While some hoaxers and sociopaths have jumped on the UFO bandwagon, the bulk of UFO witnessing and participation are what they are said to be: real events, happening in real time, with real, substantive observations and memories, unbotched memories.

Yes, something really happened to Betty and Barney Hill, and Kevin Arnold, and something odd happened at Roswell, and those AATIP videos are real, as was Zamora’s egg-shaped craft.

What was seen, what’s being seen remain elusive, unexplained but they are not Jungian archetypes, or fantasies of the so-called mentally discombobulated. 

They may be from other worlds, or from time or another dimension, but they are not myths created from flawed mental intercessions and they are not UAP. They are UFOs, tried and true.



  • Psychology can't satisfactorily explain where these objects come from or where they go to. Sometimes a cigar-shaped UFO is just a cigar-shaped UFO.

    By Blogger Ron, at Saturday, June 19, 2021  

  • Well, Rich, we finally agree on the underlying nature, the metaphysical nature, of the UFO phenomenon. What is seen is what is actually what is seen and what is encountered is actually what is encountered. A is A as Ayn Rand would put the matter. Exactly. Now what the source of "A" is and what the purpose of "A" is (if there is a purpose) remains to be discovered. But at least we can agree that we are not dealing with "myths" or fantasies or mental aberrations or psycho-babble nonsense. That should narrow the areas of research considerably don't you think?

    By Blogger Dominick, at Saturday, June 19, 2021  

  • Yep, Dom....

    I'm rather sick and tired of the conjectures, my own included.

    UFOs and the reports they generate are just what witnesses say, with the caveat that some minor details may be botched but, overall, what we get is what is.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, June 19, 2021  

  • Yeah, good on you Rich, hahaha:) it's been a mental hiccup all along the way, over the UFO subject, but like you say, it is what it is, in most cases, with a we bit of everything, in the mix...Nice-one Rich!:) Cheers!..........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, June 19, 2021  

  • It does seem hard to deny the material reality of UFOs when considering (say) the Delphos 1971 landing case.


    By Blogger Martin Black, at Saturday, June 19, 2021  

  • ? Kenneth Arnold ?

    I also find Halperin's interpretation rather hopelessly self-delusional --- that the 'kid' crying 'the king has no clothes' is merely the stressed collective unconscious generating a mythic mental meme. In our topic, UFO/paranormal phenomena are the 'kid' that challenges humanity's understanding of that which reality consists.

    By Blogger William Strathmann, at Sunday, June 20, 2021  

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